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Biggest data breach in history – 400 million adult site users – beware

Anyone who’s ever registered at AdultFriendFinder,, and a variety of other web sites in this company’s network (yes, that is apparently around 400M accounts) should make sure they didn’t use passwords there they also use elsewhere. 

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Mobile payment apps don’t deliver the security that you ordered

With more of our lives moving to mobile, and concerns about identity theft after data breaches in recent years at companies such as Target and Chase, consumers are looking for simpler yet more secure ways to pay. Enter the age of mobile payment apps.

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Experts Warn About the Next Victims of a Sensitive Data Breach: You

Historical data breaches Most people probably had the same overall reaction to the Ashley Madison data breach, or the infamous nude photos of celebrities that were leaked in 2014, “Not my problem” or “I’m not a celebrity.” However, bloggers and tech. enthusiasts are beginning to warn internet users of the next likely victims of a […]

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Why do data breaches happen? 4 myths debunked

Wham—news of a data breach breaks. Updates flood the internet, accusations fly between parties, and everyone speculates. Why? How? What happens now? Amid the chaos and the hype, it can be difficult to get clear, accurate information about what’s really going on when a data breach occurs. While data breaches are certainly a complex issue, […]

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