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At its 2019 developer conference, Apple announced Masked Email support with Sign in with Apple, but only for websites that integrate its login technology and for users that use Apple IDs.

We think it’s great that Apple recognizes how valuable Masked Emails are for protecting privacy and security. However, we prefer our approach with Blur, where we provide Masked Emails to everyone, and not just to those with Apple IDs. And for every website, not just for those that have adopted a particular technology.

Blur users are very familiar with Masked Emails – tens of millions of them have been created at hundreds of thousands of websites all over the world. They work. They let people use the web and signup where they want, while still maintaining control of their privacy and identity.

If you want to see what the future might look like if Apple is successful with Sign In with Apple, then just try Blur’s Masked Emails today – they’re free.

Comparison Chart: Sign in with Apple versus Masked Emails

Sign in with Apple versus Masked Emails

Here is what Sign in with Apple will let consumers keep private.  This will only be available in apps and websites that choose to integrate Apple’s service.

Here is what Blur Masked Emails look like for a user who has signed up to 5 different websites today using Masked Emails. Consumers can use them at any website or in any app, they can forward or relay the emails to any email account they want, and they can turn them on and off with a single click.

blur masked emails

Sign in with Apple versus Blur Masked Emails – the future is here today

It’s great that Apple has figured out what a great feature Masked Emails are, but it will probably take many years before even 10% of the apps and web sites the average consumer uses will be integrated with Sign In with Apple.  We are happy to offer Blur’s Masked Emails for free, for everyone, for all websites, today.

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