Abine Blur developer wins ConsenSys uPort prize for identity on blockchain

Monday February 5th, 2018 – BOSTON, MA – a senior developer at Abine, the online privacy company, has won a prize in the ConsenSys uPort contest for Blockchain Identity.   By combining the features of the Blur privacy, identity, and password manager with uPort API’s, the ability to seamlessly login to traditional web sites using […]

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What are data brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Intelius, Been Verified, People Finders

Who are these Data Brokers? Spokeo, White Pages, Been Verified, People Finder Data Brokers: corporations that collect large swaths of personally identifiable information (PII) and package it all together to create “profiles” with identifying tags. These tags include everything from Social Security Numbers and birthdays, to the Type of Roof on your house and “motorcycle […]

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Paying Online with Paypal vs. Paying Online with Blur from Abine

Abine is an online privacy company that helps consumers make private payments in our service called Blur which helps millions of consumers shopping online give out a Virtual Credit Card (which we call a Masked Credit Card) instead of their real credit card.  Since Abine’s privacy solutions have only been used by about 20 million […]

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Charities asking for your credit card? Use a Masked Card instead.

It’s that time of year again; Americans are loosening their belts after overeating during Thanksgiving, and opening their wallets to begin spending for the holidays. Not only are consumers spending on gifts for loved ones, but they’re also focused on charitable giving. As payments have moved to electronic platforms, organizations have to adapt to be […]

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BlurDeleteMeHacks and Data BreachesPrivacy

So, what happens if Abine’s servers get hacked?

These days, the next big data breach announcement is seemingly a weekly occurrence. Often, the companies getting hacked and their associated data breaches are a result of lax security protocols, but it increasingly appears that no one is immune to the growing number of threats, sneaky hacks, and unknown vulnerabilities latent everywhere in software running […]

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