Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent

Innocent in the real world, yet still guilty online…

Mary Meeker, bankers, and VC’s have nothing to say about online privacy

In Ms. Meeker’s time-honored annual tome of macro statistics and themes getting “re-imagined” online privacy has, for the first time, deserved some attention.  After illustrating the global slowdown in new smartphone purchases and Internet users, Ms. Meeker dedicates a slide to “Growth of Ad Blockers” (and a handful more talking about what kinds of advertising […]

Mobile payment apps don’t deliver the security that you ordered

With more of our lives moving to mobile, and concerns about identity theft after data breaches in recent years at companies such as Target and Chase, consumers are looking for simpler yet more secure ways to pay. Enter the age of mobile payment apps.

Shop Smart This Holiday Season With Blur: Part I

We at Abine just introduced Blur, the world’s first all-in-one tool for managing and securing one’s information on the web. Blur generates and saves passwords, stores billing information, and quickly creates “masked” email addresses and credit cards. Plus, we’ve made sure it’s easy to use, so you can browse (and shop!) securely with minimal hassle. […]

When delete means delete: the inside story of our FTC complaint against BeenVerified.com

You’ll need some background on our DeleteMe service for the following post to make sense:  our service deletes your personal information from many of the largest people search websites that list it.  These are sites like Intelius.com, Spokeo.com, and WhitePages.com.   We monitor your personal information online to ensure that it doesn’t return, and we […]

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