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How to turn on Do Not Track in your browser

Want to learn how to turn on Do Not Track in whichever browser you’re using?  You’ve come to the right place. Note: for more comprehensive help on enabling all pro-privacy features in your browser, check out our previous guide. First Things First:  What is Do Not Track? “Tracking” refers to the many different methods that […]

A visual guide to turning on privacy features in your web browser

Last updated 9/7/2011 to include changes to Safari 5.1. The browser you’re using right now can block some online tracking technologies–like flash cookies and web trackers that can secretly share your online activities and history–but chances are you’re not doing it.  Not because you don’t care about getting some online privacy, not because you don’t […]

Why more tracking protection is not better

You don’t need to run multiple tracking protection lists at the same time. Period.  In fact, doing so can give you less privacy online.  How is that possible?  Read on. A recent study carried out by Which? Computing revealed a flaw with TPLs:  if you use two or more at once, conflicting instructions on different […]

Abine to be Microsoft privacy partner on IE9 for “Do Not Track” tracking protection list

We at Abine, Inc., The Online Privacy Company, are happy to announce the availability of our Do Not Track behavioral advertising lists for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0. ”We’re pleased Microsoft is supporting IE users who want to exercise their right to online privacy,“ said Abine co-founder Robert Shavell. ”The level of intensity of spying […]

Microsoft and Do Not Track: Internet Explorer’s new privacy push

The next version of the IE browser will let you subscribe to lists that help you avoid being tracked online.