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Who are these tracking companies? Meet LeadLander.

LeadLander helps salespeople close deals by providing intelligence around anything a potential customer has viewed or submitted on their websites. Besides offering those analytics, LeadLander also has the capability to alert salespeople in real time while a customer is currently browsing their website. How it works: When you visit a website that is using LeadLander’s […]

The free internet will be just fine with Do Not Track (here’s why)

The ad industry says that Do Not Track will destroy the free Internet.  We love the Internet and would be pretty upset if it died, so we looked deeper into this claim. Advertisers make this argument all the time, and it goes something like this comment from Linda Woolley, executive vice president of government affairs […]

Facebook advertising on the rise: how this affects your privacy

Facebook Exchange (or FBX for short) is an advertising system that will let advertisers buy Facebook ads that will be targeted to you based on your off-Facebook browsing activity. Facebook announced FBX in June.  It’s still in its experimental phase, but will be rolled out in the near future.  We discuss the biggest things you […]

Do not track, data brokers, and what we would like to see in privacy: our letter to Congress

Privacy has been all over the news recently, and not just because of the usual stories about Google and Facebook.  Now the government has gotten involved. From the White House’s announcement of a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights in February to the Federal Trade Commission’s privacy recommendations a few days ago, it all points to […]

50 cents for your MySpace profile: what will happen to your data now?

Welcome to a world where your online identity, and a lot about your personal life, goes around and around to the highest bidder. If you’re one of the 70 million people who used, your profile now belongs to the targeted advertising network that bought them on June 29, 2011, Specific Media. If you don’t […]

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