Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent


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Once you’re arrested, your name is tarnished forever.

Internet privacy is more relevant than ever. More and more people are having “Google problems.”  They usually look like this:

a) someone got arrested; b) the local newspaper wrote about it; c) prosecutors dropped the charges completely; d) the person’s record was expunged (in other words, the slate was wiped clean); but e) the original arrest article, however, is still online.

Now whenever anyone searches that person’s name, the arrest is one of the top Google results even though they’re weren’t guilty.



Google:  Your new permanent record

You can imagine the trouble this causes for the individual seeking the article’s takedown: difficulty getting a job, a promotion, or even a date.  It seems unfair that even though the judicial system saw fit to remove all traces of the arrest from the person’s record, there’s no corresponding requirement that the local newspaper do the same.  What’s the point of expunging a record when anyone with internet access can bring up an old, bogus arrest? Even if a court of law drops the matter, the court of public opinion has condemned that person for life. 

The free speech rights of publishers trump those of individuals

In the battle of the newspapers versus the individual’s reputation, the law is on the newspapers’ side.  They have a First Amendment right to report true information and are under no legal obligation to remove—“unpublish,” as it’s referred to lately—content, even when significant updates have occurred.  In our experience, publishers are generally unwilling to remove articles that were factually accurate when written.  Their reasoning ranges from lofty (saying they don’t want to “rewrite the historical record”) to lazy (they have a policy of never changing anything).

Some publications will remove an article, but only if the stars align and several factors exist:  the publication doesn’t have a strict policy against unpublishing, we reach an actual human being, we reach an actual human being who’s in a good mood that day, we’re able to provide documentation of the dropped charges or expunged record, and the person to whom we speak decides that the facts of the particular situation warrant removal.  It takes hard work, persistence, and luck.  Does it happen?  Yes, but you can see why it’s pretty rare.

How courts have handled the unpublishing problem

The internet never forgets.

Recognizing the damage that a negative online article can do to someone’s reputation, defense attorneys have requested court orders that newspapers unpublish arrest stories about their clients after they’re found innocent.   The few courts that have issued such orders, however, quickly rescinded them in the face of First Amendment challenges.  Simply put, you can’t censor a newspaper’s free speech rights to protect your client’s privacy.

The only research that the publishing industry has conducted on this issue shows a lack of uniformity in opinion and response to requests to unpublish.  (To read more, check out Kathy English’s report, “The Longtail of news:  To unpublish or not to unpublish”).  One thing is clear:  this issue is only becoming more relevant as the internet replaces print publications.  How do the First Amendment rights of publishers stack up against the privacy rights of the accused, and how should courts and the publishing industry treat this balance in the future?

Search engines and content providers, like online newspapers, should recognize their critical role as gatekeepers of information.  They should listen to and consider individual situations, even if they’re not obligated to do so. Sure, a 20 year-old article about an arrest may be factually accurate, but is it really fair to leave it up when it’s not newsworthy and makes it impossible for a person to move on in his or her life? Each case is a balancing act, and a quality publication will analyze the pros and cons, not automatically refuse to help.

Dealing with unpublishing requests:  fair compromises & solutions

Here are a few compromises and solutions we’d like to see publishers and content providers use more often:

Implement a sunsetting or le droit a l’oubli system

Sunsetting is an automated system used by publishers that retires articles about arrests after a certain preset period.  It programs sites to forget, essentially giving content an expiration date.  Just like human memory, sunsetting ensures that some things don’t persist forever.

Block the article from being indexed by search engines

Use a robots.txt file to prevent search engines from crawling and indexing the site in search results.  The article will stay up on the newspaper’s website, but it won’t be nearly as visible (or as harmful) if it’s not on the search engines.

Remove or anonymize names, especially for lesser crimes

A publisher can maintain the integrity of an article while protecting individual privacy by removing or anonymizing a person’s name (for example, changing it to “Doe”).  The publication BloomU Today takes this approach “if the offense is minor and not a felony charge.”

Unpublish the entire article

A rare solution that many publishers consider extreme, removing an entire article may be warranted when it is particularly old, irrelevant, inaccurate, or dangerous to an individual’s privacy or safety.

Add an update or editorial note

Sometimes all an individual wants is an edit at the bottom of an article updating or correcting the unwanted information, and for the most part, publishers are not resistant to do so.  This solution, however, has limited practical effect:  a reader has to scroll to the bottom to find the edit, and by that point the damage has usually been done.  It also has no effect on search results.

We’re optimistic that publishers will adopt these gray-area solutions as we see more and more cases where people’s online identities hold back their real life identities.

Is there something online that haunts you or someone you know?  What do you think about search engines and the internet preventing us from wiping our slates clean?  Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

258 Replies to “Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent”

  1. You’re totally right. Internet can be a very dangerous medium and can fed up lives.

    • Joe says:

      I am in agreement with one of the suggestions in this article that articles about arrests should automatically expire after a certain period of time (just the robots.txt would probably be fine to stop search providers from indexing it)–especially if the person arrested was never convicted. I think to a lot of people who google you, an arrest and a conviction are basically the same thing in their mind. So now if your background check comes up clean, it doesn’t matter if the newspaper documented your arrest. Might as well just plan on starting up your own company if everyone is going to google before hiring.

      • Carmen says:

        I have the same exact situation. I was 18 years old when this happened and the charges got dropped. Everything is ruined because of daily herald archives online. I am now 35 years old and this is still haunting me. Does anyone have a telephone number to speak with a daily Harold agent to ask them to remove my name?

        Please help me?

        By the way why can’t we do anything about this?

        This is not right the Internet was a blessing when they invented it but it ended up being a curse to innocent people everywhere or when people make stupid mistakes and after 10-30 years later your name is still all over the Internet about the same mistake that happened 10-30 years ago or when people expunged there cases.

        How is this actual news worthy history?

        • Sarah Downey says:

          Hey there-

          I looked around the Herald’s site and found a list of editors there:

          You can try contacting any one of them, or asking them to put you in touch with whoever’s in charge of the Herald’s website (perhaps a webmaster or online editor).

          I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, and I wish you the best of luck in getting this taken down. Hopefully we have a future where people aren’t publicly held to their pasts like we are now.

        • tabitha says:

          you can google search remove my mugshot and you can pay to have them removed..its like 200$ to remove three and 100$ to remove one

        • Christopher says:

          I can get that figured out..If interested let me know..You can get a hold of me via my regular email which is

        • Too afraid of the dynamic duo to spill my name says:

          I understand your frustration, in 2012 I was married to a physician and my first ex husband is a high ranking state trooper. When I left the abusive cash cow doctor, I no longer payed child support even though according to the court I should have paid nothing but I paid 300 a month to the trooper for peace for nearly when i left the doctor who was my collaborating physician they conspired to take me children and have me arrested for bogus misuse of a DEA charges since dropped and expunged. My oldest child thinks im a loser I have sole custody of my youngest. I was thrilled when I won my expungement hearing after paying yet another lawyer, however, I am now understanding, this is going to follow me on google for a lifetime. I don’t understand how the lawmakers cant see how this is detrimental for our society, medicaid system and the increase in suicide rates, and believe ME I contemplated suicide but it was not an option, I WONT BE A TROOPER OR DOCTORS VICTIM. I wont be quiet about this until the law makers step up to the plate, and implement laws that allow those of us proven innocent in the courts don’t have to drive three hours each way to work and suffer a lifetime of pain and suffering.

        • linda ott says:

          in my case i believe what i did when i was a teen shouldn’t have to determine the rest of my life,have paid for it by the law and am a changed person but the records is always there forever and this has cost me better chances of a getting a really good job despite the fact that am qualified for the jobs,it became a major problem for me till a friend at work introduced me to a group of ethical elite hackers who helped remove my records from any records they ever existed,and whenever a background check is carried out my records are straight. contact hackhemp(((at))gmail(((dot)))com and thank me later.,it feels good to achieve great goals after a past you’ve paid for. dont let the past hold us down.

        • Dickson Shannon Lucinda says:

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          You can contact Dr Molemen online

        • Chris says:

          Do you still need to erase your details off the internet?I can get that done within 48 hrs.Contact

        • eric says:

          Hope Harold is now fine with this.

      • joe says:

        im going through this same problem i was arrested and charges wre droped and it is still affecting me 5 years later and nothing can be done but im not giving up ill figt to get my name back




      • Ethical Web News Please says:

        It isn’t the reputable sites you need to worry about. It’s the wannabe’s and blogger idiots who think they have every right to ruin your life and refuse to take an ARCHIVE’s media relase (not meant for the public) down.. There is a reason newspapers don’t publish names in arrest reports unless it is a public safety issue. Because you are ruining lives and people who have either paid their debt, and continue to pay it because of the stigma on having a record. If we could hold you so called news sites accountable for every mistake you ever made and post it online for all to see, maybe you would get your head out of your ass and put sunset / non-index’s on this type of ‘reporting’ or copying a media release, which not only isn’t reporting, it’s also plagiarism – even the smallest newspapers rewrite media releases. Archiving and making a police arrest google searchable for even a moment after the court has passed sentence is the same as releasing personal criminal history in my opinion. And we should be allowed to sue them for breech of privacy.

    • Aaron says:

      I passed out at a drinking party and was charged with rape. DNA showed two other peoples DNA but not mine inside her. Found one source of DNA but not the other but I had tiny peace of her DNA on me. and thoughts how they took it to trail. Cops fucked up so bad and tried to cover there asses. Witnesses had different story that where at party. I was blacked out and passed out in the bed so thats how they get me too. People stab you right in the back. Took 2 hours for not guilty. There was not question.

      Talked to chief guy at the newspaper and keeps giving me a line of shit about how they cant figure out how to remove the article because its in the archives of the website. They changed web hosts after the article was first published. I have a well established career and I am tying to start up some business but with this article I am afraid it will hurt me. I have done nothing but good since that night and will never talk to those people again. I forgive them.

      This article you published is spot on.


      • Duane Kolve says:

        It’s obvious that newspapers make their money on reporting the BAD. However, I feel that newspapers that give a s!@# about the future of people they are making money on invest some of that money to apply a “other half” of the story. Of course they all try to or claim to try to get the other half while court proceedings are ongoing. That’s a joke, ANY attorney will tell you to keep your mouth shut as to not anger the prosecution side of things. I have PROOF of a D.A. hiding evidence, lying about evidence, and being pond scum.
        Shit sucks,

        • Too afraid of the dynamic duo to spill my name says:

          The lady (id rather call her something else) that wrote my article was never at any court appearance and must have just of had the camera boy take some notes the article and tv newscast was about 10 percent accurate. Im sorry for all off us who suffer at the hands of idiots, and by the way I was married to a trooper ten years we had lots of partys and lots of DUI’s left my house and drove home. One stalked a dancer took them two years to fire that nut. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AND NOTHING WILL RESTORE THAT.

      • Anonymous says:

        II agree with Joe, It’s a dog gone shame that we allow the news to add more weight on a person by pasting them all over the internet especially when it a lie and off here say. Now this person can’t even get a job, no matter how hard they try and the stupid news people still running this person dowm like a crazy you know what dog. We wonder why so much killing going on in the world, well when we have stuff like the new having the right to plaster you all over the internet, what do you expect. Where is those peoples rights. Why don’t they hang their own or families dirty laundry out. These news people need to stop it. Are they without sin no because they have just killed a person when they publish here say crap. I pray that the news people will have a heart and think it could very well one day be there sons or daughters then what. New reporters you all need to stop destorying, and killing people with negative here say. Put your own news out there.,

        • Too afraid of the dynamic duo to spill my name says:

          PART OF THE PROBLEM, MOST STATES HAVE NO REVIEW BOARD FOR THOSE IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AC CUSSED OF ABUSING THEIR POWER. IT COMES DOWN TO ONE PERSON IN MOST STATES, AND WHO DO U THINK THE HEAD OF AN AGENCY IS GOING TO SIDE WITH. YOU SHOULD SEE THE LETTER I GOT FROM THE HEAD HONCHO, Id love to publish it, but there is this thing called a gag order, I have every court tape and the judge saw exactly what these men did, on my death bed those tapes will go viral on every social site i can manage to upload them to.

    • I’m unfortunately included in this long list of people plagued by an old article that’s still online. Its seriously affecting my job search and therefore my career! THe article implies I have a criminal record when that is not the case. I’ve seriously considered changing my name just to get away from that awful article. It’s either that or adding a section in my resume explaining the situation, at least that way I have a chance…

    • Nicole says:

      I have attended college for 13 years to discover that law enforcement can ruin my life in the state of Florida. I have 13 years of experience working at a Fortune 500 company and I graduated with Honors with my B.A.S. degree in Supervision & Management. I am a lifetime member of Sigma Beta Delta International Honors Society. The Family Dollar won’t even hire me because of arrests for charges that were dropped by the State Attorney. In the state of Florida, Google and other search engines aren’t the only problem. All employment background checks in the state of Florida include arrest records for charges that have been dropped. I feel like I should either throw my degree in the garbage and give up on life or move to Europe. This is complete unconstitutional and should be against the law. Anyone else from Florida out there with issues? Please respond.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am in the same boat as you. I recently moved out of florida. I have never been convicted, charges were withheld and adjuticated, my record sealed and expunged and my charge is all over like 5 mugshot sites. Its unbelievable!! I personally know people with more charges than me that are way worse and they dont pop up on the web as much.

      • I was arrested in Florida 16 years ago and was found not guilty and my mugshot remains on the Sheriff’s website stating that I was arrested but it don’t say not guilty of charges. I already had a record seal and can’t not seal or expunge this one because in Florida is only allow one in a life time. I lost my job and now I have to work at a low income job because I’m innocent as charge and they wont remove my mugshot from the Sheriff’s website. I don’t know what else to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        The same thing is happening to me. There is an incorrect newspaper article which lists my first and last name from 1995. Up until a couple years ago, I would search my name and find nothing. Now, it’s popping up as tje first item! After being with the same company for over 20 years and the company just closing, I am being forced to look for another job. I have no record, but I’ve been turned down for at least 55 jobs because of this 20 year old article. I have 2 Bachelor Degrees, multiple Associates degrees, 4 State of Florida issued licenses (that I would never be able to get if I had the record the newspaper is saying I have), but yet can’t get hired because of an incorrect 20 year old newspaper article!

        Thought about the name change thing, but it wouldn’t matter. Companies now ask if you have ever used any other name in the past, so they’ll still find it!

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          Although you wouldn’t have any standing to challenge it in your case, it is legally dicey for a company to make a general inquiry about any other names you’ve used – reason being is in cases like someone immigrating to the country or transgender people there can be discrimination issues. Plus if you strictly interpret that you could have issues where the records would be legally protected like a childhood adoption.

          *If they ask it in a manner like “Do you have any work or school records under another name?” that is 100% legal because it indicates for what matter the information would be used for (even in cases where there could be disproportionate impact on a particular group).

      • Anonymus says:

        I am having the same problem; I was charged with aggravated assault during a traffic altercation because I showed the other vehicle’s driver I was carrying a weapon (legal concealed weapon holder) in order to get him to “Back Off”. I was the Operations Director for a prestigious company but was immediately fired. I have since had my history “SEALED” but I am still unable to find gainfull employment after three years because anyone can type my name on Google and find a complete past history.
        I feel I am STILL being punished after all this time; I might add I had never been trouble in my entire life but I can’t get any company to give me the chance to prove myself.

        • GSL says:

          Anonymous, did you ever ask the below person “Christopher” to help? and if so can you let me know what happened if anything. thanks

      • Christopher says:

        I can get that figured out..If interested let me know..You can get a hold of me via my regular email which is

    • Lauren says:

      At 18, I was in the depths of a drug addiction and in an abusive relationship, but I was blinded by his manipulation and my co-dependence on him. I checked myself into treatment and he was supposed to be right behind me doing intake, but he dissapeared. He started robbing for drug money while I was in there (I didn’t know until after he came and got me), he ended up calling me there saying he was going to kill himself and he needed me (I realized later the threats of suicide were just another way to manipulate me) and he came and picked me up. The robberies continued and we were living in a car, so since I was in the car when he went did these things, I am guilty too.

      We were arrested. When I was arrested, I also discovered I was pregnant. He is still in prison (got 10 years). (Thank God for that, if I were to state all the destruction he inflicted on my life this would end up a novel) I was charged with the crimes too, but they were reduced because the judge could see these were not things I would have ever been a part of without him. I got TASC probation, a prison alternative sentencing for drug addicts.

      In a month, I will have successfully completed my TASC probation. I have been clean since the arrest, am mothering my beautiful 1.5 year old daughter who is my everything, have a job, and am going to school for engineering and have a 4.0 GPA in the honors program at my college. I am truly a different person and have completely changed my life. The main benefit of TASC probation is that it gives addicts another chance, because addiction can lead people to terrible decisions, and if completed successfully, their records are expunged.

      Here is the issue: At the time of the arrest, our faces and sensationalized headlines were all over the morning news. And now, there are at least a dozen online articles about me. If you google my name you’ll find article after article that includes my mugshot, full name, address, original charges (Which were changed), and inaccurate information (all of the articles state the final robbery occurred the day after he was arrested, that didn’t happen). I have had stalkers because of this. Strange men have mailed me scary and explicit letters, and included the online articles in the envelope with my name and address highlighted. Some have actually followed me. I know this because one of the letters commented that I am short. I am 5’2, however the descriptions given in the articles describes me as 5’9. They would only know that if they actually followed me. I have a young daughter… this is frightening.

      But the worst part is, even once my record is expunged, even 20, 40, 50, 60 years from now; anyone anywhere who has internet can access this information. What is even the point of expunging my record? This makes me feel so hopeless. With this, it’s not even just future employers I have to worry about, its ANYONE. Dates, friends, my daughter’s teachers or classmates when she gets older. No matter how hard I work to change my life and be a better person than I was before, it will haunt me forever. I can never actually get a second chance. It doesn’t seem fair. I just want to move on with my life..

    • Gino says:

      I am in the same situation, and I find the best thing they can do is not erase it, but that that what should go up is the latest news on us. Meaning that once we are proven innocent, that should be the first thing that comes up, and when they click on the old article a link should be added that we were cleared.

    • anonymous says:

      If they ask for money to remove the pictures and information, that is called EXTORTION

    • It is devastating and WRONG. I was charged unfairly of a felony and it was dropped immediately. It was very bad police work and there was no case. They had a drunk witness that made up a lie. I ended up with a terroristic threatening charge! I am a professional with a family in my community. The worst of this is that the newspaper does not even accurately share the police report at all. Also, I was the only one in the paper with both first and last name!!! Everyone else is Woman of ….or Man of…… Maybe their age, but not FULL NAME. My profession is impacted in a small town and I want to sue!!! Either police prejudice because of being caucasian in this town or a newspaper with nothing better to write about. They did make an update of the record being dropped, but as stated in this article, that does very little. Damage is done and the update is hard to see at the bottom. Shame…shame…shame. If there is an afterlife and it is based on behavior now, ouch.
      email me at : if you have a good lawyer.

      • Robert Locksley says:

        Same thing happened to me last november of 2015 (only they were kind enough to include my first, middle and last name….I wish I was kidding, it really did feel like a nightmare). I was charged with 3rd degree terroristic threatening after I called this kid out on a social media app. Yeah, I admit it wasn’t the right thing to do, but I felt like he was being a jerk on the college board. Anyways, someone saw the post, reported it to the University cops, and arrested me at school after they traced my responses to my phone. Literally, the day after I was arrested, the local university security administrator sent an email to every student before my trial even happened. Then the university newspapers wrote 4 different papers which can still be found online. Then before coming to conclusions, the university suspended me for 3 years. What’s insulting is that I was proven innocent by the court and my records have been expunged, but the papers still stubbornly refuse to remove those articles and are still easy to find (despite how I made two twitter accounts), and I’m still suspended from the university that I attended for harassment (even though I was proven innocent).

    • Anna McDale says:

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    • ilene Oppenheim says:

      I recently googled my name and was shocked. How can a 16 year old discrimination and assault lawsuit against University of Connecticut be on page one when it was settled in my favor? I was the only women on the business side of the CT.Small Business Development Center and SBA Small Business Administration and achieved major benefits for the organization. I was there for over 8 years, brought in most of their matching funds, saved companies, and helped thousands of business start-ups . A new Dean was hired with the mission to raise the money to build a new UCONN Business School. Upon his appointment he fired the long time Director and replaced an him with unstable and unqualified person whose Father donated big money to the building fund. He also illegally changed the mission of the CSBDC. The new Dean told the SBDC staff he was cutting off the head of the snake by eliminating me and and the state Director. The timing left me with no pension, insurance health benefits even though I could have been eligible for early retirement in the near future and raising a family. The Dean and his new State Director ( the assaulter) were able to get all their benefits-although being there less than a year. UCONN CSBDC was investigated and decertified the organization. UCONN, CSBDC lost millions of dollars and small businesses the engine of jobs was eliminated for many years. This has ruined my career and left me bereft for 16 years. The minimum is to allow victims like me of reputation slander put their vindication at the top of the citation-not the bottom.

    • Edith McKinsley says:

      My Husband James was accused of benefit fraud in 2013 he was found not guilty of all charges and was told by the judge that he was free to leave the court. Unfortunately his name will be forever attached to the alleged fraud as all anyone has to do is Google his name. Our local paper exposed my husband as a fraudster he was named and shamed way before the trial. That same local paper has not published that my husband was found not guilty.
      We live in Scotland UK. This is a horrible situation,the law needs to protect the innocents from this abuse.

    • Angie Poston says:

      Hi, I am working hard to give a voice to those that been arrested regardless of the outcome. Our website is dedicated to the arrested and improving their online image by allowing a page devoted to their story, life and how the arrest ended. Take back your life and improve your online image by creating your webpage on our site. Visit

    • Nancy says:

      .I’ve been crying my eyes out all day long. My daughter who is bipolar with schizoaffective disorder was arrested by local police back in November of 2011. She somehow got involved with a couple of kids who were doing coke. Although she was never a drug addict, she ended up doing some coke too and they were all caught by the the police. She appeared in court as ordered and because of her diagnosis and the evidence from her doctors which was presented by her public defender, and the fact that it was her first and only offense, the case against her was dropped and the arrest was expunged from her record.

      Her diagnosis was a lengthy process, she’d been in and out of hospitals, and at times was not medicated properly. In November of 2011 her aunt, my sister, was dying of cancer. My daughter was in a terrible state partly because of my sister’s condition. My daughter was extremely ill at the time. We knew about the bipolar diagnosis but that was only part of the picture. The schizoaffective disorder part of the diagnosis was not yet properly identified by doctors. Bipolar with schizoaffective disorder is like having schizophrenia with bad mood swings. I can’t describe how heartbreakingly difficult things were for our family and what a shock it was to witness our bright, talented, beautiful daughter morph into someone we could barely recognize. Although she was a college student, she kept failing because she was just too sick to keep up with her work and because she missed so many weeks of class at a time while in hospital. After finally being properly diagnosed and through a series of trial and error, her doctors were able to prescribe medications that alleviated most of her symptoms, most of the time, but she hasn’t been to the hospital for several years. I’m now happy to say that she graduated college in May of 2016 after years and years of so much suffering, untold perseverance and unimaginable hard work. It took a total of 9 years from the day she graduated high school for her to finally receive her bachelors degree in art history. Nine years of full time enrollment. Nine years of hardship. Nine years of pain. Additionally, because of her disease, she changed colleges 3 times because she couldn’t be far away from home.

      Today, she is a different person than she was the night of her arrest. She hasn’t touched an illegal substance or even alcohol since the days when she wasn’t being properly medicated. She has fought so hard. Now she has her degree, and although she’s working, she needs to find employment in her field. She has been tirelessly applying for positions for months.

      Last night after showing signs of distress, she brought to my attention the fact that she has recently googled herself. She was shocked and mortified by the results. The second item down the list that appeared in the google search result was an article in the Norwalk Patch from November 2011 describing her arrest in full detail. After all she has been through, there it was for all the world to see. She turned her life around against all odds in a way that would put most “normal” people to shame. She endured indescribably horrific symptoms and crippling self doubt. She fought her way, tooth and nail to get to where she is today but to her, it all seems futile in the end since a public record of a very private and very dark period of her life is exposed to anyone who decides to search her. It could prove to be what may cause her career to be destroyed before it has even started. She’s convinced this is why she hasn’t been able to get a decent job in her field. After having some really great interviews, she’s hit a brick wall. Even after following up with phone calls and voicemails….they’ve fallen on deaf ears and no one’s gotten back to her.

      I am beside myself. I have been searching all day and can’t seem to find a way to help her fix this. This is breaking my heart because she deserves so much better. I’m actually afraid for her life. If she thinks there’s no way to resolve this, there’s no way to know how far she’ll fall. If she becomes suicidal again, I don’t know what I’ll do to help her.

      I am asking…imploring anyone to please, please, please help me take down the story of her arrest. As her mother, I am willing to beg, with all my heart.

      Sent from my iPad

    • Mike says:

      These days a person’s reputation can also be tarnished with fake negative Google reviews, and Google won’t remove them. With a fake account, people can anonymously attack your personal character, and your business, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

  2. Nick says:

    I was recently arrested and a blotter article just appeared online. I called the cheif editor and explaind that I would like it removed and that there were inacuracies (which was true – and in the original complaint). He said he would remove it from the onlin and hard copy (temproarily?)

    • Sarah Downey says:

      That’s great. Did he end up removing it completely? It’s nice to see a newspaper looking after your privacy like that.

  3. mark says:

    My life has been turned upside down by exactly what you describe in your introduction. 2 years, ago my arrest was published all over the internet ,with varying degrees of accuracy. Since then charges were never filed and the state of Florida has since sealed the arrest. Some media organizations have removed the article while most refuse. I have never felt so victimized or helpless in my life. The articles affect my social life as well as my professional life. I am literally on the verge of losing everything I’ve ever had and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

    I have no idea what the media feels like they are gaining by continuing to run my story other than to completely destroy my life. I have begged and pleaded with them to delete,even offering documentation from the court system of Florida, but as I mentioned,most refuse.Unless this has happened to you you will never know how deep the implications can cut. It affects every single aspect of my life on a daily basis. I have to relive that day over and over like it happened yesterday. It was 2 years ago !

    if anyone out there has any suggestions as to what I might be able to do feel free to contact me. Ive talked to several lawyers,reputation repair services(what a joke) and the media outlets themselves.I’m really at wits end.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s important that you share your story like this, though: if the law does change, it will be because people like you showed how unfair and devastating these situations can be. I hope that things work out for you. Best of luck.

    • whocaresbutthemediafatcats says:

      Mark, Same happened to me in Australia. I managed to get a dozen articles removed (mainly links to the main articles) including 2 of the 3 main publishers. The local news were very understanding. The “big media giants” did everything in their power to justify their own “rules”. This included the editor resigning on account that he agreed with me and whilst he tried to remove the article he was undermined by the big faceless bosses who I could never get to speak to.

      When I find out who the bosses of this media group are they better make sure they attend church every sunday because they will know how much shit sticks when I finish with them.

    • Nejla says:

      I have a very long and complicated story, but I’ll keep it short, I have been falsely accused, the accuser had good connections to have me arrested, luckily he didn’t realize that I have great organizational skills, I keep proof of everything so the case was dropped. Now I am free and clear right? well, not exactly, I lost my home, my business, my finances, my reputation, almost my sanity. I am homeless, jobless, i cant get government assistance for food and rent incase someone is willing to rent to me. It’s been over two years and yet no job, I have applied to over one thousand jobs and not one called me for an interview, coincidence?
      Employers now just google you and there it is, all the articles, mug shots you name it it’s out there. If you want to remove your mugshot, you pay a $1000 fee, it takes about 3 to 5 week for it to be taken down from the internet. a thousand dollars? how will i finance that? I cant even finance a cup of coffee.
      I think it should be illegal to post such critical information for everyone to view unless there is an actual conviction, actually even i someone is convicted, such information should not be available to the public and only available to employers from a specific site.

      • suareza says:

        When you say mugshots charges $1,000 to remove your name from showing. Do they do that even if you were convicted of a misdeamenor? or will they remove it regardless if you pay the $1000.00?
        Please send me an answer. I am desperate to know.

        • Sarah Downey says:

          I’m not the mugshot removal company so I don’t know. You’d have to contact them directly. They all have different fees and requirements, and there are lots of companies.

    • Jim says:

      buddy…i am in the exact same boat as you, my job has me somewhat “visible” my “Misdemeanor” happens four years ago, and the case was dismissed. the articles at the time were friends, associates of the victim, some of the information is in accurate and most is not. however, the court dismissed it but like you it has cost me everything! from personal, to business, i also tried a reputation builder, spent $18,000 and all they did was get some of the articles pushed down, and the most powerful one is listed on page one at the top and has stayed there for 3 years. It has ruined me in every way possible. all the “reputation people did, was spam other peoples blogs to try and create content, and then i pissed THEM off. As more and more fresh positive articles have been made, it STILL sits at the top of page one. i have have lost almost everything. i am going to try and contact the publishing sites, but i think it wont do any good. i thought about having a lawyer do it, but it sound slike from this article they cant do anything about it. editing it wont help either, sound like nobody will read it, and it will keep it fresh atop google. i keep facing dead ends. i need help. does ANYBODY have any suggestions?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, sue in Europe and.or organize the others on this page and sue in Federal court due to separate states of the parties to the the suit. Sue for libel, slander, defamation and whatever else an attorney who will treat your and his/her interests’ equally. (Such a lawyer is very hard to find, thus the level of honesty, etc. that the legal community is held)

        The internet’s search engine’s should be held to the same legal standard as the person who repeats another person’s yell of fire in a theatre when if fact the repeater knows or should have known that the alleged fire has been put out. These Google owners are wiling to destroy other lives. They should be treated the same way that the original yeller of fire in the theatre is held. These internet owners hide behind the “Colonel Klink defense” that they were only repeating what they had been ordered by the market to do. In the cases I have read above, it has been renamed “the webcrawler defense and it has statutory support (a law was written to protect these internet companies) possibly because they do have more money than you.

        I wish you the best,

        Eben Gossage

    • oh god i know just how you feel my situation has ruined everything i have worked for my whole life and now my ex is happily using the information to destroy me it is out there for him to spread like wild fire He gave me a head injury and has a record for domestic violence but i am the one on the internet

  4. Michael Thomas says:

    Im in the same situation.The newspaper will not remove the negative article.However,they did add a sentence at the bottom of the article explaining the case was dropped down to a disordely conduct(I was originally charged with 5 felonies)Still the article comes up first when you google my name even though I paid more than $1000 to reputation repair services.In my opinion the only solution is to CHANGE YOUR NAME.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      More and more people in this sort of situation actually do change their names to solve it. It’s like a loophole in the Matrix.

      • jim says:

        I am concerned that if i change my name, the “haters” who have gone out of there way to continue destroying me…and i mean WAY out of their way, by letting every collegue or potential collegue know of my “incident.

        My question is…now that the court and dsimissed or expunged the misdemeanor, and i sence i cant get the stuff off the web, legally can the haters still send people the links to the article? or can they legally write another artcle saying “hey this is guy is really, This guy” basically, how does the case being dismissed help me? its still on google, and a background check, what are the benefits of it?

        i hav heard some say… well ypu dpnt have to tell an employer about it (no need, in my profession, google is the way to go, its right up atop page one, with positive artcles and tons of them right below it.). will a dismissal prevent more writings about me, it, a name change etc? or can they still do whatever they want?

  5. K. says:

    I’m also in this situation. I was arrested back in 2005, a few weeks after I had turned 18. The charges against me were dropped and my criminal record is completely clean now.

    I periodically search my name on Google, just to see what comes up. I searched for myself today, and the newspaper article from 2005 shows up in the search results. The weird thing is that it never showed up in the search results before this. I searched my name just a few months ago, and this was not online.

    I’m trying to get a job in the airline industry, but if a possible future employer looks up my name, this will show up and completely ruin any chances I have of getting a job.

    Thanks for being informative though. I’m going to try to contact the people in charge of the newspaper’s website and see if there’s anything I can do. If not, …I don’t even know what I’ll do.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      It’s probably coming up now because a lot of databases are going back into older records and digitizing everything. It’s part of the shift to have everything online. My advice to you is to contact the newspaper’s website like you suggested. Try a phone number–talking to an actual human being can work wonders. Because there’s no legal basis for having your name/article removed, just ask nicely and make your case. Often, the person on the other end will feel sorry for you and take it down. Alternatively, you can try to create more positive content about yourself online that will push that bad result down in the rankings. You can find some tips on how to do that in a set of instructions I wrote here:

      • Jim says:

        Hey Sarah, once a case is expunged or dismissed, can a person write an article, or Update an old article, or even mess with you still long after the charges have been dropped? i have been considering changing my name, but i work in a competitive industry and i am one of the best and have haters, they have used this against me to get jobs taken away. if now that is was dismissed, they cannot publish an article, or anything like that if they want to can they? – otherwise what is the expungement, or dismissal goof for?

  6. tom says:

    Its worse than whats here.Take a small westminster md town just out of the kkk dukes of hazzard stage 22yrs ago ,a wife with MS, pot as treatment ,evidence planting of every kind by city pfc police,the sun puts the police lieing account WITH FACTUALLY incorect info agreed to by everyone on the net recently.Now a life sentence,cruel and unusual punishment.How come its called a living document when it comes to the 4th amendment and others but not the 1st.Iam coming into some $ and Iam looking for others to put their$ to work with mine and join me in a class action for the US supream ct to stop this kind of thing.I didn’know what the internet even was in 1990.Let’s face it printing those lieing reports is part of the punishment But if you going to increace that punishment from 22 yrs ago(like a life time of it, to you,your new wife,child,etc)you cant do it retroactive.Contact me only if your in for sure and you really want to do somthing about this. It can be done but it’s going to take you and others or it never will. Tom

    • Nicole says:

      Count us in…being falsely charged by crooked ex business partners that have knowingly bold faced lied on you to set you up to “try to keep you from pursuing a civil lawsuit against them for stealing our life’s work is unimaginable”. Perfect clean record and they payoff high payed lawyers to ruin your life….and your the innocent ones.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m from Westminster, Md too. I am well aware of the corruption of the Carroll County criminal justice system, Westminster Police, and the Carroll County Times. That newspaper destroyed my life. They published completely false, misleading information and never retracted or corrected themselves. I am with you. I want this taken off!

    • Joel says:

      I’m in. How do we contact you?

    • Wendy Perdue says:

      Yes, I am willing to help with this. I am currently undergoing this type of treatment and my child can’t go to school for the bad press. Please tell me via email what you have been able to accomplish as it’s important……. Bless you and I hope you are in a better place in your life. Please tell me there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

    • Morgan says:

      Absolutely I’m in. Cruel and sadistic punishment. Talked to Margaret Holt at the Tribune to remove the stuff that was so off base and she gave me a song and dance. Let’s do something about this.

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  9. Forthright says:

    I had trouble finding this page – Google seems to have changed how they title it in search results… what’s that all about?

    I can’t say I agree with your line of thinking on this. You want them to sweep it under the carpet, to try and hide the info from people. Journalists are like the office gossip – they generally aren’t that bright, emotionally mature, or capable of accomplishing as much themselves as the targets of their gossip can. Spreading gossip is the only way they know how to get attention.

    To this end their accounts are prone to sensationalism, distortion of facts, and containing outright falsehoods. This is tempered only by their fear of skepticism that people have towards the things they say.

    This information age is merely revealing some weaknesses in how we have dealt with the spread of misinformation in the past. Trying to regulate information flow is not a good idea – it’s easy to spread lies and hard to stop them. Spreading competing information is a better approach – such as your advice regarding how to create a positive internet presence.

    We need is a mature information market so to speak. If there’s a sensationalized arrest article for me on Google, with outright lies in it, right next to it should be a giant page saying something like “Anyone can become a victim of overzealous police work” (if the misinformation is mostly from the police) perhaps containing video evidence from the trial disproving the claims of the arrest article.

    People will automatically become more skeptical of the things they read, motivating everyone involved to be more careful of what they say for fear of losing credibility. With this maturity would come a loss of fear regarding regarding our own reputations.

    When the 30 year old pot arrest article comes out, people reading it will just be like “Eh I tried it back then too”. Then the newspaper will delete it because nobody cares and it costs money to keep serving the article. The effect this would have towards bettering society is incalculable.

    And no judge would ever have to lift a gavel.

    • Elizabeth says:

      That sounds lovely, until it’s your face online, until it’s your reputation that’s being ruined. People won’t read the big article right next to it like you say. They’ll read the sensationalized, error filled, distorted lies about whomever, make judgements and then dismiss this person from any jobs, internships, volunteer work….

      No one will read the article about police work being sloppy or misrepresentation occurring. If by chance they do, that won’t negate the judgement they’ve formed about the offender already. People are very, very quick to judge and condemn and very skeptical of anyone being innocent. If the police and newspaper wrote it, it must be true. I actually had multiple people tell me they think that.

  10. John says:

    Here is the main error in their logic: An article on the internet is being continuously republished because it requires actual effort to keep serving the article. If the server breaks down, they stop paying for it, whatever then the article is gone.

    The correct metaphor to past times would be if 20 years after an arrest, the same arrest article was being reprinted every day and a man on the street was yelling at bystanders to come read it. In a case where the claims in the article have been dis-proven, this is clearly wrong.

    I can’t understand why this isn’t obvious.

  11. article says:


    […]Abine | The Online Privacy Company[…]…

  12. Legal Recourse says:

    I hope this helps someone who has problems with an old conviction in a newspaper archive that is being newly digitized. This does not apply to an arrest record, but rather to the reprinting/digitizing (further dissemination) of information regarding the outcome of a trial.

    All states have a law like this, although this is IL law specifically paraphrased below:

    Uniform Conviction Information Act, 20 ILCS 2635

    (20 ILCS 2635/13) (from Ch. 38, par. 1613)
    Sec. 13. Limitation on Further Dissemination.
    The subsequent dissemination of conviction information furnished by the Department pursuant to this Act shall only be permitted by a requester for the 30 day period immediately following receipt of the information.
    Except as permitted in this Section, any requester still wishing to further disseminate or to rely on the accuracy and completeness of conviction information more than 30 days from receipt of the information from the Department shall initiate a new request to the Department for current information.
    (Source: P.A. 88-368.)
    (20 ILCS 2635/14) (from Ch. 38, par. 1614)
    Sec. 14. Judicial Remedies. (A) The Attorney General or a State’s Attorney may bring suit in the circuit courts to prevent and restrain violations of this Act “An Act in relation to criminal identification and investigation”, approved July 2, 1931, as amended.
    (20 ILCS 2635/18) (from Ch. 38, par. 1618)
    Sec. 18. Criminal Penalties. Any person who intentionally and knowingly (E) violates any other provision of this Act, shall for each offense be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
    (Source: P.A. 85-922.)

    Good Luck and I hope it helps someone.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      This is very interesting. Thank you!

    • Katie says:

      I am desperately trying to find a way to get the Daily Herald and Chicago Trib to remove articles regarding my fully dismissed (with prejudice) and expunged case! I can’t find anyone to help me, attorney or otherwise. Do the newspapers in IL know this law exists? Please let me know if you can help me.

  13. lopata says:

    How can anything be done when no(not one) lawyer will help in any way.Say you knew some powerful people decades ago (the family of your ex and their friends,cops, radio show hosts and musicians with records) who know people at the newspaper. So just by doing a name search your 20+yrs old slanted and out and out false “police”account of your arrest to the press is#1 page one with your name at the top, not in the subtex, and linked to every possible word in English, even misspellings of your name.The cops hate you because you wouldn’t be a snitch and you got off with 5yr suspension dropped to 4 with no fines and not even court costs because even the prosecutor and judge knew the cops were lying, creating evidence and it was his wife with MS who was using it. What can be done when they find an antique yard sale scale broken in 3 pieces and the cops glue it together(still won’t work) and you have receipts for every $ that was going to a wheelchair van and the pot was all leaves,not even fit for sale.You cant even get the date it was put online without taking the paper to court and you cant go to court past the statuet of limatations.I guess this is the reason people snitch to begin with, but the person Iam thinking of deserves a badge of honor for refuesing, concidering the charges.God have mercy on your new wife and child in school(your daddys a drug dealer ha ha )A lawyer a lawyer my kingdom for a lawyer!Thanx alot kkk westminster md,carrol county times and the balt sun.(It didnt submit )

  14. Molena says:

    I have been slandered by these same companies causing me to lose an employment opportunity. I am interested in a class suit.

    • Molena says:

      you can contact this person for more information on the class act that may be in the works soon.

      “For anyone that is has ran into this problem please contact me. I found a lawyer who is willing to start a class action lawsuit against these sites. If you have your mugshot on one site, chances are it’s on several sites. I too have the same problem. Please contact me so we can start this asap. My contact info is 262-287-5006. email- If you want the lawyer information he has an account on here, but I prefer not to give that out on here. I will give you all the information once I have been contacted. I need around 20 people who would like to join this class action lawsuit. Thank you for your time”

      just found this information after doing some research

      • Alicia says:

        Hi Molena,

        I would like to join your suit as I am in NC and I have a small town paper that has my mugshot up for assault after I only defended myself against my abusive ex and he got assault on a female. We went to court and all was dismissed. When you google my name this is in a pic of me with other pics of me. It has costs me many great jobs and it is not right and I feel like it goes against my first amendment rights as well. Please contact me at Thank you!

        • Terrence Kwasha says:

          Similar situation happened to me, video evidence disproved everything an aggressive road rager told the newspaper.

        • M Tremblay says:

          Same happened to me in New Bern NC. I was arrested for a DUI when I was parked at a bar for like three hours. I was outside in the roped smoking area and the cop walked up to me and asked if I had been drinking. I was like yeah especially since I had a drink in my hand. The next thing I know I was thrown on the ground brought to the country jail and being stripped searched. The case was thrown out of court and I sued New Bern and won. However my military career was destroyed and now that I am job hunting I am positive I am being denied all because of online mugshots

      • Alicia says:

        I see the site is blocking my info for email so I will send you a text. I am very serious about this!

      • Sandi says:

        Hi Molina……..gosh was I happy to see your comment………..I have just gone thru the worse mess on the planet – thru sheer family dysfunction and revenge I suddenly (by my Dad’s nursing home no less), found out I had 4 felony counts of id theft against me. I am 56, and have a disability hearing scheduled for feb 13 – have not worked in two years but spouse does. Belive me this is better than any soap……..the charge was initiated by my mother who then told the detective all other info would have to come from my sister because she can not hear……She claimed she receivd a call from Discover Card at an unknown date and time…….sis does not live with Mom – an hour and half away……last Thanksgiving they were not even talking to each other………this all started because of my Dad who was suffering from senile dementia and at age 85 afer surviving brain surgery, turned to drinking again…….Mom kicked him out of th ehouse, I found him in a micotel motel bleeding, drunk, took to hospital where hr was 32 and he would have died if I had not found him – i moved him out of the county, got him a mobile home where he never got to as VA declared now had frontal and side brain damage and senile dementia would be worse………once Mom found this out, then she wanted him back to control him………….she (don’t ask me how as he was declared incompetent in crmimal chgrg of dui) got my husbands dpoa revoked, left me 10 loving messages on my cell phone and how my distributon would not change………..then bam,,,,,,,,,,,,,hit with felony id theft – no clue……..I went to Pac n Send that I use for ebay and he tlls me that mail had been coming there for the whole month of june addressed to other people but wth my box number on it. Charges dropped down to two…………husband paniced and got private attny instead of letting me go pub defender………Fl statute I just now researched they arrested me under was 817.568 — well all the people in my cs were alive and there was nothing ficticioous or counterfeit………..only thing I have ever had in my life was a dui all the way back in 1993 – attny (I was scared to death) tells me to take this deal……..mind you I had two letters from a neighbor that stated she saw my sister entereing my house when I was not home……my computer is always on and my pac n send add glued to my moniter………what she did ws file a mess of cr card apps in parents names and then have them sent to my po box……….there were four days in question and I had sunpass toll charges that placed me out of the county on all four days but could not afford a trial………I managed to get my mug shot off of google only because I did right after I bonded out cost me 25.00 – if you wait any longer they want 100 + but record is still there……….adj withheld but who cares………….they talked me into this “great ” deal of 2 third degree felony charges, no restitution , i never even knew the cards were there……….2 yrs probation with 6 month auto termination…………no they never told me that If I tried to get a pt job for xmas I would have to tell them I was on prob and WHY……….well for 40 years, all I had done was banking, cr and collections and retail……….and you tll me you the hell is going to hire you with a charge of id theft………I doubt I could even gt a job as a garbage collector……….they also failed to mention that I would be drug tested and that prob officer would be coming to my home…………but when I actually calmled down and read the statute I flipped………….should the attornies not noticed that………I am a 3 time rape victim………..the jail experience even though bonded out, the search was like a fourth rape…………even if I prevail at alj hearing, i will get my ss but I seriously doubt that even though adj was withheld, I would ever be able to get a job in this economy – if florida can be included, I am most interested……………..I was screwed by the system royally……… is the sister that just lost her lic for 10 years for drinking but now she is buddy buddy w mom and ironically , the house which was to be left to me since sis has a husband that earns over 140 grand a yr, was sold to her for 10.00 also within this 4 day time frame and then bought back by all four of them to MAKE SURE I would not be able to take it to probate…………………………..a clss action needs to be done………..and friends employers will still see my name there even without a photo and that i ws arrested for id theft…………..that is not indusive to obatining a job………………keep me informed………….Sandi

      • Vincent Andrews says:

        The number is not valid Molena
        People need honest not liars

      • Anonymous says:

        Please contact me. I will join you.

      • Susanna says:

        If it’s still going on, I would like to join.

    • Angry Mom says:

      Same here. I have a six year old Class D misdemeanor arrest for Failure to Appear over a speeding ticket I forgot to pay when my father very suddenly passed away. The judge was a friend of my father’s, knew me, understood what was going on, and dismissed the case and I paid the ticket. Even the officer who arrested me when I was on the way to pick my son up from preschool got teary eyed and told me if I’d told her I had a warrant issued for my arrest she wouldn’t have run my information – but, I didn’t know. So, fast forward six and a half years after the incident and it suddenly shows up when you google my name on two different mugshot sites. Why is that newsworthy to anyone? It doesn’t even have my picture/mugshot with it, nor the charges listed, just that I was arrested and released. I guess the folks that own the websites googled me and found out I spent the last ten years as CEO of a large financial firm and they could pinch me for the amount the money they are asking for to take it down. I believe in free speech, but I don’t believe in exploitation by these websites to make money from people by taking down the information only if you are willing to pay thousands of dollars. At the present I’m just wondering how I’ll ever be able to work in finance again. I closed the company years ago to focus on raising my children and move closer to my mom and was planning on looking for a job before Christmas. I’m sure I’ll have lots of luck with that. My husband works in a security sensitive job and I’m worried that if they look into me during his ongoing clearance checks my stupidity in a moment when I zoned out in the wake of my father’s death could cost us everything. Trust me these companies aren’t in this to provide a service. Or else when I used a stack of local newspapers to check other folks arrest records in the same county nothing showed – only my six and a half year old record. Say what you want about free speech, these mugshot websites are clearly a racket and I’m not sure that a lot of their practices aren’t bordering on extortion.

  15. Rob says:

    What happens if you get a record expunged, however it is still all over the net years later? HOw is that right, if it is expunged? Is there any legal recourse against sites that refuse to take it down?

  16. Steve says:

    I use to belive in America and what it stood for. That was until I was arrested in Florida 4 years ago. The charge was a misdemeanor and was a flat out lie. I was arrested my picture and ry was blasted all over the media. I lost my job my career as a public offical. Charges were never filed and the great state of Florida dropped the entire case. Damage was done. I expunged the arrest. But it still shows up on the internet. Some newspapers have removed it, but one local paper with a hard on for me refuses to take it down. I even filed a law suit against the person making the false allegation but being trailer trash she has nothing to sue for.

    4 years latter no public employer will hire me despite laws prohibiting this type of discrimination. The legal system is for the rich. I had a great career and future until this occured.

    Even if I cahnged my name in my type of work it would be easy to figure out who I was. I was part of the system. If this can happen to me it can happen to anyone.

    • jim says:

      Steve…i am in the exact same boat… cant change my name, would be obvious. my BAD article, has factual areas and story has painted a very differnt picture of the occurrence. it sits 2nd place on page one for years… powerful fresh positive new content still cant knock it down. i cant find a contact number for the site owner who is a jerk, only an email that i am sure wont be answered, i am going to try and have a high profile friend do this on my behalf, but if it dosent work…im hosed.

  17. Joseph Carrington says:

    When a record is expunged and continues to appear in an archived paper, can the information still serve as data which can be used to terminate a person from employment or take other adverse action?

    • Joseph Carrington says:

      I intended to ask, if a record is expunged and the information pertaining to the arrest and trial results continue to appear in archived papers can that information still be used by employers to take actions, when all background checks return as “no record found?”

  18. tom says:

    No I dont work for this website but I must say.Everyone should thank GOD that it exists and for what their doing by geting stories out at their expence.We should all try to contribute something to $t if we can. This site will go down in history if I have anything to do with it. Well done! Your country loves you! Tom

  19. Mark says:

    I have a story that would make a good book. I have a twin brother who lives in the same town as I do. He has been in trouble most of his life. When a search was done of my name, his name comes up shortly after the few items where my name is listed. His multiple arrests and felony convictions are detailed in newspaper articles along with the city where we live and his age. Since my age and the city where I live are the same as his, I am often associated with his criminal activity even though I have never been in trouble in my life. I have a graduate degree and a good work history so when I was being passed over for good job opportunities, I began to wonder what was wrong. Finally a recruiter told me that my character was in question because of all the trouble my twin brother had been in. It was guilt by association. Since I couldn’t do anything about unpublishing the articles since they were all true and were not about me, I was stuck. What I finally had to do was change my name. My last name is 2 words with one containing an s. I had my name changed where I substituted a z instead of the s. My name basically sounded the same and looked the same because an s looks very close to a z with the sound just a little different. Actually people would pronounce my name with a z sound just as much as with the s sound. What this did is completely eliminate my twin brother’s search result from a search of my name. The z substitution cleared all trace of my brother’s search results. I then began getting great job offers and have an excellent job now. This confirmed how important one’s search results are on the internet.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Wow. That’s a crazy story, and a really good example of how your online reputation can be tarnished by something you didn’t even do (or an entirely different person).

  20. Peel Layer says:

    My way of fighting back is to go after all corporations and attacking them from a variety of different angles.
    Especially, GOOGLE!!!!!

    For instance I stop allowing for my pictures and my name on these sites from bothering me and accept the humiliation.

    But, in return I go after corporations like GOOGLE by blogging about their deficiencies and demonizing them based on those deficiencies.
    For instance, GOOGLE has a monopoly in the search engine market.
    If they seek to send blows to me then I throw punches back from many different angles starting with the fact that they are a monopoly.
    Eventually, lawyers will catch wind of this fact as well as others and just like they are interfering with my earnings potential, I’m going to put a dent in theirs.

    You throw blows at me then I will throw them back at you!!!!
    No matter the entity!!!!!
    They might not think that one individual can hurt there bottom line but I KNOW otherwise.
    Every time I go online and see my picture or my information I will go online and verbally attack one of these entities from different angles.

    Sheriff department, Career Builder or any entity associated….


  21. J says:

    Try petitioning for a legal name change with the court where you live. Each state has a different process and there are a few fees… worth it in my opinion.

  22. Sad Joe says:

    I was arrested when I was 18 for being a stupid teenager and threatening someone online. I entered into a plea agreement and was offered probation and a $2000 fine in exchange for my record being expunged. I moved to a state and went through college. When I moved back here in my mid 30s I found out my record wasn’t fully expunged. Got that taken care of. Then I found a small news article from 2 months after I was arrested. A potential employer cited that article as grounds for not hiring me. I was also fired because someone sent the article to a previous job. I am being harassed for things I did over a decade ago and never did again. Thank you for this article. I just contacted the paper to see if they’d censor my name. Wish me luck.

  23. Ramcey Perdomo says:

    Yeah, this has happened to me. I paid the extortionist, and soon as I did i regretted it. Now there are three more companies doing the same. When i called the removal service they said that they took down the photo from the first extortionist, but would now take it down from the others for an additional fee. When i refused I saw even more posts immediately after. Needless to say this is a matter of principal. This is ruining my life as I can not find employment. This case has screwed me from the very begnning. You will see next to these negative post all the positive things I have done in my life that are now nullified. But I will tell you one thing, I will go after these scumbags.

    • Sad Joe says:

      I actually got the newspaper to unpublish the article and then a news-archive site to unpublish it.

      A blog also mentioned my address years later, however, the owner of that blog refuses to take down the quotes from the article.

      So, I’m screwed. Plus, there are people out to get me that look through every nook and cranny on the Internet. I had my last employer get anonymous e-mails about an Angelfire page I made when I was 15. I am considering changing my name and moving to another state.

    • Suz Ann says:

      The laws regarding information being published before being found guilty have to change. Something has to change. Good people are being destroyed for no reason.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I believe that free speech in this instance should be leaned towards privacy. There are many people that have been falsely accused of being a Pedophile and exonerated in a court of law. This sort of accusation against a person can ruin that person forever especially if that person is in an industry that deals with kids like teen entertainment news reporting, teacher, or doctor.

    Once the allegation is made whether true or false condemns that person to a life sentence. The person might have well as committed crime because he will be convicted of it publicly for all of that person life.

    It is very unfair to those who have been falsely accused of something to live with that torture for the rest of their lives. It isn’t fair to them. Only real criminal that have a criminal record should be treated in this manner.

  25. Alex says:

    Is there any type of lawyer who might be able to deal with this? The newspaper states I was arrested last year. Now my case is expunged and the records do not exist. Isn’t it false information worthy of a lawsuit, considering the newspaper cannot prove said arrest happened now?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      First, here’s the obligatory warning that what I’m saying is about the law, but it’s not legal advice. The problem is that it isn’t technically false: it was a lawful arrest when it happened, and the amount of proof/evidence to support a lawful arrest is way lower than the amount needed to support an actual conviction. Your record may have been expunged now, but the arrest was lawful when it happened. At least that’s the legal argument the newspapers use, and it’s pretty tough to counter. However, I’d suggest looking into attorneys who specialize in First Amendment law–free speech, defamation, and particularly publishing issues–and see if they’ll take your case. See if they’ll do it on a contingent free basis: they don’t get paid unless they win.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know a single attorney who will take a defamation case without upfront cash. I’ve been there. If you’re online with google for anything negative, the Google “Humiliation Algorithm” (look it up) will ruin your life.

      • K says:

        An old newspaper article about an alleged juvenile crime shows up on a Google name search for one of the juveniles, even though the article does not mention any of the juveniles’ names.
        How can that happen?

    • Brian says:

      The statute of limitations for libel in most states is one year, 3 is the most I have heard of. Meaning that you have one year from the date the article was published to file a suit if the article contains libel. It does not matter whether you knew about the article. If the article was first put in a print version and then put online you have one year from when it was put online- at least most of the time. An argument exists for republication but it rarely succeeds and is complicated.

      The article you are talking about, at least the part you mentioned here, does not contain libel. For libel you have to prove the article is false, meaning newspapers do not have to prove it is true. What Sarah said is correct.

      This is not legal advice.

  26. Eddie says:

    Whenever I search my name the first things that come up are my mugshots. I owed court costs to a courthouse out of state. I sent the payment as a money order in the mail. Somehow they did not process that the payment was payed in their computer so they issued a warrent for it. I was picked up for the warrent, and had my mugshot taken. Then was picked up and brought to the jail/courthouse where the warrent was issued. They then realised they made a mistake. They said my payment was “sitting in traffic division”, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHERE THEY TOLD ME TO SEND IT. So they just gave a whoops and I went home. Now my mugshots are all over the internet saying I had a “fuggitive warrent” like I broke out of prison or something! This is so unfair, and they should be required to put the whole story with the mugshot. It’s like telling a sstory, but only telling part of it, to twist the story. That’s slander not free speech.

  27. […] With a click of a button, you can find stories from the past. The web can be your new permanent record. […]

  28. Nova says:

    I am so sad to hear about your reputation being destroyed. I have been through a very similar experience but I wasn’t arrested. Just defamed, destroyed, dragged through court etc.. I’ve lost friends, family, & self esteem.
    Humans are cruel, Laws don’t always protect, and Lonliness & isolation compounds. I hope things get better for you.
    It’s been 5 months for me since they closed the case. But it was a 3 year long take down of my life, so it might take 6-10 years for me to recover. Costa Rica? Anyone?

    • mugnitized nowwhat says:

      This happened to me too. My mugshot popped up almost three years after an arrest on a ‘landmark’ birthday, charges were dismissed. However,nearly everyone in my profession uses google to find out about people…I’ve lost respect professionally, lost my job immediately, to boot, my mugshot is right next to a professional shot! I’m devastated and searching for meaning somewhere in this crazy life! I’m open to conversation and figuring out where this can lead to somewhere different than no where!!!

      • An says:

        Someone should accuse the owners of those sites of the most horrendous crime you can imagine (innocence means nothing, neither does evidence apparently. Not my law.), and then they will be arrested for it for investigation. Then post their mugshot up with a description of what “they got arrested for” in big bold letters all over the Internet (like they do), and then after the entire article, put a tiny edit that they were found innocent later (exactly like they do).
        Leave the article up forever (exactly like they do). I bet their family and friends would be thrilled. Suddenly they would understand how it feels to destroy innocent peoples lives so needlessly. There is ZERO reason to put up a mugshot of an innocent person. ZERO. There is zero reason to even take one. Only guilty people should take them in the first place.

        The first amendment will protect you. Because remember, it has NOTHING to do with being innocent or not, or ANY evidence whatsoever, or what happens after.

        Then proceed to paste their mugshot with a description of their arrest all over the entire Internet, exactly like they do. I bet they would grow up real quick.

        The media is a disgusting business, and so is the legal system, and it has been for the last 10,000 years. It’s in dire need of regulation, there is no need to abuse people, NO law is meant to be abused, their irresponsible behavior is damaging humanity. We need to return the favor and teach them to be responsible adults, not money hungry children.

        Anyone up for building a website that destroys the owners reputation of these disgusting sites EXACTLY like THEY destroy hundreds of thousands or probably millions of other peoples COMPLETELY INNOCENT lives? (innocence is completely overridden by the 1st amendment, any and all evidence means nothing to it. I didn’t make the law.) Maybe it will result in a change of law once they feel compassion for the millions of lives they are carelessly DESTROYING permanently. Judges and idiot police officers posting mugshots of COMPLETELY INNOCENT people (did I mention innocent?) should be subject to the exact same abuse they dish out too. In fact they should be arrested and it should be illegal to do that to innocent people. Some of these idiot police officers have the audacity to laugh at innocent people who have be victimized by the system. WTF? Those officers need to have their badges taken away from them, they are not needed by humanity.
        Something needs to happen. Start with the root of the problem then work from there.

  29. Carmen says:


    I contacted daily herald and they told me to email over the case information, and the only thing they can do is put an “editor note, stating that the case was dismissed but they will not remove it!” “They cannot remove it”


    How is this right? It is still out there for everyone to see.

    Sarah why can’t we do anything about this or get a petition going, or talk to state Representatives?

    Do you know of anyone who is taking any steps forward in fighting google or other private entity’s who publish these archives or police cases?

    Or what you said in your article for possible solutions?

    So why do Americans have to pay the state for expungements since the new permanent record is google, can we pay google instead?

    Or just boycott google?

    Thanks Sarah, I wish this story will get actual news coverage everywhere, So we can fix this problem. Because this hurts so many people all over the globe because of google and other private company’s like the Dailey Herald.

    • An says:

      You should return the favor and find out if they have any arrest history or any questionable history at all or were ever accused of anything. And then blow it out of proportion exactly like they do.

      Also you can even make a huge case of exactly what they are doing with this (their innocence or evidence means nothing, so feel free to include anything), making their full name and position very clear, and make sure to include that they are doing it completely by their choice and free will, and they are choosing to ruin innocent peoples lives. They truly are.

      Use social media to expand it. Millions would join in.

      They can EASILY choose to take it down in a SECOND once they find that the person was innocent or the case dropped, but they CHOOSE not to. Make a massive case against this and get all who fell victim to it to join in with you. Innocent peoples lives are being destroyed.
      There is no reason for innocent peoples lives to be destroyed permanently. They are abusing the law, it was never meant for this. They deserve to be abused by the law also.

      It would be great to get the abused law changed that they are not allowed to damage INNOCENT peoples lives permanently, and they have to pay for job loss, spouse loss, house loss etc. They would stop doing this to innocent people overnight. The idiot police officers who post INNOCENT peoples mug shots are also greatly at fault. There is NO reason to post innocent peoples mugshots at ALLLLLL, and it provides zero value whatsoever to society.

  30. Monica says:

    Hi Sarah

    I would like to ask you if you win an appeal and your conviction is quashed the news paper will still keep the initial court report?
    That means they found you not guilty and the article is no more accurate.
    Thank you.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Hi Monica-

      Unfortunately, that’s what happens in most cases (and it doesn’t make sense). The fact that you were arrested is a fact: it happened, and it’s a part of history. According to the newspaper, anything after that, like the disposition of the case, whether the conviction was quashed, or anything else, is a separate story. Even if the judicial system finds you not guilty or gets rid of the case, the fact that the arrest happened is still a fact in the public record, and newspapers have a First Amendment right to report it. That’s the basis of this whole problem: newspapers and the judicial system are at odds, and individuals are caught in the middle and suffering for it.

      Still, some newspapers are beginning to adopt more friendly policies about this sort of thing, and if you manage to talk to a person at the paper and explain your situation, they may take down the initial article or do an update to it (like remove your name or note that the conviction was quashed).

  31. Tim says:

    You all know its illegal for an employer to not hire you because of an arrest (only conviction may be used against you), they must state why there not hiring you and if they refuse file suit agianst them. I have done this many times for my wife and they usally alway write you a check or offer you a position. Use the justice system to your advantage!!!

    • In what State can you do that. I don’t believe is that easy when a future employer conducts a background check and sees that you have being arrested they won’t hire anyone they don’t even check if you were found not guilty

    • Anonymously Pissed Off says:

      And of course the employer will make up some excuse other than the fact that they saw something online.

  32. danny says:

    This is absolutly crazy. We have given up so many of our rights for fear that we have given up our common sense for the letter of the law. But this could be a win win situation where both parties are allowed to have their rights. What would it hurt or effect the rights of a paper to remove an article after a period of time. I was arrested for something that I was found not guilty of and I have been convicted on the web because of this issue…I should be able to sue for damages since the paper didn’t report the fact that I was found not guilty! Part of a story is as damaging as a lie.
    Its like the proverb of the first mate of a ship who one night got drunk on duty and the captain had wrote in the daily log, which the company that owns the ship reads, that the first mate had gotten drunk. In fear for his job and angry at what the captain had done at the end of his shift the first nates wrote in the daily log ” the captain did not get drunk today” sure its the truth but its just presented in such a way that the captain is drunk every day and is news worthy thst he isnt drunk today. Yes the truth can be a lie.

  33. […] I Google myself all the time. Before applying to college, before interviewing for a new position, anytime my reputation may be judged. I am lucky enough to have a fairly unique name so hits for “Chelsea Bundschuh” are almost always about me. I would imagine that John Smith would have a much more difficult time judging his web reputation, than I do. My hits include Facebook and LinkedIn, published articles and interviews, my various websites, wedding registries, etc… For my brother’s friend, however, a Google search of his name will forever reveal an unflattering headshot and haunting allegations. Even if he is released tomorrow and the charges completely dropped, his online reputation will not change. As this article so adeptly puts in, “Google: Your new permanent record.” […]

    • Tracey Dunn says:

      I wish I could find a way to have Google include the arrest and conviction of Donna E. Horn, Donna Horn, Donna Horn-Sanchez as she was convicted for second degree aggravated assault and has maimed me for life with her vicious attack. I believe her name should be all over the Internet for what she has done.

  34. Jean says:

    I had one minor arrest in my entire life. I was found not guilty, I had it expunged yet looking up my name in google brings me to google maps which show the arrest with my name and everything. It does not tell about my being found not guilty either. Google sucks. I tried contacting them, no answer. I hate google for being such jerks and runing my life!

  35. Annonymous says:

    I was arrested by mistake on a business violation back in 1995 my name was published for running real estate offices as a scam my name and details were published in a major paper.

    It went to trial I was found not guilty by a jury and it was found no actual crime had taken place the DA office simply did not understand how a real estate contract works.

    Now for the last 17 years I have been plagued by associates relationships etc going on about the scam story every time my name is searched it drives me insane with stress as I have to relive the story at least once a month I have lost relationships and many deals over it..

    The newspaper refused to delete or censor the archived record.

    The law should should change on this destruction of peoples personal lives with thus negative untrue stories posted to search engines

  36. You says:

    The fact is that no online company that goes by CIA is ever going to acknowledge someone who is threatening the bread that they worked so hard to steal from you. My story is long too, so I no longer tell it. If I’m not mistaking, this post will be displayed in 30 different languages anyways by morning. The best thing to do is to call your local police station and make the complaint or explain to them how your rights are being violated. There is no question that these sites should be illegal. If a police officer doesn’t back you up, get to the inspector general or attorney general. If nothing there, go federal. Please. If you don’t, people will continue to be bullied by those who are supposed to be serving AND protecting you. Felon or not, you are still a living, being creature. No constitutional law takes that fact away from anyone.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Lost my marriage, house, business, and net worth to some sociopath stalker with money. Now forever on Google with newspaper articles about bullshit. After three years in and out of mental hospitals to cope with the problem, heading to court for a name change.

    • Raouf Benhadj says:

      No need for name change. You need to petition your senator and ask him/her to revise Act 230 (c). It is an old law. Unfortunately, many crooks found loopholes in the law and they are using them to their advantage. A Guy in South Korea sitting in his tent can write a defamatory note about and you have no rights to defend yourself. It is wrong!

  38. danny says:

    This is crazy as far as freedom of the press is concerned and the right to publish a story over and over again on the internet. If the NYT decided to run a damaging story on the front page everyday forever I am sure that there would be an argument for damages done to a public figure or political candidate. This is not a matter of freedom to publish it’s a matter of publishing a story over again. There should be no loss of freedoms of the press by limiting the amount of time something can be viewed. I am sure if a new paper was to print the same story eventually it would be viewed as an attack because the story wouldn’t be relavent.

  39. John says:

    I am in the same situation. Ok so who has the power to change the posting of arrests and information that is incorrect from limiting the time or not allowing access to the records? Is it a state law that needs to be passed. This is so out of control that this information can not be stopped what can be done? Help!

  40. Joe says:

    My relative is going through the same thing, he hasn’t even appeared in court (you would laugh at the charges) however, has already been convicted by the editor of a local internet newspaper, to a lifetime sentence of discrimination. I tried to explain to the editor that an article with a mug shot picture is much more damaging than a story without a picture, or that of a police car. What is more disturbing is how an editor can play “God”, and select which article to display a mug shot picture and which not. In fairness, it should be all or none. By making this conscience decision, I believe that the editor should be made accountable and assume some responsibility. Of course, the editor blatantly lied to me and said, it must have been an oversight by the reporter to suppress the mug shot of a similar (much more serious) article. What has compounded the situation is now if you google the name, the google synopsis links his name with a convicted felon. Once again, I explained to the editor, to no avail, the seriousness of this problem and the damage that it will cause in the further. I am so angry with the editor and frustrated with the system which he hides behind that allows him to do this. Perhaps, as suggested on a previous post, maybe it’s time to use the same laws, tactics and protection afforded him, to take him down. Until he feels the pain, he will continue to show no discretion and pick and choose which people’s lives to ruin.

  41. Brian says:

    We need to organize and attack the editors of the publications as a group. The only legitimate reason media organizations refuse to help people who are victimized by this problem is for ad dollars. They make a percentage of a cent every time somebody clicks a link to their articles. My guess is, most of their archived online traffic comes from people searching other people’s names.The argument about rewriting history is not persuasive. Newspapers could put the name of the arrestee in image format and that would block the tool used by search engines to index the content from picking up the arrestee’s name. This would prevent a link of the article from appearing on a search of a person’s name when someone is using an outside search engine. The article would look the same and could still be searched on the Newspaper’s internal search engine. They would only be removing link(s) from outside search engine results. That is pretty far away from rewriting history. The fact that this is there argument shows they have no argument outside of money.

    Legislatures could pass a law that requires something like this and it would withstand a 1st Amendment challenge. The problem is legislators are reluctant to go against the media for obvious reasons.

    I think the best way to initially go about it is for the person afflicted to request that the editor remove the article for humanitarian reasons. If that fails I think the next step is to have people not associated with the person afflicted to pressure the editor. This removes the best argument of the editor which is, “it’s just an angry criminal trying to rewrite history.” No it’s people who have never met the afflicted person and are only attacking you because damaging a person’s life for five dollars in ad revenue is despicable. The vast majority of people who understand the problem will agree that what newspapers are doing is despicable. The existence of expungement laws in all 50 states shows where society stands on the issue. It would not even take that many people to seriously disrupt the way local newspapers use social media.

    Maybe there are better ways to go about it, but I do know that we have to organize. There has to be 100,000s of people in the US who are victimized by this practice. I am willing to make a website devoted to this. I can make a private section of the website where people can share details of their situation. There are risks involved as we would be attacking editors and they could write worse articles about someone, but we could do a lot of actions without revealing names. If anybody is interested in joining the group let me know in a reply. If anyone has a good name for the website let me know as well. If anyone has better ideas let me know.

    The fact that there does not seem to be organizations, at least that I could find, devoted to this issue is pretty shocking.

    • Mary says:

      I’ve been having problems with family. They stopped speaking to me and if I do get to speak to one, they are mean and sarcastic. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally a cousin told me to google my name – low & behold, no mug shot, but my name & birthday, stating I was arrested last October on “several charges” in a town in Florida I’ve never been to! It says I was arrested and jailed and I never was! I wrote the website and showed them court records for that county don’t even show my name yet they won’t take it down! I’m amazed at how many people take this websites word as real yet don’t even bother to ask me! My family won’t speak to me – they don’t believe me and I just cringe to think what will happen when my employer finds out! The crazy thing is that when you look at Facebook you can see on the “arrest” day I was in CA! Still, the ones that do question me, don’t believe me. I really HATE what the internet can do!

    • Anna says:

      I am currently working on developing a grassroots movement to do exactly what you suggest.Please email me at so we can connect. I agree with you — something needs to be done about this and I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and get busy.

    • Dawn says:

      Any update on the website your talking about?

  42. roscoe says:

    the 1st amendment should have said free speech as long as its the truth.true speech

  43. Marc says:

    My son was arrested for something serious that was totally untrue. A totally bogus allegation. He was only 17 when it happened. A court in New York State totally dismissed and sealed his case, however, some news outlets refused to budge on removing or blocking the story. Some news outlets were extremely cooperative, while others didnt seem to understand that his future employment endeavors could be jeopardized. Maybe if it were their own children, they would realize how damaging it could be. Especially given the fact that my son had an impecable reputation, was an honor student, and was never in trouble in his entire life….it’s just unfair….I will remain persistent !!

  44. Faith says:

    I want to say a big thank you to Dr Adodo for the good work he has done in my dad’s life and my marriage. He helped my dad in his court case, a spell was cast for my dad 2days before his court case and cause of that the judge ruled in his favor…and he also helped in reuniting me and my husband, i can’t explain how he did it I’m actually short of words. But one thing is certain he’s so good at what he does, he sure knows how to cast a real spell and the one that works. I’m so blessed by him and he can as well bless you too, all you need to do is to contact him on (

  45. Chris Oshen says:

    Changing your name does not work when you are looking for work,. When someone fills out a job application the question is asked, where you ever known under another name? Note, you also need to provide a social security number because a background check is usually done. If you do not put down the other name and it shows up on the background then you are sending up a red flag and the employer will definitely start to wonder.

  46. Harper says:

    Wrong legal concept. False light is when you make true statements which mislead. “Joe hasn’t beaten his wife lately”.

    And no, you are not allowed to keep publishing information you later learn is wrong. Online archives aren’t just archives, they are republishing every day they leave the result up.

  47. Marie says:

    On march 7th 2011 I turn myself in, because my Daughter call me said I have a warrant from my par time job of 5 years. At the time I was 49th never have a record except parking tiket.the case last 4 months. No evidence they dismissed it . Since that day my life change can get a job. Can anyone help me get my life back it’s been 3 years I paying for something I didn’t do. Please contact me on my email . I just want my name of the internet.

  48. […] Web of the information, image or information. • Some compromises that can be taken, according to The Online Privacy Blog include: –Sunsetting that retires certain kinds of information (like arrests) after a certain […]

  49. Vincent Andrews says:

    AOL Patch now owned by Hale Global Patch is a horrible online social media site that is paid off by dirty politicians and political bosses like George E Norcross who paid into advertising g and paid off the editors with a job promotion to manufacture stories that are highly damaging. These stories are misleading and inaccurate.

    They are designed to destroy and hurt people from moving forward with their life. Norcross uses police and courts to stage arrests and having people who he is seeking political vengeance against. He than has his paid off editor concoct an arrest story and keeps it up on google. He has the story stay ranking high.

    It’s evil. If the person calls to ask for the story to be removed, they refuse. Norcross paid heavily to keep the persons name destroyed and the arrest story at the top of the first page of google

    If they try to push the story down, Norcross has hired Techies ensure the arrest story remain at the top. BLACKHAT techniques and other manipulation is done

    Google is just as evil and dirty because they do nothing. AOL Tim Armstrong a former Google worker and Charles Hale a former google work are both owners of that evil online site Patch

    In comes a political boss who buys up media sites to destroy people with reckless journalism

    It’s is evil journalism and evil politicians who use dirty social media sites like PATCH to torment, and hurt innocent people

    First amendment is evil when it allows this reckless political journalism of these arrest stories to remain online. It shows how old fashion the USA remains. The laws are behind and the editors Are wicked and evil to ignore the quality of life. It’s greed and ignorance. Push our elected officials to change the laws ASAP

  50. Brian says:

    I believe that by publishing articles of arrest before a conviction can be obtained, that this is an infringement of constitutional rights of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ because it ruins the possibility of a fair trial by a persons peers.

  51. KennyAins says:


    I am willing to help any one of you with your Google reputation. I will not be able to get your arrest removed but I can definitely attempt to get it pushed to the third or fourth page with a few techniques.

    How can this be possible? I too was arrested and had to deal with this same situation. My arrest is on Google today but it is on the 5th page making it more difficult to detect. I have been successfully hired by two prestigious Wall Street firms the past 6 years without any red flags during background and reputation checks.

    If interested please call me at 845-242-8299 to discuss how I can assist.

    • Kim says:

      I am very interested in any help you can provide me . This situation has obliterated my life monetarily wise . I have not been hired by 1 job in the past year and believe u me i have applied like a crazy lady !

  52. Kim says:

    I can not get a job due to an arrest that i was found not guilty of and the charges were dropped ! My life is in shambles . I can not provide for my family and it is just an overall really shitty situation i am in . I feel embarrassed and alone . The only reason i even got arrested in the first place was b/c i was stupid and naive and talked to the detective . He twisted my truth and before i knew i had a warrant out .
    The newspaper is a little town newspaper too ! It isnt even like it is a big one that goes out to a county . This little paper has RUINED my life !!!!

  53. frank says:

    What becomes of my fate.? I was arrested bcos my wife lied to the police that I tries to rough handle her when I was telling her to give me my phone that she stole from me. Funny enough I was d one who called the police but it turned against me. I was in jail for 24hrs and luckily it was dismissed. No charges, no conviction. So can this affect me in seeking for job?

  54. Mr Kirti Sheth says:

    My comment my employer put on me very serious false allegation and went to police.

    I spoke with you on the phone on wenesday 26th june 2013.An allegation of malicious communications has been made to police by security company.The allegation relates to letters being received by the company and members of its staff which are threating,abusive and insulting.It is belived by thecompany that the letters have been sent by you due to several reasons including the similarity between the handwriting on them and your own.

    As discussed it is important that incidents stop immediately. They amount to criminal act which security company would like to resolve witout futher police action.

    The matter will not taken further but if you wish tospeak to me again please call on the phone number provided.

    Next day i went to policestion that i asked have they got any evidence police told me no.

    I raied grievnce aginst security company they told me after 6 months that now all clear you did not send any threating letter.

    My question is that can i go to police station my security company lies and what action will you take? i know why they pre plan to put serious allegation on because in past my team leader discrimination giving me less hours and other security officer gave more hours and i have got all evidence against them.please please somebody send my email what action i can take this is life and death because i did not send 100% now can i go to police again with same police handling my crime report.can my company liable for this?Because i suffred lot and my family and my child please give me advice me on my email now they try to remove me from my 9 years continue service i am paying tax and national insurance many many years.I am totally gutted my will power is very powerfull as humanity any solicitor lawyer read my comment and please give me right advice what to do next against my security company.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  55. josh says:

    To the lady who wrote this . Im not hearing any of it This is bullshit. My image is damaged from some Asshole that works for google . The son of a bitch let his opinion be made known on my YouTube channel . With harassing lies about me.Well Im in the process of talking to my attorney. This isn’t the first time .either .
    I don’t know who the hell these people think they are

  56. Andreas E says:

    I live in Europe…people and their representatives in government succefully pushedfor the “Right to be forgotten” to be put into legislation. However, in the U.S. there was a “do not track me bill” recently put forth in the senate but for lobbying reasons it was rescinded or defeated. Please peole, fight for your privacy because it won’t be given to you.

  57. Anon says:

    I have a very rare name that happens to be shared with some criminal. When people search for me my name comes up saying someone with my name was arrested when I have a clean record. Its uncanny, but people believe it was me and it has hurt job searches and even applications to rescue dogs…

  58. T er MO says:

    I was falsely arrested in in 1992. The charge Criminal Sexual contact. there was no contact and all the elements that constitute the law are not what I did. I should have been charged with Indecent exposure. it is clear according to the statute. I was 20 I had no Idea. I was given 12 months probation. Then 2 years after my probation was over I was getting letters that I must register under Megans Law. I tried to explain to attorneys and police but they did not believe me.. So I did register, basically strong handed by the Prosecutor. I did again the following year as well. The next year I did not they started calling me at home telling me to register I told them No I am done with your mistakes, they did threaten me that if I did not I would be charged with a 4th degree felony and my name would be in the paper. I told them to come get me then. catch me! I went to a county park with a banana in my hand placed it by my pants so it looked like exposure
    \or lewdness. I sat and waited for the police. the police arrested me. for a lewdness charge and failure to register. Now In NJ if you commit a crime like lewdness and you are on Megans law you are going to jail for a 3 degree offense, and a 4th degree felony offense for failure to resister. The newspaper wrote MEGANS LAW SEX OFFENDER ARRESTED and it stated that I did not resister and I committed a lewd act.. The Prosecutor DROPPED THE MEGANS LAW ON ME because they knew they were wrong but I got 2 years probation for the fruit lewdness. Now I have this article following me around and it is not even from the original paper it is from a company who buys stories. This article has been used against me on Facebook 2 times and used against me at a Job.The State of NJ made several errors and I am still paying for it 15 years later. I have no protection. At least people who are on this law have protections. I have none. The State has ruined my life and this second hand paper refuses to remove the article. This article in my eyes puts me on the highest teir.. Is this why Megans Law was created?

  59. Terrence Kwasha says:

    It’s been years and still no movement on this front. It’s absurd because it costs money to continuously serve these outdated articles to search engines.

  60. Zen says:

    Hi. I am astounded at the stories I have read in response to this post. I do not see my particular issue addressed, but I was accused of domestic violence (assault and harassment-which did not occur), arrested, prosecuted, and then took a deal with the District Attorney in NY to dismiss the case if I was not arrested within a year. I also accepted a retaining order for a year. After all was said and done, my case was dismissed and sealed. However, my ex has posted a blog about her experience. Recently she posted all of the online documents that were available before the case was sealed. She also posted many excerpts from the motions that were filed in the case (to have it dismissed, show her mental state, my standing in the community, etc.). I assume these documents would have been considered public before the case was sealed, but I do not know. I have never had any type of criminal history whatsoever before this and I know this will stick around the internet forever if I do not do something.

    First, is it legal for her to post previously public documents in a case that is now sealed? Second, is there anything I can do? Unfortunately I cannot prove that anything she has posted is factually incorrect. Do I have any recourse? Thanks for any advice.

  61. Teresa says:

    Good luck! My husband is a victim too. We asked Wikapedia to correct there lies at least 20 times over the years. They refuse and just add more garbage. We’ve even had an attorney request that they correct their false information, but they neverresponded. We were advised that it’s not a battle worth fighting. Now he has friends, family, work, etc. Questioning his loyalty and honesty. It’s just sad.

  62. madonna powers says:

    I was arrested for DUI and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The marijuana was not mine but I knew whose it was and I covered for them. I consented to blood and urine test.
    Both tests showed I was clean. My charges are all misdemeanors. I am getting arrest record expunged under first offender, but if I cannot get the arrest record and worst of all mug shot off the internet, I cannot practice anymore in such a small town and will have to move.
    If anyone knows how to get this damaging information expunged from the internet please share,

  63. kati says:

    I had a shoplifting charge 2 years ago ,I discharged in the I am shoplifting charging for second time but I paid for some purches and really didn’t see some things in my bag and forgot to pay ,what will happen to me and what can I prove it?thanx so much

  64. mysadlittlesisteraus says:

    I am from a small country town, so the simplest news is such a big deal here. My younger sister gave her best friend and her boyfriend a lift to the pub which took 10 minutes.. That 10 minutes has destroyed my sisters life’s.

    At the time she was 17, not guilty of anything but neither innocent of much, good at school, lots of friends and very attractive. One weekend she received a text from her best friend, asking for a lift from her home to the town pub (10 minute car ride). My sister, is too kind, and she agreed. She drove the pair to the pub and let them out.

    Hours later that night, the boyfriend was caught with bulk drugs and turns out was involved in a robbery, blah blah blah.. He was arrested, and, the spineless piece of work… Told police he was second in charge with all these drugs…. He told police that he had received a lift to the pub where he was caught from his ‘queenbee’. He was so lightly sentenced and my sisters beginning of hell began.

    As my sister doesn’t appear innocent to the eye, she was picked imeddiately to the point her mouth was being filled with words I know she would never speak, just to try and make thing easier for police.. Clearly not realising how much trouble they wanted to land her..

    Long story short, instead of ratting out this boyfriend, my younger sister pleaded guilty to drug charges she didn’t do.. The whole court knew she was lying about doing all this crazy stuff!! It was mental to watch!! After 3 years of seeing my sister deteriate, the day her bogas court case finished, our local media went to town on her.. Called her a queen bee, listed her place of work, named her family, named a person who threatened her to keep quiet about the boyfriend d.. 4 different articles.. Smashing her name into pieces.. My sister is 20 know and every morning I walk past her bedroom and I see her sitting on her laptop crying.. Re reading the media giving out such personal details to the world, the tiny little scratch on her faCe that turned into an axe wound. Needless to say, she has limited, limited family still in contact, not one single friend and been fired for the negative gossip at 8 jobs over the 3 years.. (Even the city council has said to our family, there’s no point starting her life in this town, it was ruined by the newspaper before it even started)

    I admire her being able to wake up every day.. If media had done even half of what they had done to her, to me.. I know I wouldn’t tolerate one day of it..

    Be grateful if you can be proud of your name.. Just because your not guilty doesn’t mean your not guilty… It’s up to the media!

  65. […] by copyright, the work belongs to the people who created it. It also goes on the lines of the first amendment; articles don’t have any legal obligations to unpublished the work if it’s true […]

    • Terrence Kwasha says:

      It isn’t an issue of “unpublishing”. What they are doing is continuously republishing it forever as if it were up to date news. The second the charges are dropped, the article should stop being served to the internet and archived for posterity. In the digital age archiving could be a simple “do not search” tag that prevents search engines from making it a hit on the name.

      Right now though, google goes to great lengths to put arrest articles on the top of someone’s list, which should make them liable but the courts do not understand that algorithms can be programmed with malice.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I have read these posts with a heavy heart. I went onto this site to hopefully find a ray of hope. My son was also faced with a false allegation as a teacher a few years ago. A story went into the local paper before he had his licensure hearing and that article lives on – I guess forever. He was told by his attorney to not respond or give any information because it could be used against him. That one-sided article has haunted him for years and he has lost many jobs – even those outside of his profession. It breaks my heart because he was and is such a great person and has never been in trouble in his life. It amazes me that any allegation in the teaching field is accepted as true. Savvy students and parents can ruin your life forever. My son happens to be a positive thinker and continues to look forward. He’s had his dark days but he perseveres. Personally, I cry everyday for what he’s had to endure. I am overwhelmed to see how many of you have faced this endless battle of restoring your reputations. It also concerns me that each state does not see how they are making jobless people dependent on social programs that cost the states so much money! Between Welfare, unemployment and homelessness, it’s ridiculous! People should be able to move on. Hardened criminals are given more programs and assistance than innocent people that have articles written about them. Something is so wrong in all of this. There should be a network for all of you with support and guidance and some hope of getting out of the darkness. If I had my own business, I would hire all of you. I never google people because I know how error filled it is. Shame on the employers that don’t put more thought into their hiring practices.

  67. Paul Tambussi says:


  68. Paul Tambussi says:

    Jason Rahn is a bad dude. He will create negative stories and post them on his site then boost the harassing story to the top of the page. He works for Norcross.

  69. M Sprague says:

    I was in a bad car accident, avoiding a dog in the roadway, I was charged with driving to endanger, I was not arrested. The charge was subsequently dropped by a judge. a local newspaper reported that I was arrested, when my name is googled, the article comes right up. The newspaper corrected their article but it was still showing up on google search as an ‘arrest”, they have since removed the article in it’s entirety, but it still shows up on a google search with a dead link. this is causing me great harm, what can i do I am desperate, should I consult an attorney, thank you

  70. Daria says:

    I am a bit late to post, I see. But my story seems to be similar to others: arrested, the charges were dropped and the case was dismissed, but the article is all over page one of a Google search for my name. The newspapers do not take these links down, so I was going for second best: online reputation management company. Anyone use one??? I was going to hire Integrity Defender, as they are the cheapest – $1249 – but they have terrible reviews from dissatisfied customers… So now I’m discussing options with, supposedly the best, but I was told it will cost about $7500! I don’t have that kind of money lying around and it will take me several months to save it…. This whole situation is so distressing! Any advice?? Anyone in the same boat?? I am depressed and overwhelmed. And even once suppressed, these articles will still be there – they’re not written in pencil. Oh, how unfair.

  71. Thank you for this informative post. I just want to share a good source for Legal forms and tutorials – PDFfiller. It has a ton of Legal templates. It helps me fill out a needed form neatly and gives me the option to esign.

  72. anon says:

    Hang in there everyone. 3 months ago I was arrested and the case was outright dismissed in court. I spent countless days crying because the police log was posted online with my full name and address along with what I was arrested for. I hired elance workers for $800 to try to push the negative content down the google search results, but because it was a government website, it kept reoptimizing to the first page. Then some elancer started spamming my name which damaged the SEO work. I never even told my parents about my arrest so I was battling this alone as a student in college. I have good reason to believe I lost friendships and a prospective love interest because of my google search results, and I was also deterred from applying to internships. However, this week I contacted the head of information for the police department and he deleted my name off of the police log because the case was dismissed. I’m now so happy. It truly gets better, don’t give up hope! 🙂 I was even thinking about changing my name. Now I don’t have to. I remember reading this article and your comments when I was in a really negative place. I just want everyone here to know that you can find your happiness again–even if that means changing your name. Worse things can happen to a person. Count your blessings each day.

  73. Lisa says:

    How can the County Attorney charge me with a crime when it didn’t even exist at the time of my offense?

  74. sandy says:

    Is there anyone developing a champaign to fight against this? Europe now has the “Right to be forgotten”. What can we do to bring this to the U.S.

  75. Ron says:

    I heard on the radio on a lawyer show that you CAN sue a newspaper for ONLY printing the police side in the paper. I didn’t catch the legal term about “misconduct”. Still looking for it in the law books. In 2005 an OHIO state employee,driving an OHIO state owned car,ran a redlight into the side of my truck,killing HIS passenger. The Ohio police wrote up the accident report to cover up for his neglience. I lost my CDL,and have a “Vichular Manslaughter” charge on my record. How is that for “Equal Justice” ?

  76. H.A says:

    There has to be a law that protects people’s rights and especially those of us who were wrongfully accused and their cases were dismissed by court.And there has to be a law that constitutes what is considered news and what is considered invasion of privacy and defamation of character. Are there such laws?

    This is the letter I wrote to Publishers and I have not heard anything back yet:
    2 years ago ,I was falsely arrested in a sting and I was blasted all over the news for something I did not do and I proved that in court. My case was dismissed and the Palm Bay PD did not have a single evidence and not even the supposed decoy was able to help them . I have 13 emails with a woman that was supposed to meet me for a dinner date and I never offered her a single penny. She Lied. I was an innocent man that palm Bay PD decided to ruin his life and his career so they can show to their peers that the money that was spent on the sting did not go for nothing. I am asking you kindly to remove my information and the internet link for it has hindered me and my children. I am an honorable man and US ARMY disabled veteran, I have served this nation proudly and always did things to make my kids proud of their father. And what you and the Palm Bay PD did was wrong. We are a nation of laws and the person is innocent until proven guilty and I was proven innocent. This could happen to anyone including you. Thanks and I hope you will consider removing the link totally so I can clear my name. Thanks you.

  77. Alicia Negrete says:

    My husband was implicated and charged on a case and because I wouldn’t cooperate lieutenant john jake Blake SOS scandal Chicago, dragged me into the case by pressing charges against me for not cooperating! He told Jerome fining an to take me to jail because I didn’t want to cooperate! How could I cooperate if I saw him stuffing my husbands jewelry into a duffel bag! It was obvious he was stealing! 10 years later the lieutenants name is protected even though I identified him to internal affairs! No one listened they chose to move on and set me and my name up for failure! My husbands name comes out clean and mine remains as first result negative article for life! The Chicago system set me up and lieutenant John Blake Walks away clean while Jerome finnigan and I take the entire negative articles ruining our lives!

  78. Alicia Negrete says:

    I was 32 when the nightmare happened and now I am 41 years old and unable to gain employment! While the Blake’s remain millionaires from wearing a badge entitling them to rob Chicago citizens! They must be Gods because surely while he was implicated they covered up for him and they ripped me up and ruined my life knowing that I was innocent just because a judge found me credible. Even though I hold a masters degree I am unable to gain employment and have been ruined beyond repair! Maybe that’s why I’m still alive that article ruined my life but maybe I would have been 6 feet underground for knowing too much!!

  79. Abbie says:

    I have the same problem I wrote to them and asked how long this stays up but as of yet no reply…its been 11 years mines been up there…and whats written in the article is not true…won’t go into detail but its bad…now if anyone goes on site and types in my name this article will pop up … and its not true what is written…fact is I was talking to a friend who is not my friend now because they read this about me…it does stay online forever and you can’t move on with your life because of it….I was arrested and was in jail for 2 years…I try to move on with life and I see this on there site and I make friends who have seen this and don’t want to know me for 1 simple mistake……mights well still be in jail haha

  80. Gino says:

    I am in the same situation, and I find the best thing they can do is not erase it, but that that what should go up is the latest news on us. Meaning that once we are proven innocent, that should be the first thing that comes up, and when they click on the old article a link should be added that we were cleared.

  81. Alicia Negrete Chicago says:

    The funny thing is that they protected lieutenant John jake Blake and made me settle my case because as my lawyer said “you don’t want bigger problems jeopardizing your family!” I took it as a threat and settled for misery although the settlement says illegal search and seizure instead of “wrongfully indicted!” I Still lost my mother and sister soon after my settlement within a month apart! I lost my identity too and someone is controlling my phone and computers! I saw the name on there and it happened to end with last name Blake! It said Blake created remote access as of 2009! No one wants to help me though not even my attorney her turned his back on me! Today I saw that they settled with other people for the same sos scandal settling with other people for 3.7 million but I got crap and continue to be victimized and tortured by them having remote access to my things all because I know too much! There’s no true justice in this country!

  82. anonymous says:

    I am in the same boat, I was slandered by examiner articals was called a ” pedophile and a child molestor.” Then it was later changed to I’m a registered sex offender. I’ve contacted the and they refused to remove the lies. Due to the fact the writer was a third party and they run rampit making up things and gossip about other people. There needs to be leagle action on what should be posted on the web and how it should be handled. It is very damaging and controlling. Personal information should not be abuse and used like this. It is a form of trolling and vendetta. Sure it don’t effect them but we are the victims reliving nightmares or things that never happened. These sites gets views per click and money. They want to get arise out of peoples ” comeplete strangers that we never meet why judge or slander?” Its not that it just shows up on google but various other search engines.

  83. Wow…I now see the long thread of years of discussion. I cannot believe we are all continuing such a horrible banter. With the numbers of individuals ruined by these false statements, we must start now to make change. As a psychologist, I would like to look at the suicide research outcomes on those of us that have lost jobs, friends, families and the truth! What about innocence? I mean really anyone can say anything about anyone but to post it with the natural human ignorance that exists, onto a platform in our communities, recipe for disaster. Divorce, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, loss of identity (name change), loss of career that you spent years developing, loss of life from stress hormones kicking in and causing chronic illness, committing a real crime due to losing sanity and murdering someone from Google, the local paper or the police! I hope that has not happened, but gee…we are testing the limits of human sanity with this destruction. It is not much different that those horrible stories of someone being released finally from prison after years of incarceration. This is after the DNA science proved they were NOT GUILTY. Like us, they have lost everything and this release is a sad compensation from losing all the developing years that belonged to them and can never be returned. We are similar friends. WE MUST act now. Please, if there is a lawyer or well politically connected individual today that wants to start this. I will assist from Hawaii in any way that I can. I am not going to give up. I struggled through a year domestically violent relationship and earned my graduate degree in psychology to have a career that would take me away from that life. I am not just handing that over to some lying cop, newspaper or search engine CEO. All of these people can stop it! I wish upon them such ill fate. Would that not be the best of all revenge? Just wait. The odds are they will face such outcomes. Someone will inevitably. I hope they also get a name in like I did when someone totally fabricated a story. I want to know they are in pain. I do not know how else to get this point across to those in power. They need to feel how fragile we are in the face of socially constructed ethics and rights. Just like at one time you could beat your wife as long as the whip was within a particular length range. We laugh now at such ignorance, this too will face such shock to the future generations. So barbaric, but it might be too late for us if we do not ACT. It is impossible that with large numbers and perseverance that we will fail. Impossible! Someone contact me at I want to be a part of this change. I need to for healing.

  84. Reginald Burnette says:

    Here’s one for the books. I recently googled myself and, to my horror, found out that there is a person with my name (spelled exactly the same) who was arrested, for a serious crime. He eventually lost his well-paying job. I don’t know if he was convicted and sentenced. Needless to say, I felt a sick knot in the pit of my stomach. That article appeared on the very first page of my search, for all to see. The guy didn’t look like me and he was way younger. Still, the article may explain certain things that have been happening to me recently regarding job searches, and other things. What can I do????

  85. Getta Bakatum says:

    Greetings my fellow victims of media and journalists with short___complex. I have a pretty good idea. I know many speak of the limitations to fighting the removal of dismissed or false charges due to 1st amendment rights. Well, look up the ethics code for journalists. It is pretty cool to write up a professional document about journalism and ethics (if you are a pretty good writer and if you have passion for this). Prepare your very sad story, which we all have. Bring up the code in and out of the document. Then, send it off to the competitor news paper. So, you use basic social psychology to flatter the other journalist in competition with the yellow bellied punk that will not take down a dismissed case article, and you incorporate how you always loved the honest journalism with compassion and class etc(be sure to read up on some of the big articles or stories they have covered to sound believable) that this stellar journalist exhibits, and so you want to share with them what happened and ask if they possibly can explain why some journalists do not follow ethics but other successful one’s like the one you are sending this sob story to, are so successful with ethics in place…yada yada. You get might be surprised. Your letter might get published! Or, maybe a local article on the topic. That is great revenge without harming the evil perpetrator ruining our lives for the sake of first amendment bullshit that does not match their own ethics code. If this is not enough, you can always do this one too…call the paper every day and or write every day to the editor in chief and keep a daily journal of your feelings and how it still impacts you. Just tell them you heal from sharing with them your journal each day related to the pain you have. Act like you are grateful they are available to hear of your pain. “I might not have had a free therapist if you had not published this useless data that took away my career” and I love talking with you. If you are not harassing them with insults, but just making brief calls or writing letters, it will be hard for them to have you charged with harassment. Eventually, they will have had enough and remove your name from everything everywhere within their power. I think I might even throw in there that they inspired me to go back to school and become a journalist. Now that I cannot get a job because of the article you refuse to remove, I can use your tax dollars to go to school and pay my disability from the PTSD. I am so grateful…this was meant to be. Thank you my dear journalist friend. LOL.

    Okay, Yes, I am a psychologist and am using my skills…lol. If I do nothing I go crazy. I have to be passively aggressive. They are overtly aggressive and we will get in trouble for that, so do not ever get emotional/angry outwardly. But, passive and cautious sarcasm can be much like torture…slow and tedious torture. Picture the drop of water being dropped in the middle of one’s forehead relentlessly for hours or days…that kind of torture. Just do not take this on unless you can keep your poker face and stay calm. The aggression must be invisible. It will feel sooooo good. Also, it will work. 100% guarantee if you plan it out well. Slow…torture…slow. Good luck! I am preparing a powerful letter now for the competitor and using her female status as a role model whom shows me that despite prejudice one can come above. Despite losing my career and my dreams and my dignity, I can still be a contributing member to society I then tell her how much hope she give me etc. It is actually really good. I have been working on it for weeks and I am not in a rush. I want to see this knock the socks off someone and an impact be made. So,no hurry.

    Good Luck and Remember “This too shall pass” even though it does not feel like that…it will. Those of us who are really unfairly being used for public entertainment will prevail. God is good. And, revenge that pokes at one’s conscience is not a sin. It is actually educational!

  86. I’ve had this red and black newspaper with 40k readership slow my career and dating life through it’s lies about me be arrested and charged with felonies.

    The charges were dropped at the first hearing as being completely ridiculous, and yet the paper is allowed to keep serving this article to the internet.

    Then Google decides it’s allowed to increase ad revenue by favoring this over infinitely more relevant links about me just like tabloids at the grocery checkout. The article doesn’t even spell my name correctly yet Google puts it on the search results for my correctly spelled name.

    We need a way to sue the living crap out of these people.

  87. Yes. says:

    I was harassed by a redneck cop while vacationing in Maine, who arrested me in Acadia National Park. His charges were thrown out in a fed court bench trial, but the court transcript is out there now.

    Meanwhile, in my real life, I’m graduating with honors and a 3.9+ GPA with a BS in computer science with a math minor and NO ONE WILL TOUCH ME. I can’t even get an internship. This court record is the #1 search result for my name, closely followed by a bunch of academic stuff which, apparently, people don’t care about as much.

    I have spoken with a couple lawyers about somehow getting the record sealed. The consensus is that it will be difficult, as my life is not considered an “important” enough reason to deprive the public of this highly useful info regarding my past.

  88. Anonymous says:

    If your records clear its wrong for them to even post your mugshot it ruins life’s it Is not cool

  89. dweeb harvy says:


    I have just been furnished with a lawsuit and before i was notified about this the star of florida had frozen my bank accounts. Remind you this is the state level not the FEDS. So a warning to all out their that have their own business if they even think your doing something wrong they come in take it all then serve papers your in trouble. Well now good luck finding the money to hire an attorney to go fight for your rights. AMERICA THE GREAT

    Now that i received a paper about why my money is all frozen their are news articles out already on about 3 or 4 locations claiming how guilty i am and how i was scamming business and overcharging people basically ruining my name and all my business’s. Now after going to court for a hearing to voice my opinion i am not all guilty i made a few mistakes but they are addresses and ready to continue a business. Well if i continue my business my names are slandered with false accusations that are not true but now i can’t get this removed or even voice my opinion

  90. Nadine Fate says:

    I can tell you countless of times when I had exclude great doctors and nurses from getting a position based off a Google search even though their charges were dismissed or reduced; this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed!!!!

  91. Anonymous says:

    (robinsonbuckler@)(yahoo.)com, did a love spell for me about 3 days ago and the results came like miracle……

  92. Dave says:

    You should see he really helped my pal with expunging a recent DUI from his Arizona driving record

  93. Alicia Negrete says:

    The only thing I could think of doing is changing my name and that is bull$-1T. This is a serious matter!

  94. Philipp says:

    Hi guys i was in similar situation some years ago and it was devastating for me because all charges leveled against me were false and each time i applied for a job, i didn’t get it. All this happened until i was introduced to this great guy Mr Peter, a great hacker whom i labelled the hacking god. He helped me erase all the criminal records and i’m proud to say i’m a happy man. He’s the best at what he does. Contact him on

  95. Avanti says:

    On my case the first crime committed came from Police and second from a judge. Briefly: I was officer secretary of my Condo, I went to the office to get some files and give some information for the Assistant Manager (AM). When I came to the lobby, the door of the Assistant Manager (where all Directors had their files) was closed; I saw one resident sat in our lobby. When I was speaking with that resident about issue of recall some board member that was acting with mismanagement, as I analyzed the budgets and bids of special assessment, the lady said that her husband already signed the recall; on that moment the contracted manager entered in the AM office and 2 min. after the vice-president. And then I went the that office. I was open the door, and on the same moment a police was getting out; but he stopped on the door way (jamb) saying nothing, I said: excuse me. He said: you cannot. I responded: I’m sorry I have to go inside. He again: I’m doing some investigation you cannot. And I completed: I’m from the Board Member, I can!. Then he put his forefinger on my neck, pushing me to the center of the lobby saying: I’m going to arrest you for interfering and impeding my investigation. — His case that the lady complaint to our office was disputing only, not criminal case, And his case was from other building, not inside the Condo office! If that police didn’t block the manager (a contracted person) and the vice-president, why he blocked my self? Manager receive matters, but officers of Condo approve or not some matters. When he putting handcuff on me, I say: “you have power…, I have too!”. When the vice-pres. ask him what the reason, he said to her: do you want to be arrest too?…… I wrote a latter to the judge explaining with detail. Strange, on the first hearing that judge didn’t call and send me a novice assistance, she asked me: do you want participate to the Advocate Program? On that time I didn’t know about this, and I asked to her: but after that Advocate Program can I sue the Police for false arrest? She said yes. But as I didn’t see real, I asked other and the answer was negative. I left the court with 1/2 and 1/2 answer. I decided to apply for the Advocate Program, but 2 days ago I called one criminal lawyer ask about it and he said if I accept the Advocate Program I’m accepting been guilt. Then I rejected the Advocate Program. (That the 1st. error of that judge, to try to avoid me in sue the Police).
    After many hearings, on the trial that judge didn’t ask if I accept be guilt, innocent or no contest. And after some question he decided, with no jury, do a “cross examination” between me and police (second error of that king of judge).
    Finally and I say that police is a “piece of law”, that judge put me guilt. On the same minutes after that, I asked the typewriter where can I get the Video and Transcript of that trial, as I did it. Video and Transcript totally manipulated: with many cuts. I did a “pro se appeal”, after years days before the Oral Argument, as was stressed and decided to get a lawyer to represent me, she said that the judges didn’t have on hands the Transcript… it was postpone… Finally the State of Florida dismissed, but after 3 years…. for avoid me to sue them! — I complaint for Internal Affair of Police, about his behavior and crime, I don’t see him around here anymore. And about the judge I complaint to the Judicial Commission. Even if the judges have sovereignty, we have to complaint each one with clear unfair judgement. The only, my mistake on that year, 2008, was that I didn’t call the news media.

  96. Avanti says:

    I what to say “two days after” not ago.

  97. Avanti says:

    My second case. I was working around my Condo, on another Condo, changing one water heater, the strange old lady saw my phone number on newspaper. I bought all material and started turning off the water, but the gate valve had to be changed on next day, because maintenance person already left. Next day I changed the gate valve water heater and plus run a ground wire for that w.h. When I finished I presented to that old lady the invoices of water heater, from plumbing supply, gate valve and plumbing fittings invoice, and my labor. But for the difference of $42.00, she didn’t want to pay me. I said to her. Well if you don’t pay, I will call the police to give me some case number, then I can go to the court… She, sarcastically said: ok! As I call the police, after 1/2 hour one came, I was down stair, and like I explained to him, he promptly inform to me that police cannot intervene one civil matters, as was my case, and he said: go there take you materials, I wait for you because I don’t want you to be like harassment. When I came back to down stair, another police was there, as he asked about the case, I start explain to him, and he stop!, but…., after I concluded the decided to go up stair to see my job. When the enter to that apto. looking my job, I asked the lady: now can you pay me? she rejected. Then I was leaving the apto., but some seconds after I decided to come back to ask the last name of the lady, to start a civil case. When I returned I ask the lady to give me her last name the police said: why did you come back? I explained… and left wait them down stair. After some minutes one police got his car and the other came to me asking me again about my case… as I did, and after he said: I’m going to arrest you! … The video judge asked me with a sound like unacceptable case: “Was you working and was arrested!!!” I said yes!, The case was dismissed by the State. I complaint those police for the Internal Affair. I didn’t receive the money back…..

  98. Avanti says:

    Sorry, it doesn’t have edit form to correct errors. I did many errors when I wrote it.
    I forgot to say: I was working and was arrested for trespassing!!!!, does it make sense?

  99. Me, I am actually guilty. Twenty years ago I was dumb enough to work for a company and I failed to “rat” them out, instead I continued working for them. I went to prison and through a quirk in the legal system, I ended up serving more than TWICE the time of the sentence. Moral of the story? I used that time to invest in myself, and became an industry leader in my field. I paid for my stupidity. I paid dearly. Yet 20 years later it’s always a top 10 search result on Google because I won my federal appeal (though it brought no relief). How is continuing to post old case law; that has now become irrelevant and defunct due to the restructuring of federal sentencing law, helping keep public interest at hand? Not guilty, sure even more so a reason to post- but even those of us who were guilty, paid our penance to society, and reversed our behavior, we should not be subjected to continued the harsh penalties of public opinion. Irony is that winning a unanimous appellant decision from a federal appeals court is what made it available so easily to everyone. Had I lost, it would be nowhere online. Even criminal background checks won’t show this on my record… Yet Caselaw and Google do

  100. […] Sarah A. Downey  wrote an interesting article about your “new” permanent record. Because newspapers publish the story of one’s arrest online for everyone to see, it does not simply disappear, no matter if you were found guilty or not. She uses the example of a person’s record being legally expunged, yet if you google the name the case will still show the person as a criminal. It is scary to think that you may have never done anything wrong but if you were even a suspect, your name will be linked to the case online forever. […]

    • Christopher says:

      Yes this is so true, but to be honest even if we were able to have that stuff removed from the source and off of google, what about the hundreds and thousands or if severe the millions of people who have downloaded the articles, recorded the news report on t.v, or took screen shots of the reports online. There will be a never ending flow of that report online. The internet is far to advanced to get any one thing off of it. These things never go away. Once the report gets out there (whether guilty or innocent), the entire world has it and there is no way of getting around it.

      • Terrence Kwasha says:

        This might be true for a celebrity, but for normal people no one is saving the article. If they handled it properly, people posting articles containing false information could also be sued for libel, which would greatly discourage people doing it even to celebrities. It’s absurd that you can post negative false information about someone forever as if it is true and brand new news.

        • Phony charges - Officer McLaughlin out of Braintree MA says:

          Had a police officer lie about charges named McLaughlin out of Braintree MA believes in making up charges to get convictions, They should investigate all his convinctions, Also beats up people he takes into custody. Problems relating to crazy story he told to get promoted? Where is internal affairs! Everyone knows his rep.

        • Phony charges - Officer McLaughlin out of Braintree MA says:

          I know who he is, I have wondered that too, Not Braintree;s finest! Most Judges toss his cases out but I feel for the accused. Makes charges up, Ruins lives!

  101. LJ says:

    I am thankful I found this article. It is a comfort knowing others can relate to my experience. Although it doesn’t subside the pain and loss I have/and continue to suffer through due to a 5 year old charge that was dropped (bc it was bogus, and little evidence was provided by the sick officer who made the accusations)shortly after it occurred.

    The newspaper that wrote the initial article surprisingly did remove the content from there website and database after showing documentation it had been dropped. The problem has been that a blogger picked up the story. My family is very political in the state I am from and the story was initially written to slander my family. What these journalists fail to realize is that my family didn’t suffer I have. I still am 5 years later.

    Thankfully I am self employed. My slanderous google results would prevent me from attaining any job if I had to rely on being hired by an outside company. I feel for the people going through this. However, this is effecting my life in other very important areas. I am a 27 year old female. I was engaged to be married, and my fiancé left me when his mother found my google history results. Had it of just been him who found out I believe it could have been resolved. Unfortunately that was not the case.
    I feel like I am doomed and trapped by this yellow journalism lie of a story. Even 5 years after the incident was resolved and dropped I am still being destroyed by it. I am loosing hope and faith that I can overcome what this is continuing to do to me and my future.

  102. Franny says:

    In Central Wisconsin someone is blocking radio, TV and Internet use by saying stuff about you that is not even in your criminal check up, by a fixed faked investigation scam to make you look bad and look guilty to put you away if your not like everyone else! And someone also is hooking people up to VOICE making implants technology that can haunt you( INDIVIDUAL Targeting, com with mind reading!), threaten you and follow your every move, even in your home! It is sick and dangerous

  103. Andria says:

    How can I clear things up when I wrongfully continued to accused a certain government job of hacking my phone when I found out who it really was and now they have shut down my everything to the point where I can’t even find a job or even use the internet as I so freely please. I continued to accuse certain people that were employed by the same employer as myself, but they had hacked my phone previously and then they stopped, but now the culprits are they one’s I used to call friends and family and things of that nature and now I’m in trouble and they don’t even care. They love sending me up the river and never have ever cared for me and then they wonder why I wish I was never born or I should have killed myself long ago before I ever moved to Florida the first time. I wish I had better friends or friends for that matter and better family members and now they aren’t even reaching out to say they are sorry for ruining my life or even trying to help clear all this “shit” up and then took my children so that I could be sent up the river by myself. I don’t care about going to jail or dying, I care more about my children’s safety and things of that nature. Why even try to pretend that you care so much about me and then send me to a mental institution- which to my understanding those types of establishments don’t exist any longer in the USA, I’m just so sick and tired of everything and now I’m to the point that if they are holding my children as collateral then I’m not suing anyone just give me my children. Once again family has screwed my chances of suing or doing anything for that matter. Now I can’t even get a job due to their hacking- Fuck the whole world! My life has always been crap no matter how good or kind or anything I am and now because of stupid family and friends it’s going to continue being crap.

  104. Christopher says:

    This is so lame. I was accused of something I never did which was on the news, in newspapers and online. I was arrested for something completely different than what I was accused of and from what was reported. It literally made no sense at all. Then they wonder why people go killing police officers and blowing things up to harm others. When your name is falsely damaged in a way that cannot be fixed and its for everyone’s eyes to see, how in the world do you recover from that? The psychological damage that’s done not just in that moment but over a period of lets say a lifetime is astronomical. The police need to be policed. They do what they want in the streets and on the internet. They even kill people without physically doing it. This is really ridiculous. Then the news reports bogus stuff. They all have different reports of the accusation and none of them match up. Not even my description matched up on any of those false reports. It was so sad seeing the harm the media had done to me when I did nothing wrong.

  105. adam says:

    You can’t find a job because you are looking in the wrong place. I understand just how deeply having a record of any type can effect someone in employment.. That’s why I am refusing managers from asking about criminal charges. I hope one day my startup will assist all of you with finding employment.

    Adam from Active Employ

  106. Illuminati Norcross says:

    Philadelphia inquire is Big. Imagine getting Fired. Lexie Norcross Got Fired and her dad Kill the man who beat him bidding the papers. People talking about them and having to live their legacy out knowing she was Fired and her father is a murderer.

  107. Len says:

    Martin Luther King and many famous people were arrested for standing up for what is right. Jesus was arrested. These people are Heroes and there are many others. Steve ayacue should be in a jail for cyber hacking and being bald and ugly as hell

  108. Anonymously Pissed Off says:

    Yes, it is even MORE ridiculous because in my situation, it was a Civil case from a former employer that myself and another employee had against the company. And of course our legal system in my case was a joke (when a defendant’s lawyer can twist the facts and make it look like the other employee never physically worked at the company, and the judge makes a decision based on that – something is wrong). This type of case should NOT be online and out there for potential employers to see. It has cause so many problems and the state will not even add a no-index tag to their robots.txt file so the case will not show up in search. Complete BS!!!

  109. William says:

    Can I pay to keep name out of slammer?

  110. Kevin Boyle says:

    Its criminal in and of itself!!!! Someone pays their dues,pays their fines, and does everything required by law…at that point the arrest should not be legal to be available on a search engine. You should have to pay to find out this type of information. Period!!! Anyone violating this should get one warning and then fined heavily until it is removed. This includes lazy Townships that keep it on their website after the case as been completely resolved. Otherwise, it is unconstitutional in nature as you are dafaming someone indefinitely for even the smallest crime or one that was Dropped!!!!!

    • A Miller says:

      Well put and exactly correct! By posting arrests on the internet with full information on the person, we are doing more harm than good to Americans. This should be prohibited!!! What has America come to? Especially if the charges are dropped before arraignment or found to be false!!!! It is well known that police can arrest for virtually no reason as well as hold someone 72 hours in jail without cause! I guess America wants more suicides, unemployed, mental repercussions and unhinging of people! The true freedom this country has it for papers, police, lawyers and courts to make money off the innocent/non convicted!

  111. Bonnie says:

    I too was falsely arrested, for shoplifting and because I had something in my cart tafter checking out hat I overlooked, the store security stopped me and I had a run in with a police officer, there was police brutality, so they arrested me to keep me quiet! It was such a set up. It cost me $10,000 to get it thrown out, I have PTSD from the Police brutality. This has critically ruined my reputation from a Local Online news reporter PATCH who reported it, and Print in the Local Herald. I lost my job, continue to loose customers, and it is affecting my children. I will have to move as soon as they graduate. I can’t bear the humiliation, the moms, neighbors, friends, friends of my family, local and facebook friends have seen it. I have such low self-esteem from this and was so depressed and anxiety ridden after this incident. It happened at Kohl’s. I wish that they were held accountable for the damage they have caused me in my life! It seems like there is no recourse. I will try calling after reading this article. Thanks to all who shared, it’s good to know I am not alone.

  112. A Miller says:

    It is a horrible American tragedy that we do not respect personal privacy. Arrest records should not be put online regardless especially with full name, age, occupation and location. More harm than good comes from it especially as it holds people back, leads to depression and suicidal thoughts and directly harms individuals that may be associated with the person.

    If charges are dropped, it is ethical and moral to delete the arrest. It should not be thrown in the face of people searching for people. If a person or business truly wants an arrest record, they should have to request it to determine if it is a viable request and not simply a method of being nosy. Again, it should not just pop up especially when that was not the intent of the search.

    Furthermore, it is unfair as those with money can buy it off the internet while the rest are unable to pay to have it deleted or repair their reputation. Thus it becomes another method of discrimination with very detrimental results!

  113. A Miller says:

    It is a horrible American tragedy that we do not respect personal privacy. Arrest records should not be put online regardless especially with full name, age, occupation and location. More harm than good comes from it especially as it holds people back, leads to depression and suicidal thoughts and directly harms individuals that may be associated with the person.

    If charges are dropped, it is ethical and moral to delete the arrest. It should not be thrown in the face of people searching for people. If a person or business truly wants an arrest record, they should have to request it to determine if it is a viable request and not simply a method of being nosy. Again, it should not just pop up especially when that was not the intent of the search.

    Furthermore, it is unfair as those with money can buy it off the internet while the rest are unable to pay to have it deleted or repair their reputation. Thus it becomes another method of discrimination with very detrimental results!

    We should care more about our citizens than trying to criminalize and permantely harm those who had charges dropped. No wonder so many people are unemployed with mental problems. Citizens are not respected nor protected in favor of money making reputation damaging claims.

  114. Amber says:

    Dr Brian Neil Talarico North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, an possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian. Works for north east mental health centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: North East Mental Health Centre, North Bay Campus Highway 11 North, North Bay Ontario P1B 8L1, and now works for Act 2, North Bay.

  115. pat says:

    Hi There is a new website called website lets people in your neighborhood post your everyday life online without your consent.Pictures of you in your yard ,your family members,your car.An if they dont like you they can slander your reputation.Personal greiviences are allowed.The Ceo Nirav Tolie,talks of a honest upstanding reputation.When Nirav Tolie has been convicted of Felony Hit an has been endorsed by local mayor an shriff dept. to spy on people by others in thair neighborhoods.Nextdoor steals peoples information by having them sign up online.Your android app finds accounts on your device,an reads your contract card. nextdoor repackages the info an sells it to other corporations.These people are real profitiers,making money off of peoples personal conflicts.Yet totally endorsed an legal.Watch America conquer an devide to keep the people at each others necks.So the people cant find thair way out of thair own box,as our Later george bush Quotes’

  116. NoMatter says:

    In my town they put the name and birth date together. Good luck with getting rid of that. I have been denied loads of jobs, because all you need to do is type in the name and BD,. Someone hated my profession and accused me of something I didn’t do. I was cleared, but the crap is still on line, after years.

  117. […] Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent – Abine […]

    • Victor Rieko says:

      Interesting. This seems to reinforce a tactic I empty to get help rid the world of phishing attacks. Whenever I receive an email link to a phishing site…I ALWAYS fill out the online form completely. Oh…the info I type in is bogus for sure…and NOT OBVIOUS the “Ben Dover” or something. If only 1 in 10000 people fall for a fishing attack….they send out 100,000 emails and find 10 suckers ignorant enough to click on the link and provide personal information. Imagine what would happen if everybody did what I do. You send out 100,000 phishing emails…and get 100,000 responses. Somewhere in the pile are 10 suckers…but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The results would be effectively worthless. So let’s empty that here. If everybody put up a web page (searchable) with a bogus fake arrest story (take a real one and change the name) it wouldn’t be long before the search engines were so chock full of disinformation that the search results for arrest records would be deemed worthless. I’m pretty sure it could be done. I might see if I can generate a “fake arrest news” site that “reports” a dozen different names a day. I’m sure we could spoof the legitimacy of the site. Any white-hats out there want to give it a try?

  118. Bailey J. says:

    It’s so sad to be living in this kind of society today. It seems like all people want to do is expose others (innocent or not). Social media nowadays is RUINING people’s lives ! A good friend of mine recently made news on a garbage news channel CBC, which by the way is known to be the MOST biased news program in Canada, for something she was not even guilty of! They made false claims and accusations in an “investigative” (laughable) report and they decided to only put one side of the story. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t an investigative report supposed to dig deeper and look at both sides of the story!? Well, I guess this is why CBC has had less and less people watch them over the years so this must be the reason why they do things like this just to get ratings. If they truly consider what they are doing a “job”, then they should be doing it properly and not by negatively affecting and hurting the lives and reputations of innocent people!! People who work really hard every single day, who don’t take advantage of the government or the system and who make an honest living. Shame on you CBC for exposing people who try to stay private in a society where Google, Facebook and Twitter can tarnish a person’s name and reputation in a second for having done NOTHING wrong! I wonder how you low-life individuals would feel if the tables were turned. It’s hard for me to think that there are only few good, normal human beings left on this planet.

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks to CBC, it is impossible for me to get a job.

      In October 2008, when I was 18 years old, I did two very stupid things: I vandalized the washroom of a school I used to attend that had made my life a living hell because I was bullied (and contributed to my Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I also posted a rant about a professor I had (not at that school, I was in University) that was taken to be a death threat. The media did not report the vandalism; they reported the death threat. However, when I went to court in 2009 to face these charges I received two years probation for those two crimes. CBC reported that I received probation and they mentioned the vandalism charge. They also said that I was facing charges of assaulting a woman in November 2008.

      I was not guilty for the assault charge; I am epileptic and had a Grand Mal Seizure and was taken to the hospital. I do not drink or take drugs due to my epilepsy, so the seizure was not self-inflicted. I was unconscious the entire time I was in the hospital; I found out about the seizure when I woke up in my mom’s house after. Apparently, while mom was gone to get the car (and despite arguing with the physicians that I should not be released yet because I was still unconscious) I hit a nurse, while having another seizure. We did not find out about this until a week later when a police officer called the house. The hospital never said anything about an incident occurring (I did not even know it happened until the police officer called) and just let me go home, even though I was unconscious and two nurses had to help put me in my mom’s car! We offered for the police and nurse that was charging me to look at my medical record so they could see that I am epileptic, but both declined to do so and proceeded to charge me.

      My lawyer spoke with CBC (I was not in court any of the times the media reported on me; I went to court and was given probation for the vandalism and “death threat” in March 2009; two weeks before the case regarding the nurse was called to court, for some reason CBC was not in the court nor did they report about me on the day I was given the two years probation for the vandalism and “death threats”) and told them about my medical condition but guess what? CBC never said any of this, all they said was that I was given probation and a conditional discharge for the death threat, and then mentioned I was also given a conditional discharge for the vandalism (this was the only time they mentioned the vandalism) and that a conditional discharge means once my probation is completed I will not have a criminal record, then said that I was still suspended from the University pending the University Officials’ decision (which resulted in me being allowed back to the university) and the final sentence said that I was still facing charges of assaulting a woman in November 2008. CBC never mentioned my medical condition, not even the fact that it was a nurse. This was the last time they reported anything about me; the charge for the nurse was dropped but did the media report on that? No.

      CBC has a comment section for each article; on the probation one people were saying things like “I hope her parents don’t let her mope on the couch”, “another example of our horrible justice system”, “How did she get into university to begin with?”, etc.

      I reported the comments but they were not removed, however, a year later people were still allowed to comment on the article, the news website usually disables comments after two days, with mine they allowed people to comment for an entire year! I sent the CBC website another e-mail and reported the comments again, stating that I had reported the comments before and nothing was done; I also questioned why users were allowed to comment on an article that was now a year old when there were articles published after my probation one about a man who stabbed a person to death that only allowed comments for two days; after two days comments were no longer permitted. I mentioned that it was a nurse that was “assaulted” and that I am epileptic; I even told the news that I would speak to them and clarify things if they wanted to. Nobody replied to my e-mail but, shortly after, commenting was disabled and the comments I reported were removed.

      CBC said that I was given a conditional discharge meaning that once my probation is up I won’t have a criminal record. But since most employers search your name in Google to see what comes up, I might as well have a criminal record because the first thing that pops up is the news article about probation. This news article has hindered me from getting a job, even though it is 2016 and the last time they reported anything was in 2009, I still can’t get a job. I might as well toss out my degree, since if I can’t get a job because of a news article, getting the degree was pointless and a waste of time.

      I now call the news the equivalent to the paparazzi since that is what they are. They seem to get a sick kick out of reporting on people who yes, do stupid things, but they ruin people who do things like what I did (and other stories such as someone who shoplifted) by publishing the names of the people. I think they should only release names if it involves someone who is “famous” (such as a politician).

  119. Scott Gregory says:

    I won my appeal and the court has failed to remove my record. They did some pretty corrupt things and I can prove it but there actions to keep me unemployed are still rolling full steam ahead.

  120. David says:

    If you think it’s bad when you really are the person charged and later had charges dropped. Try have a really really common name. Then you get accused and you were never even arrested or charged in the first place. It really is a problem, and it’s only going to be addressed when we as a society say, uh no, the citizen has a right to keep some information private. And some info will only be available if your law enforcement etc…. That no, the boss doesn’t need to know if you had a speeding ticket twenty years ago. Or be able to fire you, because it’s on your FB page that while you were on vacation you were in Maui drunk as a skunk.

  121. kathleen says:

    ok first of all anyone that has common sense will do a background check on someone, and check, or police station direct to look up someone if they have been charged that’s fine but here comes the common sense part it takes 60 seconds to check the courts to see if the person was convicted of said crime, a charge is just a charge, that’s why there are courts.
    now. Second if you had a daughter who went on a date with someone who was charged with rape and looked clean cut all the way to fool the parents, it is thank god for sites like this that does let people do back ground checks, after all would you let a abusive person babysit your child or dog, because hey they seem nice, look nice, Are all you people for real gonna sit back and worry about poor person getting embarrassed for their pictures arrest records out there for the public to see. And real close to home hows this…. My boyfriend of 30 years cheated on me with a prostitute, sarah jamsa from fl. tampa bay escorts,backpage, all kinds of pig sites, like most hoes and druggies they don’t care who they pass hiv or full blown aides to. I praise those sites or I would of not known about a whore named sarah jamsa , slept with my boyfriend of 30 years and contracted something. at least I am safe and clean from prostitutes vds hivs and what ever nasty things they catch from either sleeping with all of tampa bay, sticking needles in their veins. don’t care what they do I am too good for trash and didn’t bring it or let it into my home, mother of two, grandmother of one. we didn’t deserve something so horrible. And no I am not perfect however it may be nothing to brag about however personally I have only been with 4 yes 4 men my entire life, and, I am 55 years old. I always kept a clean good reputation it is how I was raised and my brothers taught me young what guys think of pigs, they wouldn’t want one, after all it is something you use like everyone else, I’m not a believer in the old, I was drunk, I was high. Its a crock and all you pigs out there know it. least I can hold my head up high no matter where I go, and no, there are no pictures or anything that could ever come up to ever hurt me or my girls in anyway. Old saying once a hoe always a hoe from finch. Massachusetts to fl, u cant hide your pass. I believe it should always be like that. if you owned a bank or family store are you gonna let a crook hold your money. once a thief always a thief. Do you guys approve of the sex offender sites? or should those also be hidden? you got it its all the same. Its there to protect us, rather the public is smart enough to use the site to check out anyone that comes near your home and family, especially the children. Like I said earlier as far as I am concerned it saved me from catching hiv then full blown aides, passing it on to innocent and I mean perfectly beautiful and innocent children and the most beautiful granddaughter, again I praise all those wonderful sites that people can check and police stations that are free for the public to use to run background checks anytime they want from 2:00 am anytime full 24 hours a day to KEEP THEIR FAMILIES SAFE FROM EVIL, TRASH, WHORES THEIFS, MOLESTERS any person who knocks on your door and when ever you meet someone. Yes check them after all looks mean nothing. Right now I’m gonna make you all pissed at me. what I think the only people complaining about this site are the individuals who are probably been arrested. like I said, I also follow through with the courts to see if said person has been CONVICTED. Other charges, How many times arrested how many years in a row, how many times per year arrested. Maybe the fact the shit stays on the internet so long and the perps. can not get it off or deleted will help cut down on crime, Lets face it, the prostitutes obviously don’t like it because the johns, tricks see them for what they are how many years they been up to tricking. I would like to think even the johns start looking once they realize hey this whore has really done the town, the whole south. WAS a junkie, hoe, thief, worth losing your family of 30 years? It is there to protect the public, you choose what kind of people you let near your family. I prefer the a much better class of people near my children. Must be why my children graduated from college unmolested.

  122. Who is blogger A B ? Chris Garrett ? I am disgusted my son’s history in court , is o the website for all to see, on google it should be removed its been over 7 yrs since he was released from jail with no further probs his life and his family are being destroyed by these stories, please give me a reply regarding Tony Sandnes B risbane qld Australia, does he have to have another LIFE SENTENCE ,, hes done the crime a d the time , enough is enough ,, thank you ,, lorraine Ward

  123. Sherry says:

    Yes, you are guilty online no matter what. My husband and son were falsely accused of and arrested for a crime they didn’t commit. This has been dragging out for over 2 years and the police department hasn’t even turned the case over to the DA. The problem is….their reputations were destroyed within 48 hour of the arrest. Once the charges are officially dropped, I plan to do whatever it takes to clear their names. Just waiting for the statute of limitations to expire. If there is anyone out there who thinks I am overreacting, I encourage you to take my place for a while and endure what it feels like.

  124. Defamated says:

    I have been plagued by an arrest story for the last 10+ years I was not even working at the real estate company but anyone that was ever a member past and present of the corporation was arrested by an over zealous City Attorney only to find out later in court a mistake had been made by the City Attorney he did not understand Real Estate contracts are binding and was confusing it with the 3 day regret clause and decided to call it Grand Theft; judge and jury both confused as to what I was doing there found me factually innocent however the newspaper story still sticks at the top of the search engine anytime someone searches my unique last name it comes up big title my name arrested for Grand Theft scheme; the paper did not want to retract nor would they at least delete my name I tried and begged them for years to remove my name all they would say was well where there is smoke there is fire story stays.. I have lost business over this and spent years and years trying to explain the story and why it was not true it is exhausting I have even had relationships break up over it because they think I am a criminal.

  125. Sam says:

    Question I was with some one and drugs were found the guy said it was all his and I was not charged with it! Put when the paper came out my picture and his was on the front page and said 2 arrest for drugs! And the last paragraph it said all the other guy was charged with and me only charged with fishing with out a Lience but the articles looked like I was one arrested for it I had no idea he did drugs! I do work on people house so it make me look bad! Is there anything I can do!

  126. Linda Ott says:

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  127. DAN SKOEMBAUM says:

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  128. Phil says:

    Hi guys. This may be a little late, but I just stumbled upon this post and have a simple solution for those of you still struggling. Recently I was arrested AND convicted of DUI, and as we can all guess, my small town newspaper published this along with all of the other poor saps that had convictions that month… My simple solution, however, would be to begin creating several different social media accounts and making sure to include you full name and location with each account. Some sites that work wonders for appearing on the first page of Google would be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud. If you make an account on each of these sites it will almost guarantee that your newspaper blurp will be sent to the second page of Google, which statistically most employers are only going to look at your first page results.

  129. william haze says:

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  130. Rebekah says:

    I have the same issue as many of you. In October 2008, when I was 18 years old, I did two very stupid things: I vandalized the washroom of a school I used to attend that had made my life a living hell because I was bullied (and contributed to my Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I also posted a rant about a professor I had (not at that school, I was in University) that was taken to be a death threat. The media did not report the vandalism; they reported the death threat. However, when I went to court in 2009 to face these charges I received two years probation for those two crimes. The media reported that I received probation and they mentioned the vandalism charge. They also said that I was facing charges of assaulting a woman in November 2008.

    I was not guilty for the assault charge; I am epileptic and had a Grand Mal Seizure and was taken to the hospital. I do not drink or take drugs due to my epilepsy, so the seizure was not self-inflicted. I was unconscious the entire time I was in the hospital; I found out about the seizure when I woke up in my mom’s house after. Apparently, while mom was gone to get the car (and despite arguing with the physicians that I should not be released yet because I was still unconscious) I hit a nurse, while having another seizure. We did not find out about this until a week later when a police officer called the house. The hospital never said anything about an incident occurring (I did not even know it happened until the police officer called) and just let me go home, even though I was unconscious and two nurses had to help put me in my mom’s car! We offered for the police and nurse that was charging me to look at my medical record so they could see that I am epileptic, but both declined to do so and proceeded to charge me.

    My lawyer spoke with the media (I was not in court any of the times the media reported on me; I went to court and was given probation for the vandalism and “death threat” in March 2009; two weeks before the case regarding the nurse was called to court, for some reason the media was not in the court nor did they report about me on the day I was given the two years probation for the vandalism and “death threats”) and told them about my medical condition but guess what? The media never said any of this, all they said was that I was given probation and a conditional discharge for the death threat, and then mentioned I was also given a conditional discharge for the vandalism (this was the only time they mentioned the vandalism) and that a conditional discharge means once my probation is completed I will not have a criminal record, then said that I was still suspended from the University pending the University Officials’ decision (which resulted in me being allowed back to the university) and the final sentence said that I was still facing charges of assaulting a woman in November 2008. The media never mentioned my medical condition, not even the fact that it was a nurse. This was the last time they reported anything about me; the charge for the nurse was dropped but did the media report on that? No.

    The news that reported this had a comment section for each article; on the probation one people were saying things like “I hope her parents don’t let her mope on the couch”, “another example of our horrible justice system”, “How did she get into university to begin with?”, etc.
    I reported the comments but they were not removed, however, a year later people were still allowed to comment on the article, the news website usually disables comments after two days, with mine they allowed people to comment for an entire year! I sent the news website another e-mail and reported the comments again, stating that I had reported the comments before and nothing was done; I also questioned why users were allowed to comment on an article that was now a year old when there were articles published after my probation one about a man who stabbed a person to death that only allowed comments for two days; after two days comments were no longer permitted. I mentioned that it was a nurse that was “assaulted” and that I am epileptic; I even told the news that I would speak to them and clarify things if they wanted to. Nobody replied to my e-mail but, shortly after, commenting was disabled and the comments I reported were removed.

    The news said that I was given a conditional discharge meaning that once my probation is up I won’t have a criminal record. But since most employers search your name in Google to see what comes up, I might as well have a criminal record because the first thing that pops up is the news article about probation. This news article has hindered me from getting a job, even though it is 2016 and the last time they reported anything was in 2009, I still can’t get a job. I might as well toss out my degree, since if I can’t get a job because of a news article, getting the degree was pointless and a waste of time.

    I now call the news the equivalent to the paparazzi since that is what they are. They seem to get a sick kick out of reporting on people who yes, do stupid things, but they ruin people who do things like what I did (and other stories such as someone who shoplifted) by publishing the names of the people. I think they should only release names if it involves someone who is “famous” (such as a politician).

  131. Ashley says:

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  133. anthonio says:

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  134. […] If there is a criminal record associated with your applicant, they can often be interpreted as guilty even after proven innocent. Arrest records that are posted on news outlets aren’t often updated when a case is dropped or […]

  135. […] If there is a criminal record associated with your applicant, they can often be interpreted as guilty even after proven innocent. Arrest records that are posted on news outlets aren’t often updated when a case is dropped or […]

  136. Eric says:

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  137. joshua says:

    i think its uncalled for i was falsely accused by an ex girlfriend that i put my hands on her and took her phone long story short i spent three days in jail over domethinv i never even did meanless to say the charges were droped the domastic law is messed up just as bad as keeping it public record i filled out a app the outher day and was told i had the job they nust needed a backround check i never heard back from tbe mab so i called to see what was going on and was told that because i got arrested for crimal mischief that i couldnt get the job even though the charges were droped and i was falsely accused it still on public record so there for just cause it says i was arrested for it they automatically assumeing im a thief so therefor they couldn’t give me the job so what now i have be stuck at a dead in job for the rest of my life over sometbing ibwas falsely accused of the law and the government are ridiculous

  138. unknown man who had his life stolen by peope mistaken his identity says:

    I was at home sitting there when a cops came to my house and arrested me..saying I’m being charged with trafficking cocaine..(which ive never in my whole life sold any drugs) when I got to the police station as I sat in a van with the door open other cops one by one looked at me, I herd them say that’s not him. Before this they said I’m being held till court in the morning.. after I sat in the van they then said were giving you a promise to appear an driving you home…I already know its because they know I’m not the right person…but my lifes already fucked… 4 days later my names in the paper, every website saying I was arrested and charged with trafficking meth.. when I go to court and it gets thrown out…im still fucked… I had so many people in my family call me up telling me off, saying I’m a descrase to my family… who is gonna give me my life back? who is gonna pay for me to move away and start over?

  139. Steve Dodson says:

    I have a crazy ex who wanted full custody of our children and made disgusting allegations that nothing came of but the news article is still up and I’ve not been able to get a job in 3 yrs now because of Google. My record has been expunged I’ve begged the publisher to remove it I’ve hired attorneys threatened lawsuits even called my state representative. All in all I’m screwed because of crazy ex who may have been sleeping with the arresting officer.

  140. jamal says:

    I have a little different scenario/problem. The website has published false information about me. How do i go about getting this removed, or who do i contact? They have my mugshot and all my information posted but have my charges as 3rd degree rape. I have never in my life been accused of such a horrific crime. They wrote I was arrested in Taylor County Kentucky, when I never was. I was arrested in Jessamine County Kentucky for a probation violation, and sent to Taylor County for a couple months to finish my time once I was final sentenced. This is complete defamation of character! Can I sue this website for this? Who should I contact about this serious matter, and how can I get it removed??? Please help!

  141. Cmagresi says:

    I got arrested in a bar fight 6 years ago . A drunk man was hitting on my pregnant friend and I pushed him away. It’s the first thing that comes up when you put my name on google. No mention of innocent or that the judge dismissed it very next morning. Newspaper refuses to remove. It’s definitely been brought up on interviews

  142. […] Most of the things that people want removed are things that they posted voluntarily at the time.  Under many websites’ Terms of Use, you lose rights to whatever you post as soon as you posted it.  That’s why it’s absolutely key to think before you post online, because it could be there forever. […]

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