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A Scammer’s Guide to Holiday Shopping Fraud in 2020

Guest Post by The Apocryphal Hacker (Note: For consumers looking to PROTECT themselves from scams and fraud, see Abine’s alternative guide on staying safe this holiday season). Let’s be real here, for scammers like us, COVID-19 hasn’t been so bad. In fact, you could say it’s been great. The boom in e-commerce transactions has meant […]

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Online shopping scams increase by 98% during the holidays, Americans turn to Masked Cards

After a year of pandemic-driven difficulty, for many this holiday season can’t come soon enough. However, while most might be looking forward to a relaxing break after a trying year, credit card scammers are gearing up for overtime and online shopping scams are projected to double during the 2020 holiday season. With the average victim […]

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Safe Secure Holiday Shopping with Masked Virtual Credit Cards

Between Cyber Monday Nov 28th 2016 and Christmas Eve December 24th – or perhaps December 25th with Amazon same day delivery – US consumers will spend over $50 billion dollars on e-commerce holiday shopping primarily by going online and using hundreds of millions of traditional plastic credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover to […]

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Give Blur Masked Cards as a Gift!

Fun fact from the National Retail Federation: Gift cards are consistently the most-requested holiday gift item. This year is no different. Sixty-two percent of people want a gift card for the holidays, the NRF reported last month. If gift cards are on your shopping list, have you thought about where you’re going to get them? […]

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7 simple ways to stay private (and save money) while doing your holiday shopping

The holidays are approaching, which means it’s also the time of the year for identity theft, online tracking, and hacker exploits. Use these 7 tips to stay more private while you’re shopping online this season: 1. Beware of spear phishing With so much of your personal information publicly available online through tracking, marketing, and social […]

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