DoNotTrackMe 3.0: now available for Opera!

The DoNotTrackMe community just got bigger. We are excited to announce that DoNotTrackMe, the privacy tool used by millions of people across the globe, is now available for Opera users. Opera has over 350 million users worldwide. It is an excellent browser; it is beautiful, fast, and reliable. We are particularly fond of Opera because […]

The #1 lesson you can learn from Craigslist’s focus on online privacy

Ever questioned why Craiglist generates a new email address for you when you contact strangers through the site? Neither have we. Craigslist’s anonymous email feature is a no-brainer: when communicating with strangers online, you don’t want to give out your email or other personal info. Online services like Craigslist may raise fear of virtual stranger […]

1 trillion trackers blocked by DNTMe community: use hashtag #dnt1trillion

Congrats DoNotTrackMe users: you’ve blocked 1 trillion trackers (use hashtag #dnt1trillion) Abine is proud to announce that DoNotTrackMe has helped over ten million people block one trillion attempts to track their browsing. This highlights the enormous and continuous increase in how companies are tracking and recording your activity online (and then using it against you). […]

Introducing DoNotTrackMe 3.0: stop online tracking, even when you shop

To celebrate Cyber Monday, we’re introducing a big, shiny, beautiful new version of DoNotTrackMe, the most popular way to stop being tracked when browsing the Internet.  Version 3.0 is big not just for its good looks, but for also for its brains: innovative new features for stopping the tracking of your personal information, including the […]

How to use 23andMe without violating your genetic privacy

This article was originally published on VentureBeat. If you’re like me, the idea of knowing what’s in your genetic profile is both fascinating and scary. Everything from your ancestry to your likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s to how quickly your body processes caffeine is in your genes, just waiting to be uncovered. And the company 23andMe […]

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