We’ve Reached Peak Internet Advertising: What’s Next?

It is likely consumers will never see more online ads than they are seeing today– we have reached “peak internet advertising”. Actions taken recently by consumers and advertisers alike virtually guarantee a drop in intrusive and annoying ads as well as a decline in overall internet advertising. However, fewer ads will prove a pyrrhic victory for […]

WhatsApp + Facebook: When does the sharing end?

This week, WhatsApp announced that it would finally be sharing its users personal information, including your mobile phone number, and other personal information with Facebook advertising and marketing. This will allow Facebook to market target advertising opportunities to your “truest social graph” – the people and groups who message you and who you message back, daily. 

Stop! Before You Post on Facebook

How careful are you about what you share on Facebook and other social networks? Probably not very. But in light of a new initiative Facebook is launching, you may want to give more thought to what you post on the social web. Under Facebook’s new program, select data-analysis companies will be able to harvest the vast quantities of […]

Who are these tracking companies? Meet AdRoll.

AdRoll is a popular and fast-growing ad network specializing in helping other advertisers (over 5,000 of them) “re-target” you.  This means they help bring you ads related to things you’ve shopped for before.  Whether you prefer to call them more relevant ads or ads that follow you around, AdRoll is at the cutting edge of […]

Who are these tracking companies? Meet Gravity.

Gravity is an internet display advertising network that relies on partnerships with large companies (top 50 websites) to track and serve targeted advertising to users as they browse the web. They’re known for their personalization engine, which targets visitors with content based on the kind of person Gravity thinks they are: their interests, locale, age, […]

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