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23andMyIdentity: How to safely and privately take a genetic test

In 2013, we published a post about how to take a genetic test from company 23andMe while keeping your personal information private. Since then, more online genetic testing companies have popped up for various purposes, from discovering ancestry information to creating custom fitness and nutrition plans and even identifying whether you and your partner are […]

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How to use 23andMe without violating your genetic privacy

This article was originally published on VentureBeat. If you’re like me, the idea of knowing what’s in your genetic profile is both fascinating and scary. Everything from your ancestry to your likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s to how quickly your body processes caffeine is in your genes, just waiting to be uncovered. And the company 23andMe […]

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Online fortune teller: how DNA telomeres can put your life on the web

Only a very small number of people are currently using online personal health services today – what do you think will happen to this data?

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