It’s Tax Season: Do You Have Your Online Privacy Protection In Place?


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taxesIt’s tax season, and every year, the IRS warns consumers of IRS tax scams that end up costing the American consumer millions of dollars. In 2016, identity theft was at an all-time high, and it’s clear that criminals aren’t backing down anytime soon.

Millions of people have been targets of these kinds of scams, and there’s a few different ways they can happen. One of the most frequently reported scams occurs when an unidentified “IRS Agent” calls about tax mis-calculations from past years, claiming that you owe them thousands for underpaid taxes.

Abine’s all-in-one privacy product, Blur, can help protect you from all kinds of scams, phishing attempts and tax headaches this spring season. Here’s how:

1. Unique + strong information is key!

When it comes to protecting sensitive information like your personal income tax return, it goes without saying that you’ll want to use an extremely secure password. With Blur, creating a unique username and strong password for your online tax accounts is easier than ever. Create a new, unique and extremely secure online login in just a few clicks; Blur will automatically encrypt and store the newly created login information.

tax season2. Storing Personal Information for Tax Season

Stop emailing passwords and other personal information this tax season! Use Blur’s secure notes to securely save sensitive information like your Driver’s License number, SSN, tax  information.

Scam artists can use this kind of information use during phishing attempts to try to get you to give up additional personal card-lockinformation–or worse–convince you to dish out dollars for “unpaid debts”.

3. Stop using your real credit card


This tax season, use Blur’s Virtual Wallet to securely store your credit card information, which Blur can easily auto-fill for you when completing online payments (like paying for the upgraded version of your tax software).

Even better? Use a Blur Masked Card when completing online payments, and keep from entering your real credit card information on any website.


With Blur, it’s never been easier to protect your privacy and security for your online activities. In this post, we’ve covered how to use Blur’s Password Manager and Secure Dashboard to protect you as you file your taxes this season.

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