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Privacy Matters in Vermont: State Passes Law to Regulate Data Brokers

Last week, Vermont became the first U.S. state to authorize and regulate data brokers that buy and sell personal information of consumers. The law is meant to provide an additional layer of protection to consumers as well as place accountability onto massive data brokers like White pages, Spokeo and Been Verified that up until now […]

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Why do I need to renew DeleteMe?

Your information is always re-populating and reappearing on Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, Intelius. Renew DeleteMe.   Back in 2012, we published an article about why our DeleteMe service is a recurring subscription, why it’s recommended that you always renew DeleteMe, and it’s not simply a 1-time thing. Now it’s 2018, there’s more data brokers and people […]

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What are data brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Intelius, Been Verified, People Finders

Who are these Data Brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, People Finder Data Brokers: corporations that collect large swaths of personally identifiable information (PII) and package it all together to create “profiles” with identifying tags. These tags include everything from Social Security Numbers and birthdays, to the Type of Roof on your house and “motorcycle […]

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Acxiom’s letting you see the data they have about you (kind of)

Today, data broker giant Acxiom is letting you see the data the company selling on you. Well, at least some of it. Acxiom has been selling your data for 44 years. The company has detailed dossiers on 96% of Americans with an average of 1500 data points in each, covering things from your estimated net […]

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