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We’re proud to release Blur 8 – for better “Passwords, Payments, & Privacy.” We’ve built on our existing online privacy services to make it easier for you to stay in control of your personal information. Here’s what’s new:

No Fees for Masked Cards

We’re offering two new Unlimited Plans – monthly and yearly – which include unlimited no-fee Masked Cards for bank-linked customers.  Unlimited plans will cost $14.99 per month or $99 annually. Blur Unlimited users can now pay privately online–with no additional cost for each transaction.

Masked Emails Were Upgraded

Users have asked for more variety in email domains, not just, so we delivered: we’ve added over 50 new domains for our Masked Emails.

Additionally, a small number of websites have been rejecting If these sites are not respecting user’s choice to stay private online, we will continue creating more domains to help them do stay in control of their information.

Custom Masked Emails

Before Blur 8, every Masked Email address was a random mix of numbers and letters, such as Now, premium Blur users can create custom Masked Email addresses, like or

Free users can will be able to create up to three custom Masked Email addresses, plus, they’ll be rewarded with additional custom Masked Email addresses for reporting when website has rejected a Masked Email domain.

Enhanced Masked Email Inbox for Reliable Delivery

Many users have requested increased limits for sending and receiving email attachments: Masked Emails can now send and receive email attachments up to 20mb, an increase from 5mb.

Plus, Blur Premium users can now store emails for up to two months in their temporary inboxes.

Better Form-Filling

We’ve improved the user interface and search functions so form-filling is better on all websites.  Find Masked Emails and passwords easier and faster.

Better Tracking Protection

We’ve updated our automatic tracker-blocking lists to keep you protected from the worst data-collecting web trackers. New trackers are regularly introduced to the public, while old ones will eventually fade away, so we regularly update our lists.

Blur 8 Makes it Easier Than Ever to Stay Private Online

It’s becoming more and more difficult to stay on top of what information is being collected about you, and by whom. With Blur 8, it’s even easier than before to limit the information you’re giving out, and stay in control of your personal information.

About Abine

Abine, Inc. is The Online Privacy Company. Founded in 2009 by MIT engineers and financial experts, Abine’s mission is to provide easy-to-use online privacy tools and services to everybody who wants them. Abine’s tools are built for consumers to help them control the personal information companies, third parties, and other people see about them online.

DeleteMe by Abine is a hands-free subscription service that removes personal information from public online databases, data brokers, and people search websites.

Blur by Abine is the only password manager and digital wallet that also blocks trackers, and helps users remain private online by providing ‘Masked’ information whenever companies are asking for personal information.

Abine’s solutions have been trusted by over 25 million people worldwide.

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