Firefox Blur Users: Data Update Required – Prepare for Firefox 55


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To all Firefox Blur users:

Firefox recently introduced “Web Extensions” — a revised framework for Firefox add-ons making them faster and more secure. You can read more by clicking this link.

You must login to Blur on Firefox to keep from losing any of your stored Blur data like accounts, passwords or auto-fill identities.


You can use the following steps to enable Backup & Sync and complete the migration process:

1) Login to Blur for Firefox using the button below (direct link:

Migrate Now

2) Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Backup & Sync:

3) Once you’ve enabled Backup & Sync, written down your Backup Passphrase, and manually exported your stored Blur data, you’re all set!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I use a different internet browser than Firefox, or I don’t use Blur to store any auto-fill data, does this still apply to me? 

A: Nope! We do recommend regularly manually exporting your stored Blur data to avoid any potential data loss.

Q: Do I have you use Abine servers to migrate my data? 

A: No. You can manually backup your stored Blur data, and then import the backup file once you’ve logged back into Blur in Firefox. Watch a video tutorial.

Q: I use an older version of Firefox and won’t use Firefox 55, does this apply to me? 

A: Yes, as you should always keep your Blur extension up to date.


  • Use this video about how to login to Blur and manually enable Backup & Sync
  • Use this video about how to manually export your stored Blur data
  • Use this video about how to view your Backup Passphrase

Need Help?

Email us: blur-support [at] getabine [dot] com

LiveChat: (office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, Eastern Time).

16 Replies to “Firefox Blur Users: Data Update Required – Prepare for Firefox 55”

  1. Joe Alexandersen says:

    So what is going to happen? You are a little light on information… After today, will Blur stop working or what? Or do we need to manually import our data again after a forced update or something? What is happening to Blur???

    • Will Simonds says:

      Hi there! Sorry for the inconvenience.

      If you’ve activated Backup & Sync or manually backed up your data, then you’re all set.

      The not-so-good news is that Firefox has tied up our update for Firefox 55 and it hasn’t been approved yet. We’re expecting it any hour now, but it could be the rest of the week based on our past experience with them. That said, Blur 7.5.2333 will not function properly on FF55 until our next update is released.

      In the meantime, to get Blur active again, you’ll need to downgrade to Firefox 54 until they release our update. Here’s a guide we made for this. Mac:

      We’re very sorry about this inconvenience (really, annoyance). Please know we’re doing everything in our power to rectify this issue ASAP, and to push Firefox to review and approve our update *now*.

      Note that you can access all of your data here: — to look up passwords, cards, and more without downgrading.

      Need help? email us at blur-support [at] get abine [dot] com

      • chriss says:

        Hi Will, thanks for your clarification. By the way; would it be possible to provide the XPI of the new version here for manual installation , or is the “appoval” of Mozilla necessary for the addon to work ?

      • chriss says:

        Five days gone, and still old Version at Mozilla Addon-Site….
        Shame on Mozilla

  2. Dee says:

    So now what? I’ve exported my data. Is a new version of Blur coming soon? Do I uninstall my current “Legacy” version that appears to no longer work? What comes after “Step 3: Export Data”? Firefox Add-ons still list the legacy version when I search for Blur. Help?

  3. chriss says:

    I have prepared my upgrade to Firefox 55 as described. But after installing Firefox 55, there is just a message “The address wasn’t understood”, when I click the blur icon. What steps do I have to perform, to get the blur addon working again? (Hint: uninstalling and reinstalling the addon had no effect). The last entry in your FAQ mentions V 7.5.9010. But via the addons page still only 7.5.2333 is available. How can I get the updated version?

  4. Torri Walter says:

    Update Appearance.
    BLUR component does not work in firefox 55.

  5. nrke says:

    Update Appearance.
    BLUR component does not work in firefox 55.

  6. Philip says:

    Okay, the extension finally updated. But what do I do with all this data? It looks like it has everything in place and functioning.

  7. Byron says:

    Blur is not working for me, I get this message
    I am using Blur VERSION 7.6.548.

    What am I supposed to do to get it to work?

  8. Scott says:

    Any progress on a new version? I love your product and hope to be able to use it again. Have been using your products for years and even went to paid version for PC and Android.

  9. Diana says:

    I have attempted everything as instructed and still not working. Please look into this.

  10. D Ashby says:

    This is WAY TOO MUCH imposed bother and time , and lousy instructions.

    “Export.” Export where? Export how?

    I am NOT going to waste even 30 seconds wading into the pages of ensuing
    “Read More.” (Which I did long enough to see it is a quagmire of ambiguity and mulitplying conditions, obviously written by programmers who have no clue how to issue simple user instructions.
    If I have to do anything other than click through complete, ready-to-go command executions, YOU HAVE FAILED to produce a usable consumer software application.

  11. Sam says:

    I went through this process back in August (? – IIRC). No problem. Now my dashboard has a banner saying I need to do it, like I never did. What is going on?

  12. Max Robinson says:

    I seem to have lost access to some important websites, despite having followed your almost impenetrable instructions.

    Can you please provide a method of getting past whatever your application is preventing me passing in Firefox.

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