Free Masked Cards for Target data breach victims

Masked Cards in 30 Seconds

When you're shopping online,

Web Shopping Cart

and a website asks for your credit card number,

Credit Card on Keyboard

you never know where it might end up.

Man Stealing Credit Card

Hackers might get it in a data breach,

Ninja on a deck of Credit Cards

or steal your identity, costing you hundreds of dollars.

Identity Theft

Some of the biggest companies have leaked users' personal info, including these guys:

LinkedIn Facebook Zappos Evernote LivingSocial and Sony

But with MaskMe, you're in control of your credit card.

Masked Cards Illustration

MaskMe lets you make virtual credit cards that work like normal but stop merchants—and thieves—from getting your real card number.

Your real card and your virtual Masked Card

The next time a website asks for your credit card number, you'll get this option:

MaskMe Masked Cards Feature

Simply enter the price and you’ll get a virtual credit card in that amount (plus it automatically fills in payment info).

MaskMe virtual credit card

You can still buy things online like usual...

Online shopping illustration

...but if your card is ever compromised, you can cancel it in 1 click.

MaskMe interface for deactivating Masked Card

You can see your Masked Cards on the web, or on your smartphone.

View of MaskMe Mobile Masked Cards

Masked Cards let you decide who you trust with your real card number.

Girl laying down while shopping online safely with MaskMe Masked Cards