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A Scammer’s Guide to Holiday Shopping Fraud in 2020

Guest Post by The Apocryphal Hacker (Note: For consumers looking to PROTECT themselves from scams and fraud, see Abine‚Äôs alternative guide on staying safe this holiday season). Let’s be real here, for scammers like us, COVID-19 hasn’t been so bad. In fact, you could say it’s been great. The boom in e-commerce transactions has meant […]

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Online shopping scams increase by 98% during the holidays, Americans turn to Masked Cards

After a year of pandemic-driven difficulty, for many this holiday season can’t come soon enough. However, while most might be looking forward to a relaxing break after a trying year, credit card scammers are gearing up for overtime and online shopping scams are projected to double during the 2020 holiday season. With the average victim […]

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