How to: add existing accounts to Blur password manager [Part 2]


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In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to add existing accounts to Blur password manager.

There’s a couple ways to do this, but in this video, we’re covering how to add existing accounts to Blur using the Blur desktop browser extension on a third party website.

To learn how to add existing accounts to Blur using the Blur webapp, checkout this other video.

How to Add Existing Accounts to Blur Password Manager

How to Add Existing Accounts to Blur Password Manager using the Blur Extension

  1. To begin, Be sure to install the Blur desktop extension for your internet browser [insert card: install blur here]
  2. Pick a website where you already have an account, and find the login page
  3. I already have a Best Buy account, but this account is not stored in Blur, so it won’t be auto-filled for me yet
  4. Sign into Best Buy once manually, and look for the Blur pop-up to “save this account.”
  5. Click save this account to continue
  6. You can check this password in your Blur dashboard.
  7. The next time you go to login to Best Buy, you’ll see a Blur pop-up panel with your Amazon account info, click this to login!

Reach out to us via email at blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com if you have any questions, or any suggestions for our next video tutorial. Thanks for watching!

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