Masked Phones in 30 seconds

When you are browsing the web,

Web Browsing

and a website asks for your phone number,

Register Account with phone number field

you never know whether they'll share or sell it to partners or third parties. This happens all the time.

Database Results List

Sooner or later, you're getting calls during dinner from marketers and spammers.

Telemarketing call illustration

and it's hard to get them to just leave you alone.

Telemarketing call spam illustration

Now with MaskMe, you have the control.

Beat telemarketers for good with MaskMe

So next time a website asks for your phone number, you'll see this option:

MaskMe dropdown on phone field in register form

Masking your phone number means the company will never get your actual number.

Phone Masking with MaskMe on form phone field

Your Masked Phone number forwards to your real number, so you still receive the calls...

MaskMe interface for phone calls being forwarded

...but if you ever get pestered, you can block them with a single click.

Blocked phone call in MaskMe

Plus, if you have the MaskMe iOS app, you can block callers straight from your phone.

MaskMe Mobile Masked Phones interface

You can even make calls using your Masked number so whoever you call, won't see your real number.

A Masked Call

Having a Masked Phone number is even better than being on the Do Not Call list.. because with MaskMe, you have the control.

Masked Cell Phone illustration