Charities asking for your credit card? Use a Masked Card instead.


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santa-salvation-armyIt’s that time of year again; Americans are loosening their belts after overeating during Thanksgiving, and opening their wallets to begin spending for the holidays. Not only are consumers spending on gifts for loved ones, but they’re also focused on charitable giving. As payments have moved to electronic platforms, organizations have to adapt to be able to accept all kinds of payments. Nowadays, charities are accepting credit card payment as a way to receive donations.

While some charities are able to accept credit card information via their website or some other electronic means, many times, individuals are also asked to donate to charities while being stopped on the street by a representative of the charity, or by people going door-to-door, asking for donations. Around this time of year, people are generally more apt to charitable giving, but it’s important to stay protected while doing so.

Trust charities with your credit card?

More and more charities are accepting credit cards for donations, but are likely not using private or secure means of capturing or transferring credit card information, either online or in person.

Most charities can’t afford IT departments and don’t have proper protocols in place for the handling of sensitive information, and in some cases, charities even ask you to write down your credit card information on paper for processing at a later time.

You know this is probably a bad idea, but you still want to donate to your charity of choice around the holidays, so what should you do?

Blur Mobile: Create a Masked Card on the fly

With the Blur mobile app for iOS or Android, you can quickly create a brand new virtual “Masked” Credit Card on the fly right from your phone, with its own unique credit card number, expiration date and security code. Just use Abine’s billing address, and voila, never risk giving out your real credit card information again:

1) Click Masked Cards from the home screen inside the Blur mobile app


2) Click the “+” symbol to begin creating a new Masked Card


3) Choose the amount you want to donate, and create a label for the Masked Card, so you can keep track of where you’ve spent this card


4) Click the card inside of your list of Masked Cards to view the card number, expiration date and security code for this card


In about 30 seconds, you’ve solved your own problem of giving to a charity of your choice without risking credit card information to hackers and data thieves.

Download Blur mobile for iOS or Android here.

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Abine, Inc. is The Online Privacy Company. Abine was founded in 2009 by MIT engineers and financial experts. Abine offers DeleteMe for removing information made public about you online and of Blur, the only password manager and digital wallet that protects passwords, payments and privacy. Abine’s solutions have been trusted by over 25 million people worldwide.

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