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At their March Event, Apple announced the release of their new, privacy-focused credit card. Will this card actually protect your privacy, and are Masked Cards by Blur better? (A little bit, and Yes). Get the ultimate payment privacy with with Blur Unlimited today.

Comparing Apple Credit Card and Blur Masked Card

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Apple Credit Card vs Blur Masked Credit Card: Online Privacy Protection

Apple claims to protect your personal information–credit card number, CVV code, expiry date, name, address, email, and phone number–by only listing it on the Apple Wallet iOS app. The physical credit card will only have the owner’s name on it, which would protect your personal information if somebody stole your physical Apple Credit Card. Furthermore, the three-digit card verification value–the CVV code on the back of your card, would change to prevent credit card fraud if somebody got their hands on your Apple credit card information. But, your information is still not fully protected from hackers or from a data breach. Apple Pay’s tokenization protects your card from data breaches but your personal information like email, address, phone, etc. would still be compromised.

With Masked Cards from Blur, there is no physical card to steal. With Masked Cards, you decide how much goes card and create as many Masked Cards as you like, so that stolen information is useless. If the information is leaked in a breach or stolen by a cyber criminal, it would be just like losing an empty gift card.

Finally, your purchases are still tracked when you use Apple Credit Card. Although Apple says they will not track where you shopped, what you bought, or how much you spent, and their partner Goldman Sachs says they will not sell your data for advertising or marketing, the merchant where who spent money will still know and store your personal and credit card information, and use it for marketing, advertising, or sell if to data brokers.

Because Masked Credit Cards are anonymous, nobody can use them to track your purchases, and the information that is tracked or sold by merchants (or other third-parties) will be useless because it cannot be connected to you.

Blur Masked Cards are better for private online shopping than the Apple Credit Card

Apple Credit Card can protect you from some forms of financial fraud, especially when shopping offline, but it can’t protect your data from tracking or breach like Masked Credit Cards from Blur.

Leave your privacy in the hands of the real privacy experts, not the tech giants trying to profit from your data.

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