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Is your privacy worth $560 Million?

Jane Doe Wins Lottery: $560 Million – won’t reveal identity After winning an astonishing $560 Million Powerball jackpot, “Jane Doe”, as she’s being called by the papers, is now the subject of intense stress as she refuses to give up her anonymity.It’s the classic “It could never happen to me” scenario: all of a sudden, […]

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Why do I need to renew DeleteMe?

Your information is always re-populating and reappearing on Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, Intelius. Renew DeleteMe.   Back in 2012, we published an article about why our DeleteMe service is a recurring subscription, why it’s recommended that you always renew DeleteMe, and it’s not simply a 1-time thing. Now it’s 2018, there’s more data brokers and people […]

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Equifax Woes Continue: Work and Salary History is Public Info

In early September, Equifax announced a data breach  that had been discovered in late July, potentially exposing personally identifiable information (PII) of 143 million consumers across the U.S., U.K. and Canada [READ: Equifax and why Identity Protection needs to be destroyed and recreated] Now, as being reported by KrebsonSecurity, it’s clear that Equifax’s lack of security within […]

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Equifax and why Identity Protection needs to be destroyed and recreated

It’s not just Equifax. The entire industry is full of itself, corrupt, and hawking services with close to zero value. It’s hard to find the perfect words but the best descriptor for current identity protection is probably simple: “insurance fraud”. The problem of managing our identity online is real – we live increasingly digital lives […]

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Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent

Innocent in the real world, yet still guilty online…

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