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Online tracking could kill your credit score

If you’re friends with financially irresponsible people on Facebook, you might be irresponsible yourself. At least that’s what some lending companies believe, and it’s why they’re incorporating thousands of online data points into their determinations of people’s creditworthiness. It’s the subject of a great CNNMoney story this week by Katie Lobosco. As many as 8,000 […]

What Firefox’s new privacy settings mean for you

Mozilla recently introduced a patch into its Firefox browser that blocks third-party cookies, and it’s an interesting, long-awaited development.  The change stops third parties from putting cookies on your machine unless you’ve ever visited their website, which stops one of the easiest and most direct ways that users are tracked. This third party cookie blocking […]

6 new trackers added to DNTMe’s block list

Advertisers and trackers are always coming up with new ways to follow you online. Our collaboration on a Web Privacy Census with the UC Berkeley Center for Law & Technology found that online tracking is on the rise: the use of third-party tracking cookies on the 100 most popular websites increased by 11 percent from […]

Tracking company Mixpanel knows who you are… yes, you specifically

Next up in our coverage of specific tracking companies we’ve added to DoNotTrackMe’s block list is Mixpanel. What’s most unique and concerning about Mixpanel from a privacy perspective is that they advertise that they can tie their incredibly detailed tracking data to specific individuals. Although it happens and it’s certainly been done before, advertisers typically […]

Have you seen your digital footprint lately?

The following is a guest post in honor of Data Privacy Day 2013 from Robin Wilton, who oversees technical outreach for Identity and Privacy at the Internet Society. Their tutorials about online identity and tracking are great, and we urge you to check them out! We are the raw material of the new economy. Data […]

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