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What can password managers do on Android?

The world is going mobile, and so is your life. You now use your mobile device to play games, check emails and read articles, but you avoid logging in to accounts on your phone because you don’t remember your passwords. Forget mobile shopping; typing in those forms at checkout is time consuming and frustrating. But it doesn’t […]

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What you need to know right now about LastPass and phishing

Recently, cybersecurity researcher Sean Cassidy revealed a phishing tool called LostPass that he developed to attack password manager LastPass. LostPass was even able to bypass 2-factor authentication, raising security concerns among the many loyal LastPass users.

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How To: Import LastPass Data into Blur

Last Pass Gets Acquired At Abine, we believe that LastPass is an excellent choice as a Password Manager. Now that LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn , hopefully, they will continue to be excellent. However, we’re now getting many more questions from LastPass users about how to switch over to Blur, and how they can […]

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