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We’ve Reached Peak Internet Advertising: What’s Next?

It is likely consumers will never see more online ads than they are seeing today– we have reached “peak internet advertising”. Actions taken recently by consumers and advertisers alike virtually guarantee a drop in intrusive and annoying ads as well as a decline in overall internet advertising. However, fewer ads will prove a pyrrhic victory for […]

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Why is it O.K. for Facebook to force users to watch ads?

Facebook announced recently that it’s forcing users to watch ads even if they have ad-blockers installed in their web browsers by disabling the blocking.   The social media giant is stirring controversy by saying that it will serve ads to Facebook.com users with ad-blockers turned on.  It’s estimated that about 20% of U.S. web browser […]

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Facebook advertising on the rise: how this affects your privacy

Facebook Exchange (or FBX for short) is an advertising system that will let advertisers buy Facebook ads that will be targeted to you based on your off-Facebook browsing activity. Facebook announced FBX in June.  It’s still in its experimental phase, but will be rolled out in the near future.  We discuss the biggest things you […]

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