WhatsApp + Facebook: When does the sharing end?


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whatsapp and fbThis week, WhatsApp announced that it would finally be sharing its users personal information, including your mobile phone number, and other personal information with Facebook advertising and marketing.

This will allow Facebook to market target advertising opportunities to your “truest social graph” – the people and groups who message you and who you message back, daily. 

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What can you do?

What can you do about this?  99% of us are not going to stop using WhatsApp because it works great and is what everyone in many countries around the globe tends to use. According to Motherboard, there’s actually a few ways you can actually opt-out of accepting the App’s new Terms of Service: “This first applies before you accept WhatsApp’s newly updated terms and conditions. At the bottom of the terms and conditions screen is a small note that says “Read more about the key updates to our terms and privacy policy.” Tap this, then uncheck the checkbox”

“The second method applies if you already accepted the new terms and conditions without having first opted-out. People in this position have 30 days after accepting the new terms to go to Settings – Account – Share my account info from inside the app. At the bottom of this screen is a checkbox that must be unchecked to opt-out of the scheme.”fb eating whatsapp

One small thing you can do to protect your privacy is to consider using Abine to switch your email and phone number stored in WhatsApp.

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But, they already have my real number and email so why bother?

Well, certainly they are not going to delete your information, but after you have most of your friends and family in your directory, you can at least obfuscate a layer of your privacy by adding a second number unrelated to your first.  This at a minimum will throw Facebook’s default targeting algorithms off and ensure that you are not a simple 1:1 correlation to a single mobile phone number.


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  1. If someone misses the deadline, is there any other way to prevent Facebook from getting his data from WhatsApp?

    I have followers asking this question, but couldn’t find any clear answer.

    I’d appreciate your help!


  2. Karla says:

    I don’t have this “What’s App” …so I’m safe with regards to this situation, yes?

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