What is online tracking?

Buying Online
Let’s say you’re browsing online, looking to buy something.
Tracker following you online
Advertising companies and social networks are following you behind the scenes, collecting lots of info about you.
Tracking watching you browse web
They can see what you’re looking at and where you are.
Social Media
They follow you across the web, always adding more info to the profile they have of you.
Buying Choices
Based on all they know about you, they can change the ads you see...
Buying prices given to you based on your browsing
And can charge you different prices for the same things.

You know who else can see all this stuff? Insurance companies, hiring mangers, creditors, spammers, identify thieves, stalkers, and anyone else who’s curious.

If you want to stop sharing your private life with people you don’t know, but keep using the Internet you know and love, you have to do something about it.

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