Biggest data breach in history – 400 million adult site users – beware

adult-friend-finderAnyone who’s ever registered at AdultFriendFinder,, and a variety of other web sites in this company’s network (yes, that is apparently around 400M accounts) should make sure they didn’t use passwords there they also use elsewhere.  Read More

Mary Meeker, bankers, and VC’s have nothing to say about online privacy

mary meekerIn Ms. Meeker’s time-honored annual tome of macro statistics and themes getting “re-imagined” online privacy has, for the first time, deserved some attention.  After illustrating the global slowdown in new smartphone purchases and Internet users, Ms. Meeker dedicates a slide to “Growth of Ad Blockers” (and a handful more talking about what kinds of advertising are working) and, finally, by page #207, she talks about the data privacy debate, listing events like Snowden and the Apple / US DOJ encryption battle.  The next several slides detail survey results about consumer privacy concerns and end with a suggestively rhetorical question: “Do people care about privacy or do they care about WHO has their data?”  Read More

Are your tax records providing access to your personal information?

This article was written by Joe Sutton, Head of DeleteMe at Abine. 

Each spring, we are reminded of one of the unfortunate constants in life: paying taxes. As Tax Day approaches, the relief that comes with filing taxes and the anticipation of receiving a refund is enough for most people to happily forget about their taxes until the next year. Unfortunately, they may come back to find you in ways you might not expect. Read More

Blur Masked Emails: The VPN for email addresses

It’s 2016, the era of Big Data, and between Apple’s recent encryption debate with the FBI and news of government database hacks, you’ve decided it’s time to beef up your online security to protect your identity. If you already use a VPN to protect your identity while browsing online, you’re headed in the right direction. But with the addition of Blur, you can make your online life more secure and you can better protect your private information.

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Home Depot Loses 53 Million User Emails – Use Blur’s Masked Emails today, Free.

maskedEmailsBlurMost of us still give out our real personal emails all the time – we shouldn’t be so quick to share them as the Home Depot data breach demonstrates where hackers not only stole credit cards but also 53 million users email addresses.

Chances are your email or a family members email is now being sold online – perhaps matched with corresponding credit card information.  Everyone should be more cautious about sharing their real email when they are creating accounts with passwords because most people re-use passwords across sites.  This allows hackers to easily run “scripts” which are automated bot programs which will try and submit your email and password to web site login pages where you might have accounts at a rate of up to 1,000 web sites per second.  Do you re-use the same email and password?  If so, hackers will have full access to your accounts in the time it takes to read these lines.

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