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Biggest Data Breach in History: Collection #1

In mid-December, over 770 million email addresses and passwords were posted to a popular hacking forum. At 87 GB of data, it is the largest collection of breached data in history. You can stay safe from this and other breaches by using unique, randomly-generated passwords from Blur. What is Collection #1? The breach (now known […]

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How To: Import LastPass Data into Blur

Last Pass Gets Acquired At Abine, we believe that LastPass is an excellent choice as a Password Manager. Now that LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn , hopefully, they will continue to be excellent. However, we’re now getting many more questions from LastPass users about how to switch over to Blur, and how they can […]

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How secure is my password: the ultimate litmus test

Here at Abine, keeping your personal privacy protected is our utmost goal, which is we we post often about password security and what you can do to create secure passwords. Sometimes you’re limited either by number of characters or by types of characters that you can use. Creating secure passwords within a restricted password field […]

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