GDPR and Updates to Abine, Inc.’s Privacy Policy

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GDPR and Updates to Abine, Inc.’s Privacy Policy

At Abine, we’re dedicated to consumer privacy rights and support privacy policies that are understandable. We’re committed to responsibly handling any information we collect. We’re absolute in support of you owning your own data.

We feel we’ve always been very transparent about our Privacy Policy and Data Use Policy, but we’ve taken the opportunity to update our Privacy Policy to be even more clear and comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect on May 25, 2018.

Of course, at Abine, your privacy is our business and because of this, we’ve always provided clear and easy-to-understand Privacy Policies and Terms of Service. Additionally, because of our privacy-centric tendencies, we’ve only made a few minor changes to our Privacy Policy:

1. We’ve updated our Blur Data Use Chart to be more clear about how we share data with third parties

2. We’ve added an additional Data Use Chart for Blur that explicitly defines each third-party partner of Abine,      and why they’re needed to operate Blur

3. We’ve added sections that explicitly describe how Blur and DeleteMe customers can request copies of their data

4. We’ve added sections that explicitly describe how Blur and DeleteMe customers can request that their data be erased from our servers

We never sell your data. Period. If we share your data, it’s only with companies we’ve hired to do work for us to carry out the services you want. They’ll never own it or be able to share it with anyone else. Your data is yours.

Since our inception, we’ve operated with a “privacy-by-design” architecture for our Blur, DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe software. We utilize what’s known as “host-proof-hosting”, meaning that your data is encrypted in such a way that even we can’t view or read your encrypted data.

Moving forward, it will be easier for you to retrieve a copy of the data that Abine, Inc. has stored about you. Currently, you can make this request by emailing or Additionally, you can request that we erase all of your data from our servers at anytime. Please note that we’re required to retain financial information regarding transactions that have taken place for a longer period of time.


Click here to read our entire Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or terms of service, please contact us at

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