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Is your privacy worth $560 Million?

Jane Doe Wins Lottery: $560 Million – won’t reveal identity After winning an astonishing $560 Million Powerball jackpot, “Jane Doe”, as she’s being called by the papers, is now the subject of intense stress as she refuses to give up her anonymity.It’s the classic “It could never happen to me” scenario: all of a sudden, […]

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Why Chrome’s adBlocker doesn’t go far enough: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Google has released its new Chrome ad blocker. Yes, that’s correct. Google has announced that beginning February 15th 2018, the Google Chrome browser will begin blocking some types of ads by default on some websites. While on the surface this sounds like Google is taking a stand for the consumer, trying to make the internet […]

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Why do I need to renew DeleteMe?

Your information is always re-populating and reappearing on Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, Intelius. Renew DeleteMe.   Back in 2012, we published an article about why our DeleteMe service is a recurring subscription, why it’s recommended that you always renew DeleteMe, and it’s not simply a 1-time thing. Now it’s 2018, there’s more data brokers and people […]

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Abine Blur developer wins ConsenSys uPort prize for identity on blockchain

Monday February 5th, 2018 – BOSTON, MA – a senior developer at Abine, the online privacy company, has won a prize in the ConsenSys uPort contest for Blockchain Identity.   By combining the features of the Blur privacy, identity, and password manager with uPort API’s, the ability to seamlessly login to traditional web sites using […]

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What are data brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Intelius, Been Verified, People Finders

Who are these Data Brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, People Finder Data Brokers: corporations that collect large swaths of personally identifiable information (PII) and package it all together to create “profiles” with identifying tags. These tags include everything from Social Security Numbers and birthdays, to the Type of Roof on your house and “motorcycle […]

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