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50 cents for your MySpace profile: what will happen to your data now?

Welcome to a world where your online identity, and a lot about your personal life, goes around and around to the highest bidder. If you’re one of the 70 million people who used, your profile now belongs to the targeted advertising network that bought them on June 29, 2011, Specific Media. If you don’t […]

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Privacy with Google search? Reviewing Google’s new +1 feature

Google’s famously enigmatic search algorithm is no longer the only thing influencing search results: now public opinion will play a role. So what is Google’s new +1 feature, and how does it affect your online privacy? Google is inching closer to Facebook’s dominance of the social web by rolling out +1, its social search feature.  It’s […]

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Your name, their database: removing yourself from people search sites

Have you ever Googled yourself and found your name and contact info listed publicly online?  This is a common phenomenon, and it’s happening to more of us every day.  A few weeks ago, we ranked the best and worst of people search websites:  places like,, and that collect and post your personal […]

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To be (anonymous) or not to be: should you use your real name on the internet?

What sort of trail do you leave online?  Do you comment as yourself?  Do you think that using only the first initial of your last name, like John S., doesn’t link to you?  Do you use a profile picture?  Be honest:  do you have any idea how many times you’ve left your real name on […]

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The best and worst of people search websites

We ranked the biggest people search websites based on customer service, ease of opting yourself out, and respect for privacy. Check out the best and the worst of these intrusive sites.

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