Update: Blur and Safari v. 12.0.3

In a previous blog post, we wrote how Apple changed their framework for extensions like Blur when they released Safari v. 12.0. This previous change only impacted the way that Blur could be installed in Safari, and at the time, Blur performed perfectly normal in Safari v. 12.0.  Unfortunately with Apple’s latest update of Safari, […]

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Mainstream Privacy: Sign in with Apple and Blur Masked Emails

At its 2019 developer conference, Apple announced Masked Email support with Sign in with Apple, but only for websites that integrate its login technology and for users that use Apple IDs. We think it’s great that Apple recognizes how valuable Masked Emails are for protecting privacy and security. However, we prefer our approach with Blur, […]

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This Billionaire Spent $30,000 on Privacy–You Can Stay Private for $168

“Bitcoin Evangelist” Jameson Lopp spent $30,000 to stay completely private online. With Blur and DeleteMe, you can do the same for just $168 a year.

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Apple Credit Card vs Blur Masked Card

At their March Event, Apple announced the release of their new, privacy-focused credit card. Will this card actually protect your privacy, and are Masked Cards by Blur better? (A little bit, and Yes). Get the ultimate payment privacy with with Blur Unlimited today. Comparing Apple Credit Card and Blur Masked Card Apple Credit Card vs […]

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