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Pokémon Go, Privacy and Virtual Payments

TL;DR: playing Pokémon Go is probably not a great idea if you’re at all concerned about your or your child’s privacy. The phenomenon of the “augmented reality” game Pokémon Go has been a big topic of conversation around the world.  The game relies on real-world physical locations that you can visit – and while there, […]

6 new trackers added to DNTMe’s block list

Advertisers and trackers are always coming up with new ways to follow you online. Our collaboration on a Web Privacy Census with the UC Berkeley Center for Law & Technology found that online tracking is on the rise: the use of third-party tracking cookies on the 100 most popular websites increased by 11 percent from […]

Introducing DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe) for online privacy made easy

More than 2.5 million people who have tried DoNotTrackPlus (DNT+) to stop online tracking (and if you were one of them, thanks!). Now, we’re excited to announce that DNT+ has become DoNotTrackMe (DNTMe). It’s the same free privacy tool you know and love, but with some terrific upgrades: Stronger tracker-blocking. DNTMe stops more than 50 […]

Online tracking is worse than ever, says Berkeley Privacy Census

We collaborated with UC Berkeley on a new report that shows that online tracking is everywhere. It’s not just on sketchy websites you’ve never heard of. It’s on all of the 100 most popular websites in one form or another, sites that people know and trust. What is online tracking, anyway? For those of you […]

How to turn on Do Not Track in your browser

Want to learn how to turn on Do Not Track in whichever browser you’re using?  You’ve come to the right place. Note: for more comprehensive help on enabling all pro-privacy features in your browser, check out our previous guide. First Things First:  What is Do Not Track? “Tracking” refers to the many different methods that […]

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