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Why DeleteMe is a subscription service and not a 1-time thing

We get a lot of questions from customers about why DeleteMe is a subscription and not a 1-time sweep of deletions.  The reason is quite simple: your personal information often repopulates once we remove it.  A simple way of thinking about it is that your DeleteMe operator removes your record, but new information is generated […]

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Blur 8: Better Payments, Passwords, and Privacy

We’ve built on our existing online privacy services to make it easier for you to stay in control of your personal information.

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Internet Addiction, Minimalism, and Marie Kondo: A Guide to Digital Detox

Our internet addiction is getting out of control. Use this Marie Kondo guide to digital detox, and then use Blur and DeleteMe to stay organized and private.

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Data Privacy Day 2019: Increasing Threats to Online Privacy

Your data is yours, and you should decide who can access it and for what purpose. DeleteMe and Blur by Abine will let you get back in control of your data.

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Biggest Data Breach in History: Collection #1

In mid-December, over 770 million email addresses and passwords were posted to a popular hacking forum. At 87 GB of data, it is the largest collection of breached data in history. You can stay safe from this and other breaches by using unique, randomly-generated passwords from Blur. What is Collection #1? The breach (now known […]

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