Masked Emails in 30 seconds

When you are browsing the web,

Web Browsing

and a website asks for your email address,

Register Account

you never know what they are going to do with it.

Database Table

They might share it with their partners, or even sell it to third parties.

Corporations connected

If you think most sites don't do this, take a look at your spam folder.

Spam Folder

With MaskMe you now have a choice.

Meet MaskMe

So next time a website asks for your email, you'll see this option:

MaskMe in Register Form

Masking your email creates a new email for you to give the website.

Masked Email

That way the website doesn't know your actual information.

Masked Email being displayed

So when you check your inbox later, emails from the website come through your Masked Email.

Masked Email in action within inbox

Then, if the website ever annoys you, you can block them right from your inbox,

Inbox click here to block spam

or from inside MaskMe. Its just one button click away.

inside MaskMe

You can even tell exactly which website sold you out.

Blame game cartoon