Blur for Android: The guided tour

Welcome to our latest development—the new Blur App for Android!

All of our digital lives are becoming more mobile, which is why we’ve been pushing the limits of what mobile phones (and devices) can do for privacy, given constraints from Apple and Google.

What’s new with Blur for Android?

  • 1 tap to auto-login to your favorite mobile Apps and online accounts
  • 1 tap to auto-fill credit cards and addresses to speed up mobile shopping
  • Use your phone’s biometrics to secure all your online accounts – even from your PC

With Blur for Android, you can make your mobile life faster and more secure by using auto-fill for credit cards, Masked Cards, addresses, passwords and more. Our main priority is to give YOU—the consumer—the option to never share your private information online.

Below, we’ve included a 14-step guide for getting started and seeing Blur work live.

Completing ALL of this should take about 15-20 minutes.

1. (2 minutes) Sign up/download the Blur App for your passwords, payments and privacy.

Blur is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices and is compatible with both Mac and PC systems. The Blur browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. And you can create a simple Web-only account here:

For the ideal user experience, download Blur for your computer and your mobile device, and log in to the same account on each. No matter where you are or which Internet browser you’re using—home, work or mobile—you can access your Blur account. Even if you don’t have the Blur extension installed on an Internet browser, you can access your Blur Dashboard via our web dashboard.

Blur Web dashboard

Navigate to

Blur for Android

Download Blur for Android

Blur for iOS

Download Blur for iOS

Blur for Google Chrome

Download Blur for Chrome

Blur for Firefox

Download Blur for Firefox

Blur for Opera

Download Blur for Opera

Blur for Safari

Download Blur for Safari

Blur for Internet Explorer

Download Blur for Internet Explorer

2. (2 minutes) Register for Blur with your email address and secure password.

a. The easiest way to redeem your Blur Premium coupon code is to register via the Blur Webapp. To do this, navigate to (look for “Got a Coupon Code?” on the registration form)

b. Be sure to use a STRONG password that you can remember–this will be the last one you’ll ever have to remember!

Now, for the Android specifics.

3. (30 seconds) Log in to the Blur Android App.


4. (1 minute) Enable Blur Accessibility Services for your Android device (you must enable accessibility services in order for Blur’s auto-fill to work properly).

4.1 4.2

5. (1 minute) Store an existing account in Blur. In this example, we’ve used a Twitter account

5.1 5.2 5.3

Store existing accounts for both your mobile Apps and websites in Blur.

After storing, try using the mobile app and web site, you will be able to auto-fill your password at sites and mobile apps like:
And then after setting up your wallet in the Blur App, try sign up and shopping at sites or mobile apps like:

6. (1 minute) Log in to the Twitter app using Blur auto-fill. You should see the following:

6.1 6.2

7. (1 minute) Log in to Twitter via the Chrome mobile browser using Blur auto-fill. You should see the following:

7.1 7.2

8. (2 minutes) Set up Auto-fill Cards. These are real credit cards that you securely store in Blur. You can use Blur to auto-fill them for you when you’re comfortable giving out your real Credit Card information.

8.1 8.2 8.3

9. (2 minutes) Set up card-on-file. This is the credit card that will be charged when you create Masked Cards.

9.1 9.2 9.3

10. (2 minutes) Set up Auto-fill Addresses. Use Blur to auto-fill forms for you.

10.1 10.2 10.3

11. (1 minute) Set up Masked Phone. Just like Masked Cards, use your Masked Phone number whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real phone number.

11.1 11.2 11.3

12. (2 minutes) Auto-fill a real credit card. For this example, we’ve used the Best Buy website

12.1 12.2

13. (2 minutes) Create and auto-fill a Masked Card. For this example, we’ve used the Best Buy website

13.1 13.2

14. (1 minute) Auto-fill an address. For this example, we’ve used the Best Buy website

We hope you enjoyed learning more about what Blur’s new Android App can do! The auto-fill capabilities and digital wallet will help make your life simpler, and our Masked features will help make your digital life safer. Refer to this guide or contact us at with questions or assistance.