Safari Update: Blur Works with Safari 12


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Apple recently released a major update to its Safari Web Browser. The Safari update is teeming with features; the most notable having to do with tracking prevention when shopping online (we’ll have more on that in a future post).

If using Blur, you were probably greeted with this message after upgrading:

“Safari turned off extensions that slow down web browsing. “Blur” was turned off. You can find newer extensions in the App Store or Safari Extensions Gallery.”

Fear not: Blur is not slowing down your browsing (we actually speed it up).  Apple shows this message because Blur is not yet a fully fledged MacOS AppStore app. Blur was created on top of Apple’s “Extension Builder” framework which they have now removed in the Safari update.

Our team is hard at work on an update to Blur for Safari. But in the meantime, you can follow these steps to re-enable Blur.

1. Open your Safari Extensions

2. Go to your Extensions and find Blur in the list.

3. Click the check box to the left of the Blur icon to re-activate Blur. You will get this warning – just proceed by selecting “enable.”


And that’s it! Blur will function as quickly as ever.


When the MacOS app store version of Blur is ready we’ll be sure to let you know! Questions? Contact us here.


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