How to: Create a disposable email address (Blur Masked Email address) [Part 1]


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For today’s video tutorial, we’re covering how to create a disposable email address (Blur Masked Email address) on your computer using Blur by Abine.

There are a couple ways to create a Masked Email address (or disposable email address) using Blur by Abine, but in this video, we’re covering how to create a Blur Masked Email (or disposable email address) using the Blur webapp.

To learn how to create a Blur Masked Email using the Blur desktop browser extension, check out this other video.

How To Create a Disposable Email Address (Blur Masked Email)

How To Create a Disposable Email Address (Blur Masked Email) using the Blur Webapp

  1. To begin, navigate to in your desktop browser
  2. Once you’re logged in and looking at your Blur dashboard, click “Masking”, and then “Masked Emails”
  3. When on the Masked Emails page, click the “New Masked Email” button
  4. Now, you’ll need to specify where you’ll be using the Masked Email (this is for you, so you remember where you’ve used this Masked Email)
  5. Click create Masked Email to finish up
  6. Use this Masked Email address whenever you’re asked for your email address online, instead of giving out your real email address
  7. Any email messages sent to this Masked Email address can be viewed from your Blur temporary Inbox, and will be forwarded to your real target email inbox. You can find your Blur temporary inbox, here:
  8. If this masked email starts receiving spam, turn it off from your Masked Emails page from the Blur webapp.

Reach out to us via email at blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com if you have any questions, or any suggestions for our next video tutorial. Thanks for watching!

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