Do Not Track Plus

Introducing DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe) for online privacy made easy

More than 2.5 million people who have tried DoNotTrackPlus (DNT+) to stop online tracking (and if you were one of them, thanks!). Now, we’re excited to announce that DNT+ has become DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). It’s the same free privacy tool you know and love, but with some terrific upgrades: Stronger tracker-blocking. DNTMe stops more than 50 […]

Your privacy on OkCupid: the unromantic truth

More than 7 million OkCupid users trust the site with their most intimate details in exchange for potential dates. You lay your heart on the table (or more accurately, in your profile); your disclosures nab you a romance. After all, it’s hard to get a date without showing who you are. But to connect with […]

Introducing DoNotTrackPlus: Keep your personal information personal

Note: As of December 2012, Do Not Track Plus has been renamed, revamped, and re-released as DoNotTrackMe! Give us the chance to convince you why our new free browser tool will give you the most control you’ve ever had over your internet life. Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) peels back the cover on invisible online […]

Understanding your online privacy: a (really long) infographic

Why the Do Not Track header is like a smoke signal

Here’s a good privacy-related quote to start off the week: “It’s like sending a smoke signal in the middle of Manhattan; it might draw a lot of attention, but no one knows how to read the message.” – Mike Zaneis, senior vice president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, on why sending the Do Not Track […]

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