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Between Cyber Monday Dec 2nd 2019 and Christmas Eve December 24th – or perhaps December 25th with Amazon same day delivery – US consumers will spend over $100 billion dollars on e-commerce holiday shopping primarily by going online and using hundreds of millions of traditional plastic credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover to pay.  These credit cards are a target for hackers, scammers and disreputable marketers because they can be stolen, charged, and re-charged easily before banks catch on and shut them down.  

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Masked Credit Cards are virtual credit cards (A.K.A disposable credit cards or one-time use cards) which can be generated instantly at any online merchant from your phone (where over 60% of online e-commerce holiday shopping is happening in 2019) or web browser with Abine’s Blur software (get Blur’s Masked Cards on your iPhone here or Android here).  

For the safest holiday shopping, make a new Masked Card in the amount of the gift you’re buying and no more.  You can make new Masked Cards for every transaction – there’s no limit and they can – for a small fee – charge right back to your personal credit card earning you rewards points.  

Do Masked Cards work on Amazon?  

Yes, Masked Cards work on Amazon.  You can use them to hide gifts you’re buying for your family or significant other, even if you’re not worried about Amazon getting hacked. 

Why is holiday shopping more secure with Masked Credit Cards?

Let’s walk through a few scenarios, assuming you’ve made a purchase or many purchases using a Masked Card at the web merchants you shopped with this season:

  • A merchant has a data breach and hackers steal all recorded credit card information.  No problem, because they have only stolen your Masked Card – which no longer has available funds since it was already used to buy the amount of the gift you purchased.  
  • A merchant tries to charge you for additional services, insurance, or huge shipping and handling costs.  No problem: again, there’s no additional value on the card so they can try to charge you, but can’t take advantage of what you don’t want to pay for. 
  • A service tries to bill you for subscriptions beyond what you agreed to.  No problem, you can shut down any Masked Virtual Card from being able to receive charges at any time.  

Masked Credit Cards turn your credit card into an unlimited credit-card generator and add cool privacy features.

Here are some screenshots of how it works:

Generating a new card:

Blocking / shutting down a Masked Card:

Create a Masked Card on your mobile device:

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