Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent

Innocent in the real world, yet still guilty online…

How Blur is different from OneLogin (and why your data is safe)

You may have heard about the crack of OneLogin, and that user’s accounts and logins were stolen. Apparently, attackers were able to access OneLogin’s systems and copy encrypted user data as well as the keys required to decrypt that data, giving them access to user’s passwords. (You can read OneLogin’s blog post on this topic.)

Marsha Blackburn & The Browser Act: What You Should Know

Earlier this year, House Republicans voted to retract milestone internet privacy protection laws that were put in place by the Obama Administration shortly before the end of Obama’s term. However, last week, Marsha Blackburn (R, Tennessee) proposed an alternative to these recent changes, called The Browser Act, which at least provides some sense of privacy […]

Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: Data Sharing Made Easier

If you’ve logged into Twitter over the past few days, you were likely greeted with the following message upon sign in: “We’re updating our privacy policy to bring you a more personalized experience. We’ll soon be making Twitter more relevant by using your visits to sites with Twitter content. And we’ve given you even more […]

We’ve Reached Peak Internet Advertising: What’s Next?

It is likely consumers will never see more online ads than they are seeing today– we have reached “peak internet advertising”. Actions taken recently by consumers and advertisers alike virtually guarantee a drop in intrusive and annoying ads as well as a decline in overall internet advertising. However, fewer ads will prove a pyrrhic victory for […]

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