Blur, Meet Microsoft Edge


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It’s official: Blur is now available for the new Microsoft Edge.


When Microsoft first released Edge in 2015, it was built on their own proprietary Browser Engine, EdgeHTML. This made it extremely difficult for developers (like us) to provide their users with compatible versions of their software. 

In 2019 however, Edge was finally rebuilt as a Chromium-based browser, allowing for Chromium-based software and extensions (like Blur) to be compatible with their new platform.

What’s new with Blur?

Last year, we made some major changes to Blur with the release of Blur 8.0, and we’ve been building and improving ever since.

With Blur, we’re now offering fee-less Masked Cards for Unlimited Users. This allows our unlimited users to link their bank account with Blur, and create unlimited fee-less Masked Cards. Blur Unlimited users can now pay privately online–with no additional cost for each transaction.

We’ve also made a range of improvements to Masked Emails, one of our most popular features.

Premium Blur users can now create custom Masked Emails linked with a private domain. Previously, Blur Masked Emails consisted of a mix of random numbers and letters, followed by a private domain. Now, users can create emails like “” instead of something like “”. It may seem superficial, but this change makes Masked Emails far more trustworthy by recipients, and less likely to be confused as spam. 

The Masked Email inbox has been continuously updated to improve email deliverability, plus premium users can now store emails in their Blur temporary inbox for up to two months.

Blur and Edge

Overall, Blur for MS Edge will perform the exact same way that it does for your other browsers, with all the same features you love: Masked Cards, Masked Emails, Tracker Blocking, Auto-fill and more. 

To install Blur for your Edge browser, follow these steps:

1. Open your Edge browser, and click the toolbar button to open the drop-down menu

2. Click “Extensions” from the down-down menu

3. Click the button to “Get extensions for Microsoft Edge”

4. Search for Blur using the search bar

5. Find Blur in the search results, and click “Get”

6. Click “Add Extension” from the pop-up window

7. Be sure to restart your Edge browser so that the install will take effect

We realize that not everyone uses the same internet browser; our aim is to make Blur as widely accessible as possible. It’s Abine’s mission to bring easy-to-use online privacy to everybody who wants it, and the next step toward that goal is Blur for Microsoft Edge. 

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