Help! Where is the DoNotTrackMe icon in IE?

If you've installed and don't see the icon, you may need to make sure the command bar is showing. Do this by right-clicking on the top of IE and make sure "Command bar" is checked.

Command Bar in Internet Explorer 10

If you're still not seeing the icon by showing the Command Bar, right click on the Command Bar itself and choose "Customize". This will show you a prompt to add DoNotTrackMe to the Command Bar.

Customize in Internet Explorer 10

Select "DoNotTrackMe (c) Abine" from the left column and click "Add ->" to move it to the right column.

Add DoNotTrackMe in Internet Explorer 10

Close out of this box and you will see the blue icon in your command bar. Here’s what it looks like:

DoNotTrackMe Icon on Toolbar in Internet Explorer 10

How do I know DNTMe is working in IE without the counter?

DNTMe no longer shows the number of trackers being blocked on the icon itself, but you can still click on the DNTMe icon to see who is tracking you. The features you enjoy in DNTMe are still there, just working in the background.

I still do not see the icon and have my toolbar activated in IE9.

Another way to access DoNotTrackMe if you have your Favorites bar activated is to click on the dropdown to the far right and select DoNotTrackMe (c) Abine from the dropdown selection as shown below.

DoNotTrackMe with the Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer 10