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Why is it O.K. for Facebook to force users to watch ads?

Facebook announced recently that it’s forcing users to watch ads even if they have ad-blockers installed in their web browsers by disabling the blocking.   The social media giant is stirring controversy by saying that it will serve ads to users with ad-blockers turned on.  It’s estimated that about 20% of U.S. web browser […]

Pokémon Go, Privacy and Virtual Payments

TL;DR: playing Pokémon Go is probably not a great idea if you’re at all concerned about your or your child’s privacy. The phenomenon of the “augmented reality” game Pokémon Go has been a big topic of conversation around the world.  The game relies on real-world physical locations that you can visit – and while there, […]

Do Not Track – Does It Work?

The last time we wrote about the browser technology known as Do Not Track – over four years ago! – the online privacy space was much simpler. The hope was that DNT, once it was ‘baked in’ to every major browser, would enable internet users to turn off invasive tracking quickly and easily. But that hasn’t happened. […]

Do Not Track now supported by Pinterest: what this means for you

This is a guest post by Steve Jain. Back in July, Pinterest decided to support Do Not Track (DNT), the browser setting that aims to opt users out of online tracking. While this is a great move for privacy-conscious Pinterest users, it’s another reason for those not on Pinterest to consider enabling DNT too. What is DNT? […]

What Firefox’s new privacy settings mean for you

Mozilla recently introduced a patch into its Firefox browser that blocks third-party cookies, and it’s an interesting, long-awaited development.  The change stops third parties from putting cookies on your machine unless you’ve ever visited their website, which stops one of the easiest and most direct ways that users are tracked. This third party cookie blocking […]

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