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How Blur is different from OneLogin (and why your data is safe)

You may have heard about the crack of OneLogin, and that user’s accounts and logins were stolen. Apparently, attackers were able to access OneLogin’s systems and copy encrypted user data as well as the keys required to decrypt that data, giving them access to user’s passwords. (You can read OneLogin’s blog post on this topic.)

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Biggest data breach in history – 400 million adult site users – beware

Anyone who’s ever registered at AdultFriendFinder, Penthouse.com, and a variety of other web sites in this company’s network (yes, that is apparently around 400M accounts) should make sure they didn’t use passwords there they also use elsewhere. 

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Corporate Twitter accounts hacked to support the competition

Twitter has been hacked…again. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’re well aware of the security and privacy risks inherent to being an active internet and social media user. Fast food giant Burger King and Chrysler’s Jeep brand learned this the hard way when, earlier this week, both companies Twitter accounts were hacked. […]

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