Private browsing: it’s not so private

private browsing
You probably think your browser’s private browsing mode keeps you, well... private.
Deleting Cookies
It’s the same with deleting cookies and clearing your history, right?

Wrong. In fact, private browsing & deleting cookies doesn’t do much at all to keep what you’re doing online private. Private browsing mode doesn’t block any of the following from accessing your activity on the web:

Social Networks
Social networks, advertising & tracking companies,
sites you visit,
your employers,
Insurance Companies
insurance companies,
Computer Viruses
viruses, spyware,
Legal Investigations
legal investigations,
Cable Companies
your Internet service provider,
Internet Spam
or spammers.

The only thing private browsing does is keep people who go on your actual, physical computer from seeing the sites you’ve been to… but the rest of the world can see everything.

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