Sync in 30 seconds

MaskMe protects your email, phone, and credit card

MaskMe Interface

from websites that want to collect them and even share or sell them.

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It can also store and save secure passwords for your accounts

Encrypted Passwords List

By default, your accounts are only saved locally to your computer

Store Logins

but MaskMe's Sync option can securely store your info online

Folder Lock

for easy access to your accounts on the go.

Business man on the go

Click the Sync button at any time

Sync button

and your account info is shared with your other MaskMe-enabled devices.

Successfully Synced

That way you can always access your accounts at

Account List

...and in any browser, at home or at work, that has MaskMe installed

MaskMe Icon

...and on your phone, when you download the MaskMe app.

MaskMe Mobile Interface

No matter where you are, MaskMe is there with your account info.

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And the best part, Sync is free!

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