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How your digital life can be compromised in 47 seconds

It can happen to you. In the Digital Age, we are constantly creating online passwords for new accounts, from online newspaper subscriptions to online shopping platforms. Since it is nearly impossible to remember all of the usernames and passwords, many of us link accounts or keep passwords saved on our devices for automatic login. Somehow, […]

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The Internet-of-Things, aka the Interest-of-Thieves

With rising concerns about identity theft and hacking in today’s data-driven world, it is important to know where security risks lie that might not be obvious. Internet-of-Things (IoTs), from coffee makers that are programmed to turn on when the user wakes up, to children’s toys that can connect to the Internet, have allowed certain features […]

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Is Blur the Best Password Manager for Me?

Blur is many things – a tracker blocker, an identity shield and a password manager. Until late 2014, tracker blocking and password management were handled by DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe, respectively. With Blur, we rolled DNTM and MM into one suite, which means you only need a single login to manage and mask your identity – […]

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