Supreme Court Ruling on Spokeo vs. Robins and how it relates to DeleteME

US Supreme CourtSupreme Court ruling on

If you’re concerned about your personal information being out there in public online and especially if you’re a customer of Abine’s DeleteMe service, we thought you’d be interested in hearing about the recent Supreme Court decision concerning the data broker  Spokeo is one of the many data broker web sites which DeleteMe removes you and/or your family’s personal information from.

It is not often the Supreme Court rules on a case involving online privacy and personal information, and this case (Spokeo vs. Robins) is very important for anyone concerned with how companies are storing and using our personal information.  Read More

Hackers have the U.S. government and FBI saying ‘DeleteMe’

On Monday, Feb. 8, an anonymous hacker–who may be part of a larger operation–published a list of 20,000 FBI employees which included their names, phone numbers, email addresses and titles. This came shortly after the hacker posted a similar list of 9,000 Department of Homeland Security officers. The FBI in total employs 35,000 people according to their website, so 57% of all FBI employees have had their personal data breached.  

While there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle once a data breach occurs, there are things both individuals and responsible companies can do to mitigate future damages.   Read More

Senior executives and the value of DeleteMe

Senior Executives See Value in DeleteMe

Many customers get angry with companies for a slew of reasons and they often blame the people at the top – the senior executives – for their problems.   A tiny fraction of these people are hot-headed and in their anger will often “go after” executives. Where in the past they might write a letter to the CEO, today, they instantly fire up Google and try to find executives contact information.

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Delete yourself from your iPhone or iPad with DeleteMe Mobile

DeleteMe_mobile_1 copyWe launched DeleteMe Mobile on January 14, 2013. It hasn’t even been a month, and we’re excited to already have thousands of users!

Like our standard, web-based DeleteMe service, DeleteMe Mobile scours the Internet and assists with the removal of personal information from some of the largest U.S.-based people search databases. DeleteMe Mobile is designed to do the hard work of removing your personal info from online data brokers, so although it’s complicated behind the scenes, it’s super streamlined for the app user. You just download the app from the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad, provide some basic info to sign up, and then the app runs a search for you on many of the major data broker sites, returning a list of results that may be them. You can also input more information, like aliases and past addresses, to narrow results even further. Read More

Why DeleteMe is a subscription service and not a 1-time thing

dm_flowchartWe get a lot of questions from customers about why DeleteMe is a subscription and not a 1-time sweep of deletions.  The reason is quite simple: your personal information often repopulates once we remove it.  A simple way of thinking about it is that your DeleteMe operator removes your record, but new information is generated about you as you continue to use the web, which can ultimately regenerate your profile in people search databases.  By offering DeleteMe as a subscription, we are able to make sure your information is gone and stays gone.

The FTC has said they’re cracking down on people search companies to stop this practice and we reported one company, BeenVerified, to the FTC for for claiming that it had removed customer listings, but we found them to be continually re-posting them.

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